Thursday, 29 November 2012

Hello Great British Bake Off

Seriously, Great British Bake Off - what an awesome show?!
One day, I will be THAT good.
Possibly only in my dreams, but still, dreams are better than nothing.

Anyway, guess who's been baking again?
Indeedy that would be me :)
Baking in a much less time consuming and less complicated way than anything that would be attempted on TV, but tasty all the same.
And with slightly less washing up.

I made another old favourite from my childhood, but this time it was flapjack, some of which I coated in chocolate for extra tastiness.

I used another of my mums recipes, although I honestly don't think there can be too many different methods of making it?

If like me, even flapjack tests the boundaries of your cooking ability, then this is for you :)

You will need:

6oz Margarine (Stork)
6tbspn Golden Syrup
4.5oz Sugar
12oz Oats
1/3tsp salt

Plus a greaseproof/tin foil lined baking tray, and chocolate to melt (optional if you're a chocoholic like me).

What to do:

1. First, weigh out your 6oz of margarine and 4.5oz of sugar, and put into a large pan with 6 tablespoons of golden syrup. Melt the mixture together in the pan.

2. Next weigh out and add 12oz of oats and stir in until all have a lovely, even coating of stickiness.

3. Add less than a teaspoon of salt - the recipe says 1/3 of a teaspoon but that's too hard so just go with less than a teaspoon and you're good. It sounds bizarre because it's such a small amount but I once forgot to add salt and the entire batch just tasted makes a HUUUUGE difference!!

4. Once your mixture looks like this you can transfer it to a baking tray lined with either greaseproof paper or baking tray was too big so I improvised lol.

5. Put in the oven between gas mark 5 and 6, for 25 minutes, until your flapjack is a dark golden brown colour. Don't worry if some of it is darker, those bits actually taste extra good!

6. While still hot, using a knife, cut the flapjack into pieces - it's miles easier to do before it cools are hardens, although mine stayed quite crumbly.

7. At this point, if you don't want to top with chocolate, you are done!!

*If you want to add chocolate*

8. Melt some milk chocolate in a bowl over a pan of boiling water, (more reliable than the microwave method!) I used 2 x 100g bars of just any old milk chocolate but it's totally up to you.

9. Once melted, spread over the flapjack as you wish, and you're done. I would say wait for it to set before you eat it, but ermmm...I'm impatient and I didn't. In fact I'm a big fan of eating some there and then and enjoying the melty, sticky, warm goodness that it is while you can. Yeahhhhhhh :D

Going to stop using these adjectives or I'm in danger or sounding like a really poor Nigella.

10. Sit back, put the telly on, andddd...EAT ITTTTTTTTTT!! 

Enjoyyyyyy :D x


  1. Love your blog Holly and will definitely try the above recipe :) Will keep visiting to see your new posts. Jenna <3 x x

  2. I loveee flapjacks! And the chocolate covered ones look yummy :)
    Aimée X

    1. Sad times - I have none left now lol!


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