Saturday, 29 June 2013

An Outfit a Month Under £30 #2

Angelina and her leg ain't got nothing on me.

Naff all.

Yeah, that's right.
Here is my leg.
My right leg.
Look at it.
It's sticking out from my skirt.
My new, and very good value skirt from Missguided.

I'm pointing it out to you, just in case, you know, you hadn't noticed.
Angelina taught me you see.

Leg Idol.

I totes saw Angelina's leg on the red carpet last year, and, like most people, had a good old giggle - I mean how far can a girl stick her leg out?! 
'Ridiculous', I thought. 
But something tiny and twisted in my brain must have latched onto this strange spectacle, and harboured it for future reference...
A sick part of my must have liked this odd phenomena.
Because now...yes people, you heard it here first.

My leg is out.

The student has surpassed the master.

And it totally kicks her leg's ass.
Even with the random and unexplainable bruises.
Psssht, Ange must have a few of those too, who doesn't?
Not like she's famous and quite possibly has a hired person just to make sure her leg is in tip top condition or anything.
Bet she even uses disposable razors.
Yeah, defo's.

Plus, my leg has a rather nice shoesie on the end of it.
You know the ones ;)

My leg kicks bootaayy.

My leg is also err...hiding in those last few photo's.
But like, I have a 'good side' and the side split aka 'leggage revealer' is tooootally on my 'bad side'.
However, being a star, we can ignore that and appreciate how infrequently it is seen. 
As umm, impressive and famous as it is, it can't be seen every time there's a camera around.
That would be just ludicrous.

My leg is illusive ;)

But wait...what is this?
Don't say it.


The 'oh my god I don't have a front facing photo and must take one , regardless of the light conditions and/or the existence of a food baby' photo.

 I sense I am losing the concept of this post.

Yeahhh it's that time again!
I've stretched my budget and actually done a bit of shopping woop woop!
Welcome, (about six paragraphs later) to my second ever 'Outfit a Month Under £30' post, and guess what?
I've only gone and been under budget again!!

No wonder my last three OOTD style posts have contained clothes from Missguided, they're so cheap I can actually buy from them!
(Sadly don't think Ange has this problem)

Again, rather lacking originality, I went for a longish skirt-and-crop top formula, which we can pretend wasn't also my last outfit, albeit in different colours...
The inspiration for this one though, came from the lovely Kylie, who I think you will agree looks awesome in this ruched side split skirt, not to mention clearly having amazing taste in leg idols...

Knew I wasn't alone ;)

The top was a must, because a white crop top, and to be honest - white top's at all, kind of don't exist in my wardrobe, and such a problem simply 'needed' to be rectified.

Also then had to hop it to ASDA and get myself a white bra, to avoid a fail of epic proportions which not even the appearance of my leg could salvage...


What I wore:

Black Ruched Side Maxi Skirt - Missguided £9.99
White Crop Top - Missguided £5.99
Necklace - George at ASDA £4 (half price, I couldn't resist)
Bra - George at ASDA - £4 (lol - because the outfit wouldn't have worked if I hadn't bought it haha)

Total: £23.98 

Under budget again BOOYAA!

I'd love to say I'm a savvy little saver, however the purchase of my shoesies a couple of months back, and the Ruby Woo on my lips totally means I should fail.
But stuff it, lipstick does not constitute an outfit, and the shoes were a treat, therefore I win.

To add; my rings are a few random ones, and the rest of my face is what can only be described as 'the usual'.
My nail polish colour is 'coming soon'...oooooooh.

Just a close up to let you see the necklace a bit closer - omg for £4 how awesome is it?!
I want to swish in it.
In a Monica from 'Friends' with Bahamas style braids fashion.

I'll stick my leg out through the 'leggage revealer' while I'm at it and make it into a dance...
The world will love it.
It will be the next Gangnam Style.

Bet Ange's leg is quaking in its Louboutin.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

MAC Ruby Woo: Come To Mama...

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby
Do you, Do you, Do you, Do you
Know what you're doing, doing to me?
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby.

I hate that song.

Unfortunately, as if often the case with me, it's stuck in my head, and seeing as I'm writing about a certain Ruby, it's only fair that it gets stuck in your head too. right?

Evil, Holly.
Just eeeeeeeeevil.

So it seems I'm a serial cheat.
First there was Carmella, the delicious scent so Summery it almost became a staple in my drinking diet.
Now, Ruby, the siren, red with lust, luring my lips in for the kill.

My poor boyfriend ey?

Who are we kidding? He'd love it.

Oooh, exciting, a MAC box, but what could it be?
Now now Holly, say it isn't so? It can't be, can it?
IT IS! *dies* mmmm, redddd.
It's in my hand EEEEEK! All mine...
Yes people, I finally got my hands on the much sought after and extremely well known, (to the point where this blog post is kind of irrelevant, but who cares, I'm excited about it, and you know to well that when I get excited words just kind of come out of my head) Ruby Woo, by MAC.

See I went to Leeds a bit ago, and finally got my bum to an actual real life MAC counter :D

Huddersfield, I love you man, but we need a MAC counter!

After literally an hour of umming and ahhhing over various beautiful things, (yes you Soft and Gentle) and trying on pretty much every single nude-ish lipstick there to no avail, (seriously gutted about this, my natural lip colour just seems too dark to pull them off and every single one looked 'off' on me) I finally tried on Ruby Woo...

I'd been resisting it you see.
My make-up collection is far from extensive compared to most people, let alone bloggers, and I already have one bright red lipstick that I genuinely adore, (Rimmel's Alarm - if you don't know, get to know!) meaning I kind of thought that no matter how much I loved it, I just didn't neeeeed another red.

Then ermm...I tried it on.
My theory went out the window within a split second of it touching my lips.
And Ruby Woo was mine.

It was as though it was meant to be.
The girl at the counter said 'ooooh', my mum said 'ooooh' and yes, I said 'ooooh'.
The response to all the other lipsticks had been along the lines of this face >> :\ from me and my mum, with the poor MAC girl using every line in the book to try and convince me of how lovely they all looked - which don't get me wrong was all fine and good, but it was the 'oooooh' I was looking for ;)

Ooooooh indeed!

See, I suit red, and I like red quite a lot.
A very lot.

And Ruby Woo is just the perfect red for me!

It's already had a fair few outings on my lips during its so far short stay in my make-up bag, it even got a compliment from my grandma after eating wayyy too much of her home made pizza, (to actually die for) and yes indeed, it was still on almost as perfectly as before!
It's possibly due to it being a matte finish that it stays put as well as it does - I'd advise applying hefty amounts of lip balm before you put it on or it can feel a little dry, but after that you're all set more or less for the day.

As much as I love my Rimmel lipstick, it really doesn't survive very much...
Doesn't smell as good either.

Top: Rimmel Alarm. Bottom: MAC Ruby Woo

 As far as the colour goes, oh my gawddd is it bright?
That's what I was looking for though in all honesty - when I wear red I don't do it by halves haha.
The colour has cool, blue undertones rather than the warm orange of colours like Lady Danger, (which by the way I want soooo badly!) and at first I was aprehensive, loving anything warm and bronzey like I do.
Needn't have worried though as it doesn't exactly scream 'I'm blueeee!' at you, it's just a very subtle undertone and I genuinely think it would suit anyone on Earth!

Looking at the image above where I've compared the two, I can't even comprehend why I thought my Rimmel one was red enough before? It's also a bit darker, making it less bright.
It's been well loved in its time, but sadly I think it's about to start a long reign nearer the back of my collection...
For anyone who is looking for a cheaper alternative however, it is still pretty amazing! Just be prepared to reapply more often and for a little smudginess owed to the more sheeny formula.
£14 let's be honest - is a hefty price to pay for a lipstick, on this occasion my greed, head and heart deemed it worth it, but honestly yes the Rimmel one is fab for the money!

As for me, I fully can't waiiiit to get this bum of mine back to visit MAC and get my eager little fingers on some more exciting goodies, there's just a few that again are deemed worthy by my head, heart, and of course, greed - sadly, the date of this trip is potentially far away, along with payday...

On second thoughts, Huddersfield, perhaps my bank will thank you if we don't have a MAC counter...

Noticing that once again I've gone all rambly, I'll leave you with a sound MUCHHH NICER than the one I opened this post with...
You see I just typed in my post title and instantly got Beyonce - Green Light in my head.

Come on everyone...

'Give, it, give it to mama...'

She's even got red lips in the video!
That's it man.
Just let me get my Ruby Woo on and pretend I'm Beyonce.
I mean, we must practically be twins!


Saturday, 22 June 2013

OPI Nail Envy: Review

Nail Envy comes in several forms.
I get Nail Envy quite a lot.

I lie.
A very lot.

Whether it's the exquisite length of someone's nails in comparison to my poor little uneven stumps, or an amazing manicure in some gorgeous colour that I can't afford, it will set my Nail Envy going.

It's a sad subject for me, because my nails used to be long, really long, and they were strong and, well...I didn't appreciate them.

Boo. Hiss. Sad Face

I didn't have to worry about them, and my polish picking problem meant I rarely wore nail polish - truly, I didn't care.
I'd show them off in all their bare-naked glory, a lot of the time they weren't perfectly filed, and I can almost guarantee that people cringed at me on the sly, on sight of my unkempt nails.
Couldn't care less though, me.

Fast forward a year or two and my nails break as soon as the coveted white tips are even trying to show themselves, thanks to the daily mountain of washing up that my hands are subjected to these days - seriously ladies, (and gents) if you still live at home and sneak your way out of most of it, be thankful! Your nails are as good as they'll ever be!
I have discovered this the hard way.

Boo. Hiss. Sad Face. Again.

I'll just slyly leave out that most recently it may well just be because of the Shellac I ruthlessly picked off back in February, and the copious amounts of polish stemming from my new found hoarding skills.

Nail Envy came to me in a new form relatively recently - in the form of this little bottle...

After hearing Estée and several others raving about its magic, miracle working skills, I looked down at my poor nails and straight on eBay.
I got the original formula, because it was the cheapest one I could find.
And I'm not fussy.
No matter how good things are supposed to be, I'll almost never pay full price.

Probably a good thing in this case.

See, I've been waiting to write this post for a very, very long time.
I'm practically grey.
I had hoped that as a dedicated user now since around early March, I would have noticed some difference in the quality of my nails, but I kind of haven't?
As a result I've been postponing this post, time and time again in a desperate effort to make my Nail Envy use pay off...

Left: Before. Right: After. (left hand)

Left: Before. Right: After (left hand)

Left: Before. Right: After (right hand)

Indeedy there's not a reet lot of difference there, about a millimetre longer, and a teeny bit whiter along the tips.
To be frank, there's probably more of a difference in the blumin' lighting than owt else!
Soz peeps.
Oh, and the 'after' pictures are taken after a three week Nail Envy break.
S'about it really.

So, Nail Envy is said to be a 'nail strengthener' containing wheat protein and calcium - the stuff nails are meant to like, I can't entirrrrrely say my nails liked it - I mean they didn't hate it, but well, yeah.
My tips look healthier, but then again aside from post-shellac picking, they have always been extremely white, and I am merely back to that now.
Sadly though, they are no stronger or longer than before, and in fact have more flakes than ever.

Again, until thrice daily scrubbing sessions resulting from zee other half's 'amazing' burning-food-to-bottom-of-pan skills, I never really had flaky nails.
I was pretty damn proud of them actually.
But oddly enough, when using Nail Envy I found flaking right down to my cuticle?
At times I did wonder if it wasn't left over residue from removing it every week, but gradually. and after lots of really sound nail polish removing sessions, I decided it just couldn't be.

Now, when I say I followed the instruction leaflet religiously, I mean it.
I have since lost it, (oopsies) but the procedure is relatively simple to remember:

1. Apply two thin coats.
2. Apply one more thin coat every other day over the top of the other two.
3. After a week, take it off and start again.

That is all.

Oh yeah.
Apart from the one MAJORRRR 'lolable' moment where they tell you to apply it '1/32" from the cuticle'.
I'll let you digest that for a second while I get my tape measure...

Back to the less 'lolable' times, and you can also wear it as a base coat under nail polish, in which case reapplication kind of depends on your polish.

It dries VERY QUICKLY, (couple of minutes!) and with a kind of shiny, clear polish type finish, which I quite like and often wore on its own.
Application is a breeze - the instructions talked of doing three swipes across the nail, one down the middle, then to the left and finally right - I'm telling you, I scoffed upon reading that, I am farrrr from a tidy nail painter and usually don't manage any less than ten strokes of the brush, but with this, I actually managed it!
Come on, you know I love those virtual high-fives ;)
The brush is kind of the perfect shape, and somehow fans out to cover a large area of nail.

I almost felt like a pro tehehehe ;)

I can tell you it really does need a top up every couple of days though - like any polish, it chips, and by the end of the week it would look quite scruffy - despite the fresh coat every other day, not a problem though for me, especially as I had the image of my dream nails just floating there in my head.


My main reason for thinking it's finally time to post this, and that I've finally made my mind up, is that I've gone Nail Envy free for about three weeks now...
Something of a a little experiment.
My nails are less flaky than before - now only at the very tips and only on some nails, and they're bright white like I'm used to.
They still break fairly regularly, and I find it pretty hard to grow them all how I'd like, but in all honesty I've decided that my nails are much better off without any gimmicks or wonder products, I'll continue to use Nail Envy, but only as a base coat when I wear polish - it's full of supposedly good stuff and so shouldn't be doing any harm in such a small and irregular dose :)

So here I am, sadly still lacking the nails I long for, I still envy nails on a pretty much daily basis.
I've come to the conclusion that as long as I am a girl, this will be the case.
Pretty sure I'll always be a girl...


Let the Nail envy continue ;)

Maybe of the non bottled variety.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

So Hooked on Carmella...

Hooked being the word.

I mean, really.
I'm ready to declare my undying love for a fictional lady called Carmella, and I don't even care what my boyfriend says.
 Until he can smell as delicious, Summery, and just downright gorgeous as this, then I'm afraid, Carmella; I'm all yours.

Dirty great cheat I am!

Ladies and gents, (yes boys, again I know you're out there - I'd say buy it for a lady in your life, but screw it, it's too nice - just stick it on yourself, YOLO haha) let me introduce you to what could potentially be Benefit's best ever creation.

You know when you 'innocently' go into Boots, and spray at least 28783735242 perfumes on yourself in a bid to find 'the one'?
And also just see how much you can spray on yourself without assistants showing you the door...
Wellll...I found it.

I think it was Barbara who I first heard talk about this, a long, loooooong time ago, and boy did she big it up.
She spoke of a sweet, but not sickly, vanilla and coconut smelling wonder perfume, that reeked of Summer, holidays, the sea, and ermm...Malibu.

Now, I don't drink, right, but I like Malibu.
(contradictory or what?)
So from that second, I was sold.

On my very next Boots smell-o-mission, I can safely say that instead of coming out smelling like Cady Heron, with at least 8763826 combined scents just stewing away on my skin, I came out smelling of pure, unadulterated Summer.
I say unadulterated - but my love affair had definitely begun.

At £29.50 for a mere 30ml's, it's not the cheapest, although personally I think it's worth it!
It fast became my signature scent, (along with Marc Jacobs - Daisy) and I genuinely adore it.

What Benefit says:

'When it comes to Carmella, don't ask and don't tell, 
A light touch has admirers under her spell,
Her sweet sensuality no one would guess,
So exquisite, enticing...
"An intimate caress" '

It's true, the spell works, however - for the sake of blogging, I am going to tell.

First off, I'm going to get all technical now and tell you what its top, middle, and bottom notes are - to be frank though, I have no idea what most of the said ingredients smell like and how the whole system works.
My perfume skills go as far as pushing down the spraying thing on the bottle and hoping for the best.

Apart from using petals and puddle water to make my own as a child...not just me right?

Anyhoo, so as far as the good old internet can tell me, here is what is in this little bottle of beauty:

Top: Lemon, Grapefruit, Rhubarb.
Middle: Cyclamen, Peony, Tiare Flower
Bottom: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Amber.

Anyone care to tell me how on Earth Amber can smell? I thought it was a precious stone?
Honestly. Baffled.
Or am I just a bit dim?

Don't answer that.

Either way, the main smells I get are vanilla and some kind of coconut - which apparently is not present at all haha, (expert I tell ya) and also a little of the grapefruit when you really inhale it.
(I'm sat smelling my wrist right now and wondering what I'm looking for in regards to Cyclamen and Sandalwood in particular...)

All you really need to know is - IT SMELLS BEAUTIFUL!

Another thing you really should know, is that this stuff sticks around!
I mean how disappointing is it when your favourite perfume smells just stunning, but lasts on your skin all of five minutes? This, let me tell you, is not a problem when it comes to Carmella!
I sprayed a light spritz, (light spritz indeed - I can't bear the thought of running out haha!) of it this morning on my neck and wrists, and can still smell it! 
Not just when I have a good old whiff either, but I get a waft of it every now and again when I move, ahhhhhh it is just divine.

A light hand is all that is needed too; there is no danger of this running out, despite only being available in 30ml bottles - one or two squirts and you will be smelling Summery fresh all day! 
Should probably take that advice myself, I tend to get squirt happy and exude the scent of Malibu from my very pores.
People will be asking questions...

Generally though - people around me seem to love it! When people are asking what that sweet smell is, (ranging from chocolate, to vanilla, to coconut) several hours after application, I think it can be safely said that it's lasting power is second to none! 
Not that I've tried, anyway.
Genuinely though, over the couple of years since this became my favourite scent, and around four bottles later, I have never in my life had so many people say 'oooh what perfume are you wearing?' and them liked it!
Barbara, I salute you!
Benefit, you lickle genius', I salute you too.
And please, don't ever discontinue it! 
You'd feel the wrath as Topshop and M&S did here.

Finally, a small word on the packaging. Both the box, and bottle carry a pretty, girly and extremely unique theme; the bottle is opaque which in all honesty is a problem for me and my spritz happy self, as more than one of my previous bottles have caught me off guard and suddenly been empty, leaving my high and dry quite literally, with not a single drop of goodness to apply. The box - which is so unusual I've kept it, carries a Parisian-esque stately home theme, with shoes on the 'floor', an LBD, and a balcony.
The bottle also has gold, shiny bits, and we all know what happens when I'm around gold, shiny bits... 

Ahhhh...sweet Carmella, and your nice, Parisian 'house'.

I'm going to become one of those weirdo's who marries their car/dog/fence or something, and is ostracised from society...
Carmella will be mine.
I'll have no friends, and I'll be laughed at in the street...
But man, at least I'll smell good.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

L'Oreal Colour Riche Le Smoky: A Brown Eyeliner Convert's Review

If you'd have told me a year ago that I'd have even dared to consider buying a brown eyeliner instead of a black, the response would have been a little like this.

'Pffffffffffffffffffttttttt - what, me?! PAHAHAAAHAHAHA'

Well ladies, (and gents) I, Holly, am eating my words. 
Right now from this very screen.
Just picking them off, and munching them all up.


There, I said it.

Non-direct sunlight
Direct sunlight - in hindsight should have added a smudged out picture - doh!
I might as well also tell you the main reason why I like it.
Be prepared, because this too a year ago would have had me keeling over and dying on the spot.

I like it, looks more, NATURAL.

Just check out the stages of my own shocked face registering this massive and rather juicy piece of info right there.
(yes, the sideways-ness of the faces resemble me exactly, of course - I'm writing this laid down.)
Me, the biggest lover of smoky and doll-like eyes in the world, likes something for your eyes that even slightly registers as 'natural'.

Don't get me wrong mind, my eyes are still the focal point of my make-up.
My eyelashes border on the ridiculous, and I wear more eye-shadow than most drag queens on their quiet days, (although possibly in more muted colours than my drag friends)
But yes, the sweet subtlety of the brown is appealing to me.

Here are a variety of pictures taken on a variety of days, all of which are ermm...not meant for this blog post as such, so when I next post them as part of the things they're actually reviewing, I'd appreciate it if you pretend to be shocked and act like you haven't seen them, yeah?

Call it a sneak preview ;)

I'm fairly sure my eyeliner isn't obviously brown in these pictures - given that my mascara is still black, however it feels like it looks different to me haha...
The water line in the first picture is probably a good one to go by :)

Might as well get onto the product...
I chose the L'Oreal Colour Riche Le Smoky eyeliner pencil, because, despite being a massive pain in the you-know-what to remember the name of; I have the black version and it's pretty much the best eyeliner I can imagine out there.

It's soft, blendable, (it comes with a handy smudger for this very purpose - although I mostly use my finger) and boy is it pigmented! The black version is what you might call 'blackest black', and this one is probably 'brownest brown'. It's an extremely dark brown but can be blended out lighter, and is buildable. It manages to contrast and add another dimension to my copious amounts of brown shadow, despite in theory, being the same colour. Whichever shade of brown I choose that day, (and there are many!) the liner just manages to look slightly less harsh for the daytime than black does - so I'm sticking to it!
I've forever been the girl who's make-up looks identical from day to night, so I'm thinking despite it being only a small change, it will at least be something.

Suddenly I feel all excited at the prospect of getting a bit of black on these eyes! 
Means I'd be going somewhere hmm...

If anything, it's almost too soft; it needs sharpening almost daily to avoid that nasty 'oh my god I can feel wood in my eye arghh' feeling, (you know the one!) and so is already a good inch shorter than it was when I purchased it just a couple of weeks ago...
I kind of don't mind this though, because aside from feeling the wood part of the pencil scratching your eye, nothing is worse than a liner that is so hard, you have to practically stab your eye to get any colour pay off at all...

Yes Rimmel, 'Soft Kohl' I'm looking at you.
Pssssht, the irony of being called 'soft' PSSSSHT!!

Back to L'Oreal, and the best fact of all; it's cheap. 
My ever empty bank account was relieved of only £4.99 for this beauty, and given that it works so fantastically well, that's not half bad! 

So there I am, another year older, and potentially wiser in my make-up wearing ways.
If I'm converted to the truly terrifying prospect of brown eyeliner this year - who knows what I'll be wearing next year?!
Please though, if ever you see me attempting to pull off bright pink eye-shadow, I permit you to unfollow.
Seriously though, warn me first that I've gone mental, so I can rectify things before it's too late and I attempt yellow mascara, or something...

Before I go I'd like to direct you to my Bloglovin link, because the ever so thoughtful people of good old Google are getting rid of Google Reader, and quite possibly Friend Connect with it or soon after, (?) and as D-day is nearing rapidly, I'd really love it if you followed me on there instead :)

Can I also pretty please get a high five for remembering the unnecessarily long name of this product without even going to check it in my make-up bag haha!
Indeed, I like a good 'booya' for good measure.
Feels goooooooooood.

*Runs to check it actually is right before publishing*

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Maybelline Colour Tattoo - On and On Bronze: Review

I bring you this blog post, from my mums kitchen table.
Where I have given up trying to tan myself for the day, in favour of wearing a Tesco bag on my head, (no, seriously) sadly, I'm not trying to make it cool; Marc Jacobs will almost certainly NOT be featuring it in his Autumn/Winter collection - but if he does, I expect full credit and a 95% share of the profits...
You hear that Mr. Jacobs?

In fact, I'm sat with a box of 'ColourB4' on my head, the results of which will be revealed in a blog post coming soon... 
You know how I like to keep you in suspense ;)
Anyway errr...I forgot to bring the advised cling-film to wrap around my hair.
Plastic bags work just as well, right?

The only saving grace for how I look right now, is that I'm wearing some pretty laaaaarvely eye-shadow, in the form of my very first Maybelline Colour Tattoo! I got the much blogged about shade 'On and On Bronze' and decided, because there definitely AREN'T enough blog posts on it out there already, (ahem) that well, the world needed one more!

I say 'my very first' Colour Tattoo...because I'm pretty sure now that there will be more...especially because they're £4.99 yeahhhh!! 
Is it my imagination or did they used to be more?
Something stopped me buying it sooner?

Oh how it sparkles...
Now don't worry, I know I go a bit off on one when things are remotely sparkly and shiny, (must have been a Magpie in past life - it's the only explanation) a la here and here, but don't worry, I PROMISE I am going to calm it for today.

It really does sparkle and shine though ahhhhh.

This is the first cream type eye-shadow I have worn since owning three silver/purple Claire's Accessories eye-shadows for twelve year old's in the shape of a ladybird, when I was indeed about twelve.
I didn't like them and they creased on me, so instead I used them as 'cute' ornaments in my bedroom, and cream shadow never darkened my make-up bag ever again...

Apart from now.
And I'm so glad!!

 My first, best, and biggest point I have to make - is that it does not crease or in fact budge, at alllll!!
This is probably because of the '24 hour' claim it's making on it's packaging, (which by the way, I love!) because let's face it, if a supposed 24 hour shadow creased after one hour, we wouldn't be impressed.
I can't say I've worn it for a solid 24 hours - but it's now 5.30pm, and I slapped a bit on just after 7.30am today, went for a run, went to the gym, (eye make-up is necessary - someone where I run takes pictures!) have since sat in the garden getting re-sweaty and freckly, and this stuff HAS NOT BUDGED!! 

*I must clarify here, that I have washed my face since all that sweaty work out business, just not touched my eyes as best I could.
Aside from the running photo's, my mum's neighbour likes to come over a lot and I'd like her to think I'm actually human.
I'm not a tramp, honest :)

Also, I must state how easy this is to apply! I just use my finger, and to be honest, can't tell you how easy it is to apply with a brush, because I haven't used one. I've also only blended it with my finger, but I use my finger as opposed to a blending brush daily, regardless of what eye-shadow I wear - it works for me well enough, and with this product just as easily as a powder shadow. 

I've worn it as both an all over colour, (like today, when it was a five minute eye make-up job) and as a colour in the crease, and I love the effect created from both. It's just a shimmery, gorgeous, and unique eye-shadow. I only have pictures of how it looks as a crease colour, however I really do equally love how it looks on a day like today - I just haven't photographed it ever, given that the rest of my eye make-up is as slap dash as it could possibly be, and you'd probably be horrified.
I even went to the dizzy heights this week of using it as a base, and using a tiny bit of a darker, matte brown over it - which I loveddddd, as it made it darker and more dramatic, but somehow amazingly kept it's awesome sheen!

One thing however - this is naaaaat in my opinion, bronze.
No, not at all.
It kind of looks bronze in the jar, but when swatched there's very little of the warmth I associate with the colour 'bronze', to it at all.
It's a cool toned brown with an almost silver undertone - and genuinely I thought it must have been my eyes or something, but then my mum asked me what silver eye-shadow I was wearing.

Okay, it's definitely not silver though, my mum's just a little odd.
Don't worry mum, that's why I love ya.

I'm going to summarise, and then leave this post there before I get all rambly again.
The pictures of it looking all sparkly are starting to set me off thinking about shiny treasure or something, (ooh, perhaps a pirate in my past life?) and this blog post might be about to go wrong...

On this occasion I'm going to blame the stinky fumes from the 'ColourB4' - which, also, it's time to wash off...EEEEEEKKK!

Wish me luck!!