Sunday, 27 October 2013

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick: 'In Love With Ginger' Review

I'm not happy you guys.

It's that time of year.
And screw the clocks going back, that means naff all...
It's the time of year where I've had to dish out my BFF.
We are reunited.
Long time readers of my blog may just remember the fateful post where I introduced the pair of you, and informed you of the crisis within my walls.
The crisis where I met my new BFF.
'Dettol Mould and Mildew Remover'.
Now yeah we all love our BFF's right?
However mine in unusual, given that it comes in a plastic green spray bottle, smells like utter *insert negative adjective of choice here* and actually costs me valuable pennies which could otherwise be spent on pretty, shiny and well, better smelling things.

I currently own not one single drop of perfume.
I know.

I do however, own a rather gorgeous new lipstick, which although having a scent not strong enough to detract from any potential mould killing stench emanating from my skin, it does make my lips look purrrty, and therefore is something of a distraction yey!!

Indeedy ladies, (and gents) I got my rubber-glove-smelling-fingers on something new and exciting in the form of one of Rimmel London's new Moisture Renew Lippie's in the colour 'In Love With Ginger'...the blame for which I'm going to place firmly in the hands of Lily Pebbles, as I now no longer have any Boots Advantage Points on my little white card (or perfume points, as I like to call them, because that's what I was saving them for).

Sod it, mould killer smells amazing, those spores will leg it from my house as soon as they smell me coming!

Okay so I tried, but neither picture does any justice to the colour of this lipstick, I really have to admit defeat on this one and point you back in the direction of Lily's post for a decent portrayal of this colour; she may be 'responsible' for the extinction of my Advantage points, but mayyynnn she takes a good photo!
Reason #1 why she's a pro and not me haha.

Let me try and explain with words, the beauty of this colour...
'In Love With Ginger' is a vibrant orange toned red, with bags of impact and pigmentation. It's not too red to be mistaken for a classic, and yet not too orange that it needs to be 'rested' until next Spring.
In fact being a darker orange, I dare say I'll get even more wear out of it right now as a gorgeous Autumnal shade and an alternative to the 'proper' red and purple shades I'm currently rinsing the life out of.

I love a bit of orange, me.

The formula is laaaarvely too, I mean the name says it all really - this really is a beaut to wear; it has a lovely sheen with no danger whatsoever of dry patches or, well, any dry feeling at all. The moisturisation lasts for the duration of the wear and it's by far one of the most comfortable lipsticks I own.
On the flip side, good moisturisation often means a shorter wear time and this is definitely the case - with a heavy heart I must confess that it was well and truly conquered by Nandos, and in fact, my straw.

The packaging is pretty good too, I prefer it to the alternative purple Rimmel range, which although eye-catching, I think looks a bit *ahem* cheap, (ooofff check me out being a big packaging snob) and this is just muchhhh nicer! The silver is classy and looks more expensive than it is.
I liiiike.

Now I forgot to tell you all the best part about this.
You all know I got all £6.49 of it with my Advantage Points, but on the day Rimmel had a deal on, meaning if I spent £10 I got a free mascara!!
I now also have a stunning new nail polish I can't wait to try and of course show you all, and a 'Scandaleyes Lycra Flex' mascara which I've previously used, reviewed and loved...ALL (kind of) FOR FREE!!

Totally worth losing ten of my eleven pounds of 'perfume' points for, and pushing back the date of future perfume purchases considerably.
Until then, during these long Winter and mould-producing months, I shall smell of my BFF and trusty 'Dettol Mould and Mildew Remover' spray.
Maybe it will take off as an alternative to the everyday floral scent and I'll be hailed a hero, then become a millionaire and buy real perfume.

Least my lips will look good. ;)

Sunday, 20 October 2013

OOTD: Berry Paisley Print

Oh em gee world!

'Day' being the operative word.
See 99.9% of my previous OOTD's were ermm...actually Outfit of the Night/Evening's, or, well just any time other than day.
And it's time you guys all saw and realised that I do in fact wear clothes.

Aside from on weekends where you will find me mostly in a onesie and/or dressing gown, given that I have little or no life.

Indeedy, and I'm sure you will thank me for this...but no, I do not go nekkid during the day, and I've not yet been imprisoned for indecent exposure, despite numerous attempts by my left (and occasionally right) leg to escape and run hop as free as the day it was created.

My left leg tells me it likes the idea of birthdays, and therefore it prefers to wear birthday suit attire in a bid to try and get presents, ahem...

What I wore:

Pleather Jacket (with removable faux fur yerrrr): Bank £48
Chelsea boots: New Look £24.99
Trousers: H&M 9.99
White strappy top: Primark

So right...these trousers!!
Let's discuss.
I saw these in H&M about a month ago and aside from the beauty of their berry colour and prettiness of their paisley printed goodness striking my eyes, I was drawn to the price tag like some crazed creature would be to a coveted item...

It was almost, but not quite, a Gollum moment.
Yet again my self control won this battle, and we had no repeat of my Hamsa dress drama.
Praise the lawd.

Seriously though you guys - the full price of these trousers was a mere £9.99.
Nine pounds and ninety nine pence.

I'll just let that sink in for a second...


Too good to be true?
The price may have sunk in and left a not so huge dent in my bank account, but my legs however could not sink in to these trousers at all.
I had, in my optimism bought a size ten, underestimating the sheer size and scale of my smaller-than-six-months-ago-but-still-rather-large-lady-lumpage and over estimating the sheer lack of elastic in these pants!

My god are they tight!

I got them past my knees, and then I won't lie, it took two of us to attempt to prise them up my thighs.
Once they reached my bum all hope was lost, and I was forced to admit defeat and hunt for my receipt.
My rhyming skills know no bounds yo.

I was new trouser-less and sad.
My right leg was cackling like the crazed creature I almost became, and shrieking about its new life and freedom on the run hop.
I shut it up in a pair of bright orange jeans *coming soon oooh*.

Try and escape those, b*atch.

My advice for these trousers would be that if you are a female and therefore have either hips, a bum, thighs or otherwise - go a size up and avoid the inevitability that is 'fruitless receipt hunting'.
Now in a more sensible size twelve, my mum and her amazing photography skills could capture them on for my blogging pleasure yey :D
They're still reasonably tight around the booty, hippage and thigh areas, but for under a tenner I really couldn't care less.

They would make for yet another FBOEP (Food Baby of Epic Proportions) fail though...good thing I haven't worn them to eat out, I may never get up...

On my face I got the opportunity to wear my Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 107, because, well, what else would you wear with trousers this colour?!
The rest of my face donned 'the usual', with at least three shades from my new and beloved MAC palette, and my hair was well, big.

And there, ladies, (and gents) you have it - an actual daytime outfit!!

Maybe one day though I'll show you the truth.
I'll bite the bullet and post you a picture of myself in my actual weekend clothes.
Clothes which permit the consumption of food, while controlling out-out-control limbs.

I'll show you my loyal and most faithful of outfits.
My onesie.

Oh dearest onesie.
Nuff luv man.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Styling My Locks at The Vinery Hair Salon, Huddersfield.

You know those people that hairdressers probably dread?
The ones with a serious case of 'SAS', or 'Scissors Avoidance Syndrome', no specific style, lots of split ends, and a badly done home box dye?

Well...they haven't met me.

For two and a half long years, no actual proper scissors un-belonging to my poor mum have been allowed to stray anywhere near my long, (and I'd love to say luscious but that would mean major LOL's) locks.
For two and a half long years, the only colour to touch my head has been courtesy of a box dye, which despite almost always going well, has still managed to leave me with an accidental multi tonal brown/black mess, thanks to a dye which *ahem* 'lied' about its colour, and err...may or may not have been left on too long.

For one and a half or those two and a half long years, I hammered my hair with umpteen tonnes of hairspray, (the hardcore stuff) and back-combed it to within an inch of it's short actually rather long life, in a bid to channel my inner Cheryl-a-la-US-X-Factor-disaster-hair, which it seems subconsciously I liked.
For one and a half of those two and a half long years, a large amount of my hair ended up in the bin, having gathered in disgraceful amounts in the trusty old hairbrush handed the task of removing six inches of back-combing every day...

My hair was suffering, literally breaking off from my head in a bid to escape the daily brutality...
There was just one solution.

I was strong.
Ditched the back-combing and hairspray, ditched the curlers, and decided to shove my hair up in a bun, stick a few litres of Argan Oil on it and hope for the best.

A year later, and I have gained very long, surprisingly healthy but err...very uneven hair in desperate need of 'work'.

Then came my saviour:

Her name?
Charlie Whale, a Senior Stylist at The Vinery Hair Salon in my glorious home town of Huddersfield :)


I know The Vinery well, having had my beloved  LVL Lashes and HD Brows done there by 'Fairy-Lashmother' Rachel several times over, so I was more relaxed than I'd possibly be on a regular hair cut day; the staff are friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming - imagine how nervously excited I was to pop along and have my hair cut and blow dried* professionally? 

I was booked in with Charlie, a Senior Stylist who has recently worked behind the scenes at London Fashion Week, (can she get an 'ooooh?') and felt right at home.
Quite often I'm the most socially awkward and irritatingly quiet person to make conversation with, (hair salon's in my younger days were a challenge) and whether it was the relaxed atmosphere or my new-found wisdom in my old age of 23, (I'll have you know I now have wisdom teeth and therefore have gained brain cells...and a few pain receptors) the conversation flowed and all was fine and dandy.

First off I had my consultation, where Charlie had a good look at my locks and explained what she was going to do. 
I asked her to take off as little as possible, seeing as my hair is more than a bit precious to me, and after a natter we decided that a few layers framing my face would be a nice idea...seeing as err, mine had grown out.
Following that, it was down to apprentice Hayley to wash my hair.

You know when Shampoo/Conditioner smells like heaven?
Nothing quite beats the smell of hairdressing products - oh how I've missed them!
Hayley washed and conditioned my hair using the Sebastian 'Trilliance Range' - just some of the products which the salon carries throughout, and then it was back to Charlie to whip out the *gulp* scissors...

*dramatic pause*

Okay so I had nothing to worry about, Charlie kept true to our consultation and really did just trim what was needed from the lengths of my hair - now this was a good couple of inches but boy were they necessary!
Two and a half years is no joke.
My hair instantly felt and looked better - and oh my gawdddd it looks and feels thick!!

Thick hair does not happen for me.
My Cheryl dream may happen peeps!

Charlie spritzed my hair with a heat defence spray, before blow drying my hair in that way that only a hairdresser can manage, then straightening it so my new front layers curved nicely around my face.
She used a variety of Sebastian products to help show off my new style; including the 'Volupt Spray' and 'Stylixer' because we all love a bit of volume now don't we?
She finished my hair using the Sebastian 'Halo Mist' to add a shine to my new do, and I was good to go.

Overall I am more than a bit happy with how the end result looks - Charlie did exactly as I'd asked and took off the smallest amount, meaning my hair is still very long, and making my hair look and feel so much nicer!
I'm in danger of sounding like I'm off an advert here, (Cheryl hair please?) but my hair is shiny, soft and manageable in a way it hasn't been for some time!

Because I'm worth it? ;)

The Sebastian products were so lovely, I've washed my hair since and swear it is still more shiny than previously! 
My Poundland VO5 shampoo and conditioner maybe don't serve me as well as I thought...

So it has to be said my experience at The Vinery Hair Salon was a great one - Charlie was a fantastic stylist and all the other staff I met were equally lovely, the salon is stylish and modern, and being just outside the town centre, (up the road from Laserzone you Huddersfield peeps!) the prices are very reasonable; the cut and blow dry* I had costs from £42, but you can see a full list of prices and services here.

*dons award ceremony voice*
I'd like to say a big thank you, (literally bigger) to The Vinery Hair Salon and Charlie for not only inviting me to come, but for somewhat rescuing my hair and giving it life and style again, meaning I can now wear it down without fear of someone noticing it being longer on one side than the other.
Sorry mum, not your fault, your scissor skills are fine, just, you know, not the same...

Right, before I go!
The ever so tech-savvy staff at The Vinery have just entered the big, bad (actually quite good) world of blogging!
So along with their website, you can check out their blog too.
You can also now book online as well as all the usual ways- tech-savvy indeed!

Am I over my 'SAS'? Yeah, I think so :)
Shame no amount of hair styling can rescue hair from 'DARS' though,

'Drizzle and Rain Syndrome', a common affliction here in Huddersfield - say no more...
Just say, no, more.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Nicole by OPI: City-Pretty Rose

Not gonna lie to you, I don't know who Nicole is.
In fact I googled her and I'm still none the wiser...
For the sake of reason I'll say that it is the hair goddess Nicole Scherzinger, because hair and nails are made of the same thing, and therefore there is a small chance that on application my nails may become long, soft and silky.

There is an even smaller chance perhaps, that such nail qualities are transferable and will somehow spread to my hair...
A girl can dream, right?

Or at very least, her nails.
Not that I've seen them...but I can imagine they're perfection.

Okay so back to reality, and whatever Nicole this may be, I went a little nuts during a 3 for 2 offer in Superdrug quite some time ago, and picked up this Barbie pink polish in the process.

Or actually, my mum did, because I was a bit on the skint side...
But hey it would have been rude not to help her choose, and then try it for myself, right?

See, with the £7.99 price tag, it's not a range I'd normally even be tempted by - hell I don't even own an Essie polish and good god it's hard to bypass that stand, yet I still manage it...
This one though, was new and unfamiliar to me (us) - I'd never encountered Nicole by OPI before?

My Scherzinger sense was stirring.
My hair follicles were quaking in their, ermm...holes?


And it wasn't long before we had at least six picked out.

Now, let me tell you, I thought I'd left any trace of my inner Barbie behind the day I ditched my uber blonde hair, (yes, that did happen) however I was wrong.
For a few years now I've subconsciously shunned any hint of bubblegum from my life and wardrobe, and have never been swayed back to the pink side...
However that all ended on sight of this shade - look how gawd damn gorgeous this shade is?!
Both me and my mum uttered simultaneous 'ooooh's', and popped it into our basket (her basket actually, but whatever). 

City-Pretty Rose is actually not rose coloured in the slightest - it is simply a real bubblegum pink shade, neither warm nor cool toned, neither bright nor pale - just pure unadulterated Barbie.
Now while part of that description makes me want to run and hide, I am after all still a girl, and therefore something this alluringly girly just cannot be ignored!

I went a little nuts with it too, and ended up with it on both my fingers and toes for a full week, before feeling sick at the prospect of any more pink and reverting to my staple orangey shades - but for me to wear anything more girly than a hot, dark pink - that is classed as a mahooosive success!!

Application wise, it's not half bad - I quite like the thickness of the brush - it's not too skinny and covers a large area, but after spending the entire Summer being spoilt by my beloved Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate in 'Hip Hop', having very well applied colour courtesy of its brush which actually coats my whole nail in one go, it will take a lot for anything to live up to that...

Kate 1 - Nicole 0

It's still not half bad though, and made a lot easier by being relatively opaque! 
If I wasn't such a perfectionist I could perhaps have got away with one coat; it's not streaky at all and covers really well...but yeah I totally did two.
I'd say the drying time is about average, as is the wearing time - I say I wore this for a week, but as with most polishes three or four days in my nails were looking more than shoddy.
I left it for a week because I'm a lazy sod, can't even be excused I'm not gonna lie.

One last point and a note on the bottle - it's a bit...I dunno, odd.
I'm not it's biggest fan, I can see that it's stylish and unique, but it reminds me of that gherkin building thing in London - only if it was pink and totally flat on one side, (nothing like it then really haha) also, it's kind of huge.

Overall, I really like this as far as over-girly bright Barbie pink shades go, but I reckon I'll have to be in a really specific mood to ever let it don my nails again, it's just soooo pink, that it's a bit sickly sweet for my liking.
Give me a red or orange any day and I'll be saw'eddddd.
The formulation gets a thumbs up from me though, but so it should for that price!!

I'm becoming aware that both OPI and this Nicole lady are potentially going to sue me for False-Nicole-Advertising here, so I'm going to stop there and shut up.

And, just so you know, sadly, despite the beautiful colour, I'm yet to see newly perfect locks flowing from my head.
Pink or otherwise.
Nails are still not looking too great either...
Whoever this other Nicole is, she doesn't have the X Factor quite the same as Scherzinger.

Just to clarify, I believe the actual Nicole is from 'Modern Family', but as I said, that means naff all to me, and could be anyone.
In my eyes, if your name is Nicole...*lotto man voice* 'it could be youuuuuu'.

I'm off now, to write some more excitingness because LADIES, (AND GENTS) I'M ON A ROLLLLLL...

I've also had my hair done, and plan on blogging about it!
Yes, you heard correctly - I have let someone loose on my hair with a pair of scissors and didn't even shed a tear :D
I'm a big girl now.

Clap for me, and pass me some Herbal Essences for my fresh new barnet...

Least I know for sure which Nicole is representing those little bad boys.