Wednesday, 28 August 2013

MAC Woodwinked: My First Ever MAC Eyeshadow WOO HOOO!

Fact: I've only ever won two things in my life.
1. A McDonalds art competition when I was about five - I don't think there was a prize.
2. A 400m race on sports day when I was fourteen, but err...there were only two of us competing.

But guess what guys?
Something proper well and truly exciting happened the other week.

Like PROPER exciting.

Two three-letter words which are so rarely seen, said or written in relation to little old moi were, well, seen, said and heard, both at the same time!

They were then almost shouted across my living room in a fit of borderline hysteria.

"But Holly, what on Earth are you talking about?" I hear you asking.

Cue drumroll...

*leaves large gap to create suspense*

*begins to realise poor drummer in my head will be getting sore arms and I'd best get a move on for the sake of his health*


Aye indeedy, the two words were in fact 'WON' and 'MAC' and the excitement which followed was almost on a Gollum vs precious Hamsa dress related level.

Luckily I regained control just long enough to realise I never want to go there ever again...
I'm sure you'll agree it was for the best.

Anyhoo yessss, an email popped into my inbox from the lovely Kimberley, from Kimberley's Beauty Blog informing me I'd won her giveaway! Now you know how it is, people do giveaways, you enter, and if you're me, that is the last you'll ever know about it...
But no, my day FINALLY came!

And MAC's beautiful eyeshadow 'Woodwinked' was on its way to a new home...

In the shade

In the sun

Blended out...mmm purrrty

Kimberley kindly sent me 'Woodwinked'; the eyeshadow shade of my dreams, and therefore, my dream had come true YEY!
I also rather optimistically asked for it in palette form, because I've always wanted to start my own MAC palette and quite frankly needed a kick up the jacksie.

Too many eyeshadows, so little savings...

It was a good decision ;)

'Woodwinked' is every bit as beautiful in real life as it is when watching Tanya Burr apply it through my laptop screen, (no, sadly Huddersfield does not have a MAC) and now I can wear it too!
It is a Veluxe Pearl formula, which my expertise *ahem* tells me means it's nice and shiny, without being too offensively glittery.
It is a stunning warm brown shade, neither too dark for daytime wear, (not like that would stop me) nor too light for an evening, once blended in particular it has beautiful bronzey tones which probably aren't for everyone, but look pretty nice in my opinion, and don't scream ORANGEEE!
It suits my brown eyes and skin tone down to the ground, which is a relief haha, but equally I think this would look AMAZING on blue eyes, and quite frankly, any skin tone.

When it comes to the other important stuff, it applies like an actual dream.
I mean this is the eyeshadow of my dreams, but really, it is every bit as wonderful as I hoped.
The tiniest bit goes a long way; literally a dab of your brush and you're done, but it's still buildable, meaning you can darken the outer corners if you so wish, making it even more shiny as you do so.
Oh and when it comes to blending, you need very little effort, I always use my finger as opposed to a brush, and in all honesty, I didn't have a right lot to do.

In the short week I've had this I've worn it daily, and it just gets better!
It is so versatile!
I've worn it all over my lid, just in the crease, and layered both under and over another product. 
Probably my favourite way is layered with a teeny, thin bit of a matte brown shadow in the very outer part of the crease - oh myyyy, my matte colour suddenly sheens and yet darkens the look just slightly to add more depth!

I love it.

Here it is on day numero uno, all over my lid but with that extra little swish just concentrated in the crease.

I am one happy, and very lucky girl :)

*Thank you Kimberley*

So then you lovely lot. 
It's time for me to go.
I'm currently on the itv website and entering both the Daybreak and This Morning competitions several times over as many times as you're allowed and I warn you all, with my new-found awesome good luck I'm blatantly going to win.

(I promise if when I do, to ensure that no drummers are harmed in the length of the expected drumroll, and that I may even pay him for his services to suspense-creation on my blog.)

 I'll be living it up in Greece/Italy/both with a new mini and enough spends to buy every other MAC shadow in existence, FINALLY get my over-swatched paws on the much coveted Soft and Gentle Mineralise Skin Finish, and maybe, (if there's owt left) pay off some of my mortgage.

Obviously I have my priorities completely correct.

See yazzzzz.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

What I Wore: Ibiza Evening #6 - The Last One!

You see those grooves in the pavement.
Yeah, them.

They cost me £2 in emergency Shoesie repairs.
Uh-huh, I didn't learn my lesson.

Poor heel.

What kind of architect decided putting a bunch of unnecessary cracks in the pavement for aesthetically pleasing purposes was a good idea anyway?
When you have the co-ordination of a dying daddy-long-legs like moi, the less cracks in the pavement, the better.
Heels or otherwise.

They weren't lying when they said 'step on a crack, you break your back'.
Those nifty old wives and their tales.
All true I tell ya!

Safe to say, once again, I didn't last the night in my beloved Shoesies...
They were, *gulp* put on bed suitcase rest.
The left one had a broken ankle, (in fact a good portion of said ankle was in fact left stuck in the pavement and has now forever left its mark...) and upon returning to England received treatment from the clever kind of shoe doctor that also makes keys and stuff.

Such a clever man. 

What I wore:

Dress: H&M £14.99
Belt: Internationale £2
Shoesies: Zara £29.99
Necklace: eBay £4.31
Earrings: New Look £1.50
Nails: Sinful Colors Island Coral £1.99

So on my final night, along with braving things in my poor Shoesies, I braved a good bit of orange neon!
you actually cannot tell just how neon this piece of awesomeness is!
It glows in the blumin' dark I swear!

Made me look baree tanned you know ;)

I'm also ashamed to admit that this is my FIRST EVER floaty type/skater dress. 
Yeah, I mean it!
I've always had it in my head that they didn't suit me, and ones I've tried on in the past have been unflattering and unforgiving in places I just didn't want them to be - but this one, no, this one was perfect!
And god I love me some orange <3

I put a black belt around the elasticated bit, you know, to zhuzh it up a bit.

(*Realises I've never seen the word 'zhuzh' written down before, and may have completely made up that spelling?
Just go with me on this yeah?)

Where was I?
Oh yeah so anyways, the belt was meant to tie in the black of the Shoesies, but erm, I ended up wearing gold flats, meaning it was all a bit of a fail.
But it still looked and felt better with the belt ;)

Pre FBOEP (Food-Baby-of-Epic-Proportions) that is.
Then things got messy...

Stupid and TOTALLY undelicious cheesy garlic bread that I DEFINITELY did not have four slices of...

On my face - yeah, 'the usual'.
Think perhaps I should do a blog post soon on just what exactly 'the usual' is, seeing as I keep presuming you all know.
Think matte brown smoky eye, brown eyeliner, nude lip, eyebrows, and mascara, finished off with copious and quite possibly illegal amounts of bronzer and highlight.

I shine like the Ibiza sun baby.
Or at least, my cheekbones do...

Maybe I'll somehow manage to re-tan myself with the UV glow of my own cheeks in a mirror through the Winter months?
It's GOTTA work, right?
Maybe I've stumbled across a piece of genius here and will be rich!

Or, maybe I'm just suffering with SAD, as a result of spending rather a lot of today outside in the torrential rain, and have in fact, lost it.


It's time to bring this little series to a close peeplies...
Sad times :(

I am now pleased to update you with the news that me and my Shoesies made it home safe and well, and the injury the left heel sustained has now been repaired :D

My little leftie now has a prosthetic foot, awwww :)

I'd like to thank, the clever cobbler who did his job so thoroughly and cheaply, so as to not completely destroy any hope I have of ever ordering a MAC Mineralise Skin Finish, and shining like the Ibiza sun some more...

Also, I'd like to thank you guys, for putting up with and reading the longest and most drawn out holiday series in the history of human kind!

Until next year ey?

*Second thoughts; perhaps I should sue whatever mad-head architect designed the streets of Ibiza without considering the problems a dying daddy-long-legs-esq girl might face on her mission to look good.
Clearly a man.
If I sue, I'll have all the MAC MSF's in the WORLDDDDDDD MUHAHAHAHAHAAA...

Sunday, 18 August 2013

What I Wore: Ibiza Evening #5 - Minty Mmmmm

I'm sat writing this in a sari with heated rollers on my head.
And they really are too hot.
Probably too hot, might just have left them heating up too long.

I was busy twirling, you see...

Seriously though, I'm sacrificing my poor scalp here, I'm imagining the video of that girl where her hair breaks off while she curls it, (you know the one) and fretting slightly...

You feel my fear.

At least these curls shouldn't drop out, I mean Jesus I'm frying here.
If they so much as dareee succumb to a drizzle attack, I'll be writing a letter.

You hear that Babyliss?

I love my heated rollers, but they don't always love me.

Can't imagine why?

Maybe it's because I threaten them, like...
Sorry Babyliss, I love you really, curl my hair nicely, please.

Don't get drizzle attacks where I was two weeks ago.
Or wind, or rain, or bad hair days...

What I wore:

Mint Maxi Skirt: Missguided NOW £5.99 OMG GO GET ONEEE!!
Bralet: New Look (old)
Shoes: River Island (old)
Bangles: Various
Earrings: New Look £1.50
Anklet: Ibiza Shop €3
Nails: Sinful Colors - Island Coral

Yeah, no drizzle, no humidity, and I couldn't even be bothered to do my hair in anything but a ponytail?!
Now I'm home I can appreciate the dry air of abroad and the fact that the curls I'm trying to create today would have actually stood a chance of survival there.

We can totes casually forget that taking my heated rollers would have almost certainly meant I had less room for clothing, and that to myself the mere thought of that would be unbearable...
Stupid 20kg bag allowance.
Stupid massive box of rollers.

Making me sacrifice big and voluminous hair psssssssht.

(*Remembers the heat of abroad generally means I want my hair out of my face, and therefore Babyliss, you are forgiven)

Anyway, so at this stage in my holiday, regardless of my hair style I was feeling pretty good and brown yey!
I was feeling optimistic and happy to don this beauty of a skirt and feel mintier than mouthwash.
Fresh as a daisy, and fine to attempt wearing this pretty daring bralet, owed to the fairly reasonable amount of food consumed that day in comparison to its predecessors, and therefore no FBOEP, (Food Baby of Epic Proportions) was stopping me that day.
No way.

I also, (get this) exercised on this day!
On holiday, I *gulp* MISSED Jillian Michaels.
I spent ten minutes of my morning concocting my own mini version of her hardcoreness and hoping for the best, in anticipation of stomach baring beyond day three of being in holiday mode.

I did it man.

Thank god for air-con.

On my face - yeah you guessed it, 'the usual', (going to copyright that) with the added prettiness of my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in 'Rendezvous', which is not only beautiful and orange, but a damn sight less scary than my MAC Costa Chic was on evening three.
Say no more.

Anyone else want to sing Craig David's 'Rendezvous' whenever they hear the name of that balm stain?

I know, I'm a poet and I didn't know it, yada yada ya...

Before I go I'm going to include a picture of me and my photographer aka my now famous mum and most avid reader!
Just to thank her for knowing how to use an iPhone camera despite not being able to see what's on the screen, without either wearing glasses, or riskily holding my phone at arms length over Shoesie destroying pavements...
These pictures were literally taken blind.
She's a good 'un isn't she?
Love ya mum.


Right, it's time for me to remove these burning little beasts from my head and see what's lurking underneath...

I promise you I'll film it if I end up bald, for your entertainment pleasure.
Oh and so I can send it in to You've Been Framed and get £250.

Then I can splurge on 'necessary' hair repair products and extensions, and save some towards another holiday for next year, which will be ENTIRELY necessary to get over my ordeal.


Update: I have a heated roller stuck in my hair.
I'm now wondering whether I'll be a Britney bald chick or an Amber Rose bald chick.

Now where's my camera?

Actually, knowing my luck it'll be Wayne Rooney.
God help me.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

What I Wore: Ibiza Day #4 - Possession.

I have a problem.

You guysssss, you know I told you the other day that I'd learnt my lesson and was going to put the heels away, having discovered that the pavements in Ibiza are not heel friendly?
Well, yeah.
I um, may or may not have donned a huge pair of skyscraper heels this evening, and not even cared.

My will, ladies, (and gents) had crumbled.
I just don't know what possessed me, I would rather fall and break my ankle with my heel stuck down one of those annoying grooves in the pavement, (why, Ibiza, why?!) than wear flats with this dress.

(Lies, I had flats in my bag and lasted one hour before deciding I'd rather wear them and look bad, than have an uneven tan due to having one leg in plaster.

So yeah.
That first hour night was full of darkness and danger for me...would my poor legs survive the night?
Only time would tell.

There had been a bigger and more pressing issue though, just a couple of months ago, when once again my will was tested to the limit...

Let's just say I went slightly hungry during this month, and slightly crazy due to lack of houmous consumption.

If any of you know me personally, you will know I have a bit of a thing for Hamsa hands.
I don't know what it is, just their symbolism, meaning and general prettiness makes me want them!
I crave their protection from you know, all that evil stuff out there on like, the streets of Ibiza and that.
The ACTUAL streets and pavements of Ibiza maybe.
(Wearing this is DEFO the reason why I didn't break my leg, )

You know Gollum from Lord of the Rings?
There I was, innocently sat there, filling my basket on ASOS, ready to click on the evilness that is the red cross in the right corner in frustration, (as I often do when I remember that I actually will need to eat before payday) when I came across, this piece of Motel perfection.

In an instant I felt my hair falling out and myself turning into some sort of creepy, weird, shrivelled up creature, (I'm creepy and weird for even writing this, I know)  my teeth became the kind of stumps that no amount of Colgate could fix, and I'm quite certain that I did in fact become male, owed to the sudden lack of boobage and ermm...other reasons.
Either way, I didn't care.
I wanted...needed...*growly voice* THE PRECIOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Monochrome - check.
Flattering neckline - check.

I skulked towards my laptop and shuffled shiftily as close to the screen as my scary self could, so my oversized and oddly protruding green eyes could fixate on their precious prey.

As I planned how best to style my new comb-over with this beauty of this dress, my extraordinarily longgg fingers showed no mercy, and clicked on the forbidden button.
The forbidden button that is *gulp* the 'checkout' button.


Before I knew it I was leaping around my living room, making strange squealing noises, feeling extremely proud with my new, oh so precious purchase.
Such a precious purchase.

I awaited delivery day with baited (and I suspect very smelly) breath.

Now here is where my beloved Hamsa hand comes into play, with its sneaky little protection ability.
My dress arrived promptly, and I was going wild.
My comb-over was flailing around even more than my freakily long fingers, and though I don't normally condone jumping on the furniture, I did.
I was possessed people, self control was a myth to me!
Thing is, the dress didn't fit my new body.

I flailed more and more and cried over the precious.
I wailed like a screaming goblin and got a right dodgy look off my mum, suggesting disownment was close.

(I'm sure she also doubted paternity and/or any kind of parental responsibility at this point, and even contemplated phoning Jezza, or perhaps MI6)

But alas, the multiple Hamsa hands decorating my new dress came to the rescue.
Protecting me from the beast that was ermm...myself.
Before I could hold it up in the air and proclaim the precious to be gone, I was transformed.

Like the fairy godmother from Cinderella, the decorative delights of my dress transformed me back into something that resembled both a female, and well, ME!!
I was cured.
I felt my teeth returning, (unfortunately my wisdom teeth too, shame) and my comb-over becoming less of a comb-over, and more of an actual head of hair.
Best of all, MY DRESS FIT!!!

Oh miracles of the world, I was cured, and my splurge had paid off!
I sneakily celebrated in a non-wailing way that was respectful of my mums sofa, and planned to pack this in my suitcase for Ibiza, where on night number four, I wore it like this:

What I Wore:

Dress: ASOS/Motel Rocks £32 but NOW IN THE SALE for £19
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins via my lovely friend Mary ;) *technically free, makes up for it right?*
Necklace: eBay £4.79
Anklet: Little Ibiza Store €3
Sunglasses: New Look £4.99
Earrings: New Look £1.50

This dress cost me um...£32.
Over my entire monthly budget.
But like, it wasn't me, okay?!

I'm an innocent victim.
I'm a victim of shopaholicness.

And this.
(An actual webcam screen shot taken of me upon discovering the precious in the ASOS dress section.)

As Shaggy would say, 'It Wasn't Me'.

On my face graced the usual, but with some added MAC Ruby Woo pizazz, because I loveeee a good red lip, even if it is both more Wintery, and less holiday-eee.

Plus, it goes with this dress in the same was that salami goes with cheese.

Talking of food, having used up more than my monthly clothes allowance, I ummm, might just have gone a little hungry and houmous-less during the month of this purchase.


Nowadays, I'm much more cautious when I dare to type the name of fashion websites into my browser; I'm worried that one day something will take my fancy and I will once again lose control.
I'm worried that one day such an item won't be blessed with a design so powerful, it can unwarp my DNA and make me human again.

I fear I will be stuck, whatever I buy won't fit me, and I'm pretty sure neither heels nor flats would be an option, whatever the terrain.

I fear such a day will come all too soon, and my possession will return in an attempt to buy me more actual possessions.

*Declares houmous new 'precious' and decides food shall always remain of greater importance than clothes.
Has to work, right?*

(Gives permission for any readers to relocate me to nearest volcano should I fail)

Always knew there was a reason why I hated Lord of the Rings.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Quick and Easy Gym Make-up (For Those Like Me Who Daren't Bare It)

So this was quite impromptu.
Believe me - I would never, that is N E V E R - show you my face without make-up.
Shameful, I know.
We should all be proud of our 'natural beauty'.
But no, I'm not.

This is as close as it's going to get.

I took these pictures and am posting this now, before I change my mind...

Behold peeps, my face sans excessive bronzer, highlighter and contour.
Behold peeps - my freckles!

Okay maybe you can't see my freckles so well my bright kitchen window yeahh ;)

Totes still have eye make-up on, including eyebrows and under eye concealer but I mean - woahhh this is huge for me!

To be fair you can always see my freckles - I don't wear foundation, and rely on the wicked combo that is my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and Rimmel Stay Matte powder to just help me even me out ever so slightly, and get rid of the hell that is *gulp*, UNWANTED SHINE.

Anyway, I wanted this to be entitled as JUST a gym make-up routine, but given that I'm probably still wearing heavier eye make-up than most of you wear on a night out, I'm pretty sure this could be used purely as 'daytime' make-up, probably for those 'hotter days', (lol) where your base would abandon you before you can pick up your buffing brush...
This is though, exactly what I wear to the gym.

There was a time, ladies, (and gents) where I went to the gym without make-up.
My courage knew no bounds.
In fact I'm pretty sure that on the little photo they took of me the day I signed up, I have both no make-up on, and erm...bright blonde hair.
Seriously, they should pre-warn you that they're going to do that - I would have turned up looking like I was off on a night out, despite never going on nights out.
I mean these days when I walk in they probably question my identity.

Imposter I am!

Should probably tell you what goodies I've got on the old phizog then...

On my face:

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (Shade 3 Medium)
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (Transparent)
HD Brow Kit (Foxy)
Maybelline Colour Tattoo (On and On Bronze)
L'Oreal Colour Riche Le Smoky (Brown Fusion)
Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara (Black)

So first off there is noooooooo way I'm going gymming it with these mahoosive black holes under my eyes - no wayyy.
Epiccc dark circles.
On a daily basis I'd blend my under eye concealer down onto my cheeks and around my nose too in an effort to camouflage the fact that I have pores larger than your regular pit...I know, I know, 'GET A PRIMER HOLLY' - welllll, I don't know, it kind of works enough for me, and I don't fancy putting more on my face than I need to given that my skin is fairly clear, despite my pit-pores and pesky freckles.
I just like to hope that people don't get close enough to notice...

If they did, my pits would probably suck them in anyway, and they'd be gone, foreverr...

What I'm trying to say is, that I kept my concealer in check today, just to where my would-be tear trough's end, and where my skin no longer looks bruised.
I set my concealer with the teeniest dabs of my Rimmel Stay Matte powder in an effort to stop it shifting, although let's be honest, the Collection concealer is so amazing and long wearing, that it's going nowhere!

I did my usual brow routine using my beloved HD Brow Kit, mixing the two brown shades together and hoping for the best.
They're not the best today, but still.
I will genuinely cry when I hit pan on this palette.
That is all.

As for my eyes...well, as Chandler would say - 'could it BE any easier?'
Well Chandler, my funny little buddy, no, it couldn't.
I picked my Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze, (review here) because my godddd it does naaat move! It and my concealer are like BFF's clinging to my eyes in a bid to escape the pit pores sucking them in - it's like the ultimate test of longevity!

That and a spinning class - which by the way they also survive!

I used my finger to smudge on a fairly small amount of product, (for me, dark smoky eye lover numero uno) and blended it out to my crease. Done.
Then I drew an equally small amount of my L'Oreal Brown Eyeliner, (review here) on the outer part of my water line and used it's clever little smudger to blend it through my lower lash line.
I then gave up on the smudger and used my finger.

To finish off I used two coats of my badass big-brush battle winning buddy that is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara, (review here) because it is badass.
Sadly, given that it is not waterproof, it is defeated by a spinning class, (seriously, it's like my lashes grow sweat glands!) but like primers, I just don't have one...maybe you should ;)
On that note, maybe I'll put my Badass Big-Brush winner and my Bad-Boy Bristle Ball (aka Benefit They're Real) to the test and see which, if either, can survive spinning...

Can I get an ooooh?!

So then lovelies...that was ermm...long.

I need to be getting my trainers on and setting off soon.
I'm walking to the gym and am thinking that the black clouds looming out my window might be about to cause my Rimmel Lycra Flex mascara a whole world of new problems...but alas, I shall persevere!

At least I know my Colour Tattoo won't desert me...

And at least I no longer have to water my flowers WAHEYYY!!
(Sorry mum, I'm lying, I still will, really... :| )

P.S Eid Mubarak to everyone and all my lovely friends celebrating today :)

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

What I Wore: Ibiza Evening #3 - Heatttt.

So I told you before that I didn't have the holiday blues yet.

I'm sat here writing this while wearing my dressing gown over my clothes because I'm cold.
In fact I'm freezing.
I hate being cold man.
What's that even about?
Even more so that it's August and that means the end is nigh for any potential heat I may feel while the year still ends in 'thirteen'.

I mean just look at these pictures.
I want to cry.
One week ago I was wearing this, baring my brown belly without a care in the world, (in fact I was too hot - imagine! WAHHHHHH!) and now I'm sat here, with more layers covering my body than Shrek, (onion I tell ya!) and smelling decidedly less Summery thanks to my beloved Carmella running out on me just to add insult to injury.

It's over, Carmella. 
Can't believe you did this to me.
Left me like this.
Smelling all normal and shiz.

I thought you cared.

Bitter, me?

Yeah so let's all take a look at what it is warm enough to wear in Ibiza, and not here, ever.

What I wore:

Dungarees: River Island (old)
Sandals: Primark
Anklet: Random Ibiza Shop
Earrings: New Look £1.50
Sunglasses: New Look £4.99
Bangles: Various

On my face:

Not that you can see my face haha...
Epic sunglasses wearing fail!

Seriously though you should have seen my sunglasses tan at this stage - EL EM EF AY OH.
Sunglasses were my saviour.

The usual make-up, plus MAC lipstick in Costa Chic, which my god was I dubious about wearing, took me a good half hour to stop being scared by its bold brightness in the mirror while getting ready, and actually remember I could blot it and tone it down haha - my bad.

Once I got over it and went out though, I was loving it - and it didn't even need too many reapplications! Reeeesult.
Plus I just sat there smelling it for a while, and had the smell like with me in my handbag...mmm.

My mum, (and most avid reader) defo thought I was a weirdo, sat there sniffing my lipstick like some sort of strange addict.
Giving new definition to the term 'MUA'
Make Up Addict.

It's like once my beloved Carmella started to dwindle as she got ready to do a runner, I craved vanilla scent to the point of debating actual lipstick consumption. Only stopping to realise that eating it meant I'd no longer be able to smell it.
And the waste of £14. 

Where was I?
Ah yes.
My dungarees.
Not seen since ermm...April on an ill advised trip to Leeds where, if possible I was even colder than I am right at this very minute, and would have given my right Shoesie* for my dressing gown (Leeds City Centre or not). But now, those days are OOOOOOOOVERRRRRR.
('Baby they're overrrrrrrr')

Or they were, before I returned to flipping Narnia pre-evil Witch slaying.
Get me a fir coat out that wardrobe man.

I, ladies (and gents) - was still TOO HOT.

Aye, I donned my dungarees, folded them down as it was pre-food and therefore pre-FBOEP, (Food Baby of Epic Proportions) I piled on the gold shiny stuff, and slipped on, (or more, squeezed over my head and hoped for the best) my crop top and off I went.
Not a shiver nor goosebump in sight.

The only worry of the night came from a rather lovely (and just plain awesome) German lady called Mary, who said I looked like Amy Winehouse.
Obviously she'd heard about my lipstick sniffing problem and decided she should try to make me go to rehab ;)

Apologies, that was terrible...

It's the beehive, for sure?
I'm sure she did ;)

Me, myself and even Amy managed to stay warm and eat awesome and very tasty nachos that evening, curbing my need for anything vanilla or remotely MAC-esque in my belly...and my belly ladies and gents, ended up covered up, for totally non-temperature, and entirely food related reasons.

No dressing gown required.

I hate England, me.
I might start eating lipstick and turn wild from the chemicals to the point where my fellow Brits kick me out.
I'd be on the next plane.

Wild and feral I'd be, and MAC lipstickless, but HELL I'd be warm.
Get me my suitcase and my crop top, I'm off.

Night night folks ;)

Right Shoesie, I didn't mean it.
Don't run out on me like my darling Carmella has...

Sunday, 4 August 2013

What I Wore: Ibiza Evening #2 - STYLIGHT Review

You know what - I'm quite liking this outfit of the day malarkey.
It's weirdly therapeutic.

No doubt there's a slight possibility that this is potentially down to having to look back at glorious Ibiza photo's, rather than ones taken in my bedroom, but you know...

I don't think the holiday blues have set in yet.
Not even sure I'm home to be honest.
Might get a shock the first time I feel cold, but England is still being kind to us in this respect, hmmm...

It's only a matter of time.

Anyhoo, today I decided to mix things up a little.
See I was recently contacted, (yes, someone contacted little ME - I know!) by a company called STYLIGHT, who are trying to spread the word about their site, which is already widely used across large parts of Europe.
Seriously, the amount of hot, (and rather stylish) young things showcasing gorgeous European backgrounds on their photos is slightly depressing - luckily I can join them for one weeks worth of pictures only ;)
Their site allows you to get creative, and make mood boards full of your own outfit photo's, products, and even quotes and music - which is TOTTTTALLLY up my street - you know me and my penchant for all posts multisensory.
Catering to every need you see...

It's like Lookbook, only with more scope for creativity.

It's also extremely easy to use!

Signing up is easy; you can do it either through email, or Facebook, (I opted for email) and it is genuinely as simple as that.

You're first guided through a couple of pages which introduce you to the concept of Stylight, following others and liking their looks, and the inspiration begins right away. 

If you can get past the endless supply of inspiration you will no doubt be sat scrolling through and 'hearting', (I have massively abused the little heart button already, I think I may actually break it...) you can create your own little piece of inspiration in the form of your very own 'look' board - you never know, someone might 'heart' your post too! 
Don't get any ideas, mum, I know you.  

Before creating a look, it's probably a good idea to get your profile set up - it took me something like 1 minute to upload a profile picture, set up a link to my blog, and write a line about myself, before I was straight onto the exciting part; my first 'look', and what I wore on my second night in Ibiza.

The thing I think I love the most about this site, is how genuinely quick and easy it is to use - there is literally no faffing around, and it is extremely self explanatory. 
Your 'look' is exactly that - yours.
A mood board to reflect, well, your mood.
You can pick as many photo's as you want, (or none if you prefer to create a 'look' from products alone) from your computer or Instagram, (please, please make sure they are your own) assemble them how you want, and can add quotes, music and products - whether actually featured in your outfit, or merely something similar that you love - if and where you see fit.
For my first post I added a quote which actually links straight back to my little bloggy here :)
I also added a product in the form of a pair of leopard print cross earrings, because, well, it's me.

Finding products however, is where my only teeny bug bear lies - almost all the products featured are heftily priced designer products, to which my mind automatically switches off from, knowing they are out of any price range I'm ever likely to be able to afford. As gorgeous as each piece is, I'd gain more satisfaction and inspiration from being able to add products that are more accessible, or high street, and that I could get genuinely excited about.
*ignores beautiful Rachel Zoe skyscraper heels I just liked ahem*

If this isn't an issue for you however, (lucky beggars haha) you can also click on products you wish to purchase, and be re-directed straight to their original online store.

I was pretty happy with my first 'look' once it was done. You have have a look here, or, well at the pictures right below haha...
I've also done a second 'look', which is something of a sneak preview of an outfit I REALLY love, which I'll be posting on here in a few days (can I get an 'oooooh'?).

Problem with having an iPhone as a camera: Less megapixels = my photo's totally don't match up to the quality of the snazzy DSLR types. 

What I wore:

Crop Top: Primark £2
Skirt: H&M (old)
Sandals: River Island (old but my god I love 'em!)
Belt: Primark (came on a pair of trousers originally)
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Earrings: Primark

On my face my make-up was pretty much as it was the previous night, although I used my beloved HD Brow Kit for eyeshadow instead of my Naked 2 palette.
I opted for a bit of bright orange sparkle on my nails this evening, with one of my current faves, Sinful Colors - Cloud 9, which was looking mighty fiiiiine in the sunshiiiine.
Such awesome poetic skills I possess.
Once again my 'Nudist Peach' lipstick came out to play, because it's all shiny and new and ahhh...


Right lovelies - I still have Stylight open in a tab and intend on spending the next few minutes foreseeable future scrolling through yet more beautiful photography, finding looks that I love. 

Once I'm done with my Ibiza pictures, I intend to put the streets of Huddersfield on the Stylight map through my picture backgrounds over my next few look boards, and juuuust maybe some tanned Italian fashionista will like one of my pictures too...
...and want to move to Huddersfield, because it is just the best, of course ;)

Perk of having an iPhone camera: Less megapixels = less chance of seeing chewing gum on floor/drizzle in air.