Sunday, 11 November 2012

Growing Up with Garage...of the Musical Variety

Being born in 1990 I am very, VERY fortunate.
I am lucky enough to have grown up with a type of music that isn't often talked about, and only a few remember in a big way.

Everyone around the world of all ages has heard of the usual rock, pop, hip hop and dance, among others, but Garage, *sigh* just isn't really around anymore. Obviously I was a child/teen so never got to hear them at their best in clubs, but my living room with the volume up, or just in general did enough to imprint Garage on my brain. Galaxy 105 anyone?

The other week I was having a mini rave while sat on my sofa, (blatantly too cold to actually get up and rave)  and I came across a good old Garage classic in my iTunes in the form of Sweet Female Attitude - Flowers, 
and it got me thinking of other Garage classics.

So off I popped onto YouTube, and started searching, and wowwww did I find some gems I'd forgotten about? I've literally been sofa-raving to some of these ever since, and thought I'd share them with you :)

Warning: I tried to just pick 5. Failed. So this will be long...


Sweet Female Attitude - Flowers 
Pretty much a signature Garage classic. Makes me think of Summer and ermm, flowers? Haha.

DJ Luck & MC Neat - With a Little Bit of Luck
Another classic, I sense I'm going to repeat myself a lot with these captions hmm...

DJ Pied Piper & The Masters of Ceremonies - Do You Really Like It?
Yes, I did really like it, yes, I did sing along to it, yes, it did borderline annoy me after a while, but yes, it IS deserving of legendary status. Pretty sure it was one of those now non-existent hot Summers when it came out too.

Artful Dodger - Movin' Too Fast
Galaxy 105 R.I.P. I think that radio station made this song. Oh and that hot Summer again.

Artful Dodger - Think About Me
Possibly could have done an entire post on Artful Dodger, I'd like to think that somewhere there is an award for biggest contribution to Garage music, and they should get it. I love this one in particular, it's underrated, and it's got that kind of moody, deep feel that attracts me to certain songs in 2012 too.

The Architechs - Body Groove
I know this word for word, it's just soooo cool! Another one I grew to love from lots of radio play.

The Streets - Has It Come to This
This melody is soooooo beautiful! I have much newer memories when it comes to this song, not from the old Garage days, but from being 15/16 when Garage was morphing into Grime and beyond, and I was spending most of my days in the park, and listening to this on repeat on my way home. Pretty much the only song by The Streets I ever liked, and it's fairly special.

Artful Dodger & Craig David - Woman Trouble
Oh and look, it's Artful Dodger yet AGAIN! 
Absolute magic was made when these two come together, but no more than in the form of the next track...

Craig David ft. Artful Dodger - Rewind.
Not sure I need to say anything about this song but I will say just one thing.
Re-rewind. When the crowd say Bo' Seleeeeeeectaaaaaaa!! 

Tina Moore  - Never Gonna Let You Go
Epic. Think this was one of the earlier Garage tunes around, and signifies being young and loving music for me. Happy and upbeat, still sounding good 15ish years on!

Shanks and Bigfoot - Sweet Like Chocolate
Apparently this is the biggest ever Garage tune in the UK, it definitely deserves it but for me doesn't feel quite as Garage-y as some of the others. Being a chocoholic though, as a child I remember wishing everything was made of chocolate just like in the video. Still kind of do to be honest.

That's all for now everyone, I hope you're raving  and reminiscing like me or maybe even discovering something new. I'd love it if Garage made a come back, but part of me almost wants to lock that nostalgia away so I can always listen to these and think of the non-existent hot Summers that seemed to go with every single one...and rave, obviously. 

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