Sunday, 28 July 2013

Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipstick: Nudist Peach Review

If you're reading this right now.
Then I am gone.

From England that is ;)

But being the blogging extraordinaire that I am, I've only gone and pre-written this here shizzle for your reading pleasure.
Can I get an 'awwww'?

It's like I'm writing this from the future! 
A parallel universe...

See, I don't know if I'm alone in this, but when I need to be packing - or doing any important thing in general, this head of mine starts writing a blog post, and the urge is so powerful that it causes me to give up all hope and chance of packing, and get writing.

This post was not meant to exist right now.
But it does.

My suitcase however, is empty.

Least my lips look good...

Aye, meet the new best friend of these here lips of mine; Seventeen's Mirror Shine Lipstick in 'Nudist Peach'.

Look at my kitchen chopping board being all sneaky and getting in on the action.
Don't you like it?
I do.

It's purrrty.
Blogging chic that is.
Screw the fancy professional backgrounds, who needs them when you have a pink flowery chopping board and an iPhone camera <3

Definitely sure this is not a homeware review and therefore I will get back on track.

So anyway, I only own one 'nude' lipstick, and you know, that's pretty limiting...
My lips craved more.
It's like they were speaking to me, every single day when I applied my trusty Topshop 'Rumour Has It', they were like 'come on Hol, you're boring me', and well...they were making me feel guilty.
They told me they were fed up of the slight frosting that Rumour Has It gives them; frost makes them think of colder times, and no-one likes those colder times...

My poor lips were having frostbite related nightmares involved turning blue regardless of lipstick.
I had to save them...

Such is the power of my own lips, that this guilt trip forced me - yes FORCED me into Boots, where I may have been a little naughty and picked up a teeny tiny holiday treat.

There I was, swatching away - 'Beehive' had been jumping out at me from blogs all over zee blogosphere, but it looked a little pale. 'Belle' was one lovely suggestion, but it looked a little pink, (we all know how I feel about pink, it's like my lips just reject the stuff! Powerful beings they are...)
But then - 'Nudist Peach', what was this?
A darker, peachy and not at all pink nude, which OH EM GEE has a canny play on the phrase 'nudist beach'?!

It's like it was forcing me to buy it for my holidays.

Disclaimer: I do not and never have been on a nudist beach. 
I can also assure you that right now, even though I'm typing this in the past, there is no way that I will be on a nudist beach while you read this...
My bikini's are too pretty for that.

'Nudist Peach', is an OHHHH so moisturising, sheer but buildable peachy nude - let me be honest, it's hard to see on my lips, given that they are fairly pigmented, but it just adds a golden peachy sheen that just isn't there otherwise.
And we all feel better without naked lips.

I'll say this though - mirror shine it IS!!
My lips are over the moon!

They shine like it anyway...

Screw that actually, they shine bright like a frickin' diamond.

The scale of the shine means that this lipstick is extremely true to it's word, I feel as though I am wearing a gloss, but without the sticky goo, just the shine, and I love it.
My lips love it too, they told me.

They also kind of love the lip sized viewing mirror that just sneakily slides out of the uber gorgeous and sleek new packaging that Seventeen has invested in - I like!
Sophisticated - I think so!

It even does that really satisfying 'click' then you snap the lip on.

As far as longevity goes, I'd say a mixture - the colour lasts a couple of hours only, but the moisture lasts much longer, like a balm.
Either way, it only takes a few seconds to reapply - owing to the handy little mirror being right there, and at £4.79 who's complaining?
We don't expect miracles really :)

To sum up, my bank balance is still happy, my lips are FINALLY satisfied, and as for me - well, I'm in Ibiza so who cares haha?!

My lips look and feel good though.

I have finally shut them up, and if they dare speak up and moan about my lacking lipstick selection again...?
Let's just say I've threatened them with no spf if they do.
We'll see if they can speak when they're all red and crispy.


Friday, 26 July 2013

Flying Away on Venga Airways... (With a Bunch of Nice Summer BeautyBits)

I know.
I know.

Three posts in five days.
*deep breaths everyone*

I think, I may be broken.

Either that or I'm off work ;) but we shall leave that part all mysterious because it's more fun that way, and I'm a secretive little mo'fo.

I think, I may eeeeeeeven be able to control myself a little on this one.

I may actually,
*deep breaths again everyone, if you please*
be about to write an amount that is deemed 'readable' by you all, rather than skimmable at best.

Or even 'oh hell no, if I wanted to read a book I'd go to the library!'

Thing is.
I may be lost for words.
I'm definitely broken.

The only sound escaping my lips right now comes in the form of 'sjkdbljefhbhbfqhgqehqg', or even just a big silly, stupid grin.
So my godddddd I have to let it out in some way!

Let me introduce to you, the reason behind this here post...

(I sense my planned short post is already being compromised.)

Please, press play if you will, and let me set you the scene with a little serenade, courtesy of The Vengaboys.


Proper, not sticky or humid a la UK sun, actual dry and scorching ht sun.

Soz you guys, promise I'll bring it back with me.

You might be able to tell, I'm excited.

Anyhoo, an almost equally exciting prospect for me, involves the preparation for such an event.

And no, I'm not going to bore you with the whole, 'I'm taking deodorant because I might sweat, and sunscreen because it's so important to keep your skin safe' thing - we all know this, and yes, I am taking them.
Equally, I'm not going to do an 'in flight beauty regime' post, because I'm going on a two hour flight, and if my skin can't stand to be unmoisturised for two hours, then it's not worth the cells it's made of and I want a refund.

Instead, I'm going to show you just a liiiiiiiiittle bit of the excitingness that I'm taking, in the form of four groups of Summer beauty products that just scream holiday!

Basically I'm taking half of Boots.

L-R: Barry M - Pink Flamingo, Greenberry, Gold Glitter. Rimmel - Hip Hop. Sinful Colors - Island Coral, Cloud 9.

Oooh yep I'm taking a whole range of pretty polishes with me - undoubtedly I will only use one or two and the rest will just be there to make my suitcase less lonely...but the thought is there! 
I've chosen to wear Rimmel's 'Hip Hop' on my toes and fingers for the first couple of days, because OH MYYY it's gorgeous - the perfect Summery red/orange and it makes me look tanned as it is, before any real tanning has commenced. 
My prediction is that my polishes will get progressively paler the more tanned I get...because we all want to accentuate the glow now don't we?
God forbid I appear paler on day four than day one on accounts of my bleeding nails?!

Say no more.
Do I need to say more?
I'm on my jollies but if I can look even more dark, with even more defined cheekbones, then all is extra well methinks.
God, I love this bronzer!

Ahhhh my trusty Naked 2 palette!
Now sadly I regret to tell you that errr...I neglect this a little in favour of more matte products in the UK.
Shameful, isn't it?
A big positive comes put of this though - I get to make full and immense use of every colour in all their sheer, sparkly niceness on my holidays, woooo!
Im especially looking forward to using The shade 'YDK', because it is just too pretty for words...

L-R: MAC - Costa Chic. Seventeen - Nudist Peach. Rimmel Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain - Rendezvous.

Ooooh, what's this?! 
Some products you've never seen me mention before?
I won't spoil the surprise, but you will be seeing at least one of these very, very shortly hehehe...

You know I love to keep you in suspense like that ;)

We shall just say that on holiday I love me some nudes and oranges, and leave it there for now...


Right you pretty young, (or old) things, I'm off to get packing, because ermmm...yeah I've not done it yet and am leaving myself mercilessly at risk of developing a nervous twitch like Sheldon Cooper when someone dares sit in his seat.

Hope you're enjoying jamming along to the beautiful sounds of The Vengaboys and reliving how awesomely awesome the 90's were.

Feel free to put it on repeat and jam on.

I'll be doing the same.
Only somewhere much hotter and sunnier ;)


We're going to Ibiza.
Back to the island
We're going to have a party
In the Mediterranean seaaaaaaa.'

Okay so how badly did my self control fail? 

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Battle of the Brushes: Maybelline The Rocket Volume vs Rimmel Scandaleyes Flex

It's the battle of the big-ass brushes!

You know these make-up companies? They don't mess around!
I've seen some interesting brushes in my time - big, small, bristly, just right, but never had a preference.
Safe to say whoever the big boss' up there at Maybelline and Rimmel HQ's are, they a fan of all things big.

He or she likes big butts.
Or...should that be, big brushes.

You see where I'm going with this?

I'm almost certain the lyrics to 'Baby Got Back' are up on the wall of the mascara development departments, to serve as a reminder to all employees who may dare to downsize, that it is just simply, not on.

'Tis a competition you see...

Maybelline took the challenge first...
They really went in on this one.
Good and proper.
Literally as big as a rocket!

Practically an entire space station actually...
@VirtualAstro will be tweeting us the times when it's visible from Earth soon, I'm sure of it.

Their attempt at snagging the BOEPA, (Brush of Epic Proportions Award) came in the form of Maybelline's The Rocket Volum' Express, which has just about one of the most mahooooosive brushes I've ever seen.

In fact it reminds me of something, and it's not pretty...
Have you ever seen a caterpillar right before it becomes a chrysalis?
All short and hugely fat with these stubby little legs that are totally overshadowed by the sheer scale of its body.


Sorry peeps.

I've heard people loving off this brush, but I had a bit of trouble with it to be honest.
It's naff all to do with it being plastic, it's's just...
What little bristle-age there is, is lost on my lashes, they don't catch or coat my lashes in any way, in fact I think the unnecessarily large barrel bit in the middle is doing all the work.
There is absolutely no manoeuvring this brush around, no getting in the corners, and you are at a 99% risk of getting more of this on your eyelids than your lashes during the application process.
Don't even get me started on the myth that is those corner lashes - they will remain absent and invisible unless you dare to attempt to coat them using the flat, bristle-less head of the wand.

Oh mannn, I miss my BBBB.

Okay, so it's not all bad.
The brush might resemble 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', but the mascara itself is pretty nice.
It's black enough, it's long lasting and didn't smudge on me, it's pretty good on volume and length without being amazing, but it's definitely good enough.
It's easily buildable but looks great with just one coat, and I didn't find it clumped my lashes any more than the next mascara.
It lasted me a good while too before D-Day, (Dry Day) which is definitely a plus, considering mascara is an expenditure of pre-chrysalis proportions for someone on a budget as tight as mine...
Do I love it as much as its smudgy, yet oh so flattering Maybelline counterpart, The Falsies?
Would I repurchase it?
There are just too many way more exciting mascaras out there - and with less frightening brushes!

£7.99 - 9.6ml


So after seeing Maybelline's offering, my old faithful Rimmel decided to step up their big brush game...

Ohhhhh boy!
Welcome to Earth, (Boots) new Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra Flex mascara.
There was me, on the verge of buying the Revlon Grow Luscious to replace the big (very big!) hole left in my make-up bag following the D-Day demise of The Rocket.
As I approached the counter, the words 'new' attracted me, and I was done.
But on opening and seeing a brush bigger than Katie Hopkins' ego, (apologies, I'll never mention her ever again) my heart sank a little.
I just needed a break from beastly brushes.

Serves me right for being a savvy little spender and seeing an introductory offer before viewing the actual product.
I swear one of these day I'll go home with dog food for tea, purely because it's half price!

Yes, it's eeeeeeeeeven bigger than The Rocket's actual real, to scale, life sized rocket brush.
I don't even know what the hell I can compare this to.


Despite this though, the brushes are polar opposites!
This one has long, thick and numerous bristles as opposed to short stubby plastic, and I feel like it does the job!
I just about can get in those all important corners, without too many eyelid incidents.

Also, lycra is the word I'm going to emphasise here!
Rimmel don't lie mannnn.
I hadn't realised until looking back at these images, how well this mascara holds curl in comparison to its stubby brushed counterpart.
I get great volume, great length, and great lastability, with only a little bit of transfer - a word of warning, it does not survive spin classes, and you will look like you've been crying after haha.
Go on girls (and guys), get your make-up off at the gym, don't be like me!
Again, it looks great with just one coat, and though I can't comment on the longevity of the whole tube yet, I suspect it will be a long 'un, considering it's a 12ml-er.

Nice to know they still had room in there for product after all that brush...

Do I love it as much as it's Rimmel counterpart 'Day 2 Night'?
Maybe. I'd say equally.
Will I repurchase?
Possibly, unless something else in even brighter packaging catches my eye...

Surely not.

£6.99 - 12ml


So, who's got the all important and prestigious BOEPA??

Drumroll please...


Well done Rimmel, you little darlings, you've done it again.
Your brush is mega, your formulation is perfect, and your packaging is so blumin' bright that not one of us will be able to miss you and we'll therefore all buy you!

You get this award on that shelf of yours, next to the CD player, complete with 'Baby Got Back' CD, and lyrics on the wall.

Talking of...


I like big brushes and I can not lie,
You other brushes can't deny,
That when you get mascara with a brush big as space
And it's bristles in your face, 
You're like WOAH!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

One Style/Two Outfits (Part 1: Night)

It was a quiet, but very hot and sunny Friday evening.
I was going for curry.

I had delved into the depths of my wardrobe, and picked out one of my faves from last year.
A pretty, yellow, not neon but not pastel either, yellow maxi skirt, with a double side split ohhh yes.
And a black crop top.
I'm not going to lie to you, the crop top is new this year, but it was £2 at Primark and therefore totes does naaaat break my £30 a month budget.

I like maxi skirts you see.
They're pretty, girly, and versatile, but can be a fierce style statement.
And right now, I can't stop wearing them!

For day and night I am lovinggggg a good old maxi!
I've even been layering up maxi dresses with tops to create a maxi skirt.
That is until it got to 30 degrees and too hot for any layers at all - even underwear, ahem.

Don't worry peeps, I didn't go all starkers on you, I'm cool with most social acceptability rules and don't fancy the idea of jail.

You know what else is good about maxi skirts?
Or, well...this maxi skirt at least.

It covers up inevitable food babies!

A yes, a good amount of flowy, waist high material means that even when wearing a crop top, the majority of  your mid-riff is covered up, and therefore that evening I saluted my own brilliance in outfit choice.
See as much as these pre-meal photo's show a fair bit of belly, it's nothing a good hitch higher up can't solve.
Told you it was versatile ;)

There I was, armed with a cheap as chips crop top, one of my favourite skirts of all time, and, (of course) my famous shoesies <3
I was almost ready to go...

(I'm aware I look slightly radioactive in some of these pictures - it's a cross between having an actual English sun tan yey, and #iPhoneProblems
Sadly, no editing could fix said problems)

What I wore:

Maxi Skirt: Boohoo (last year)
Crop Top: Primark £2
Belt: Internacionale £2
Shoes: Zara £29.99
Necklace: eBay £4.79
Bangles: Random
Nails: Sinful Colors - Cloud 9
Lips: Topshop - Rumour Has It

Before leaving the house I had only two things to do:
1. Take some painkillers for the ridiculousness that were my swollen tonsils.
2. Get my mum, and most avid reader on picture taking duties YEY!!

Sounds good, yes?
See, there was a slight problem.
Having a pretty nasty feeling set of tonsils wasn't going to stop my amazing curry eating capabilities, but eating it it did require a lot of extra effort. re-focus my energy on the top half of my body.

My bottom half was free to go rogue and rebel against my clothes...

Something sounds ominously familiar about the side split I mentioned up there...
But what could it be?

Look who's back?


Angelina's ass-kicking time.
She only only did it the once.
My leg was demand shall we say.
Fighting it's way back out of my clothes.
Like some sort of fame hungry beast, it enjoyed it's moment in the limelight of my previous blog post, that it has been nigh on impossible to re-clothe since!
I mean jeez, keeping it under wraps has been more than trying; getting jeans on meant a one sided sulk, while my forever under-wraps left leg pointed and laughed at the demise of the right.

I was tired, I was grumpy, and my leg was being a pain in the erm...hip joint.

As soon as the right leg got wind of my maxi-with-split-wearing plan, it jumped at the chance to get right back on this here blog.

And I have literally lost control!


But, but...wait.
It gets worse.
This skirt has got two, yes TWO side splits...
Is that not, asking for trouble?
I have two legs, and there are two side splits...

What if...?

Yes, people, it happenned...
You won't believe it.


I've created two monsters.
And will never get clothes on my bottom half again.

I'll be forever half naked.
I imagine myself running through Huddersfield town centre in the snow, frantically chasing my own legs around with a blanket, (not entirely sure how I'd manage to run but whatev's) in order to regain some decency and dignity.


Oh god.
I'll see you on the news.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sinful Colors - Cloud 9: Review

You guysss.
There's something big and orange in the sky and I'm becoming quite concerned.

It's really, really hot.
It's really, really bright.
And it's really, REALLY shiny.

This is worrying, I mean this orange thing is literally so hot, that I can't even sleep; even during the dark hours its power is still making itself felt in my room.
My quilt right now is a mythical creature.
Abandoned, by me.
And man I love my quilt.
It protects me from evil spirits and murderers which just can't quite get past that soft, cottony barrier...

The scariest part though you guys, is that...

It's only gone and appeared on my nails!

While the rest of my body has basked and baked all nice and brown in the brilliance of this strange, new phenomena, my nails have undergone something of a transformation too.

They too are bright, shiny, and as orange as the big ball in the sky!

Seriously, guys, someone please settle my worries here - what ever can it be?!

And I love them!

Okay so I totally lied to you.
The orange sky creature didn't do this to my nails.
I did.

Or not, actually, Boots did.
They forced me.

They had an offer on the new Sinful Colors nail polishes, and given their brand new in the UK status, and OH MY GOD THAT PRICE, what little willpower I had crumbled and died, like the not-at-all-watered grass in my garden...

Don't worry mum it's okay, my hanging baskets are done, I wouldn't do that to you.

At a sinfully small, (see what I did there?) £1.99 per bottle, the price wipes the smile right off my buddy Barry M's face, and it gets better - ahhh yes, the lovely people at Boots had only gone and put them as buy one get one half price! 

It's like they priced them up just for me and my non existent budget.
My blog silently thanked me in my head.
My bank wasn't even too fussed.
And I'm not even slightly sorry.

I got two very Summery shades, Island Coral, (which I absolutely adore, and was the very first shade my prying eyes zoned in on - probably coming to a blog post very soon) and then after much deliberation, Cloud 9, which I genuinely was not a hundred percent sold on, given that it's just so blumin' bright, but I love orange, and hell for £1 I'd have picked up a fluorescent green if that was all they had left!

After wearing and loving Island Coral for the best part of a week, I decided to take the plunge and slather a few coats of Cloud 9 on.
At first, both me and my mum were dubious - it's just so orange!
But by coat two, and finally coat three, we were sold.

Well, I was, my mum took a few hours longer to admit the appeal.

It is just so orange and shiny!
kjhljberjhglhgbqjnebvlqjbvlqbgl AHHHH <3

After getting slightly over excited and applying three coats, when I could have got away with two, I had perfect, and slightly glittery to boot, nails.

They even dried fast thanks to my new hot sky friend ;)

Yes see how daring I am - I even chose a glittery shade!
Gorgeous glitter it is too, so subtle and slight that from a distance you would never notice, and yet up close and in the light, it's like POW!
The glitter is a kind of gold colour, which is even better for me, seeing as I descend from magpies and generally can't control myself around gold objects...

It just add's that extra something.

It goes on nicely too - despite having a teeny thin brush, which normally means I'm going to make a massive mess and plaster polish all over my nails, cuticles, hands, and I won't lie to you - even a couple of keys on my laptop have orange splodges from a thin Barry M brush incident last year.
Aye, I did well if I do say so myself.

Honestly though, people at Sinful Colors, I would love it if you made the brush a liiiiiittle bit bigger?
I can't help but think my success is down to beginners luck.
Oh, and still kept the same prices thanks, bye.

Both Island Coral and Cloud 9 have pretty awesome lasting power too - three days in and the only chipping I have is thanks to a broken nail which has left the top of my polish perilously exposed.

And ermm...I also MIGHT have whacked my right hand on a wall, (don't ask) about twenty minutes after applying my final coat, and despite being touch dry, there was no way my poor nail was going to come away from such an incident unscathed.

It's all good, my right hand never looks as good anyway.

I didn't even bother re-painting it.
Trampy girl I am ;)

Anyhoo, sadly I'm pretty sure the offer at Boots is no longer on, but at £1.99 a bottle, and knowing they're actually amazing quality for the price, I recommend not even questioning your conscience and picking up at least a couple of these.

Oh, and then you can go and showcase your newly painted nails outside in the heat of the bright, shiny thing in the sky before it's certain, untimely and imminent death, getting all brown and that, and therefore making your pretty nail colour stand out even more.

Good times peeps.

I'm off to catch up on some zzzzzzz's that have been lost as a result of the strange orange creature in the sky making my bedroom actually cook me in the night, (this tan is not from my garden - it's from the heat in my bedroom actually cooking me like a jacket spud!).
All I need now is to finish my Benefit: They're Real! mascara and the heat can stay as long as it wants; I'll have my Bad Boy Bristle Ball to protect me then...


Sunday, 7 July 2013

Benefit They're Real! Mascara: Review

What's that you say?
My eyelashes?
They look, somewhat longer than on previous occasions?
They look...false?!

Haha, stop itttttttt.
No way.
But they're real, I swear to you.



Wanna see them again?
You do, don't you?

Okay then! :D


So then Holly, how did you get these long and false looking lashes (yeah you're right though, I totally got carried away layering these coats and it's a little clumpy, but what ze hell)?

Uh-huh yes it is.

Now I know what you're thinking.
I'm at least two months too late on this whole bandwagon, and it's now been reviewed to death.
However I'm a mascara protector of sorts and I kind of can't bear to have several mascara's on the go at once...

So for the purposes of my blog, and the mascara that's served me well now for a few weeks, let's use the phrase 'better late than never' and leave it at that...
Cheers you guys, you know I loves ya.
*gets Drake saying 'but never late is better* in my head eughh, he's so right :( but shhh*

It's pushing my luck that I have an 'everyday' and a 'best' mascara open at the same time, currently in the form of Rimmel's new Scandaleyes Flex mascara, (coming soon!) and my beloved Make Up Forever Smoky Lash mascara.
Honestly, having more than one open at a time makes my shiver, I feel like my poor eyelash weapons are ticking like a time bomb until D-Day comes.
By D-Day, in this case, I mean 'Dry-Day', or the day where you get out your mascara only to feel that frightful fear, realising that yes, this mascara will take you at least three extra coats to put on, and what you do manage to deposit on your lashes will almost certainly have flaked onto your face like teeny black freckles by dinnertime.

Or in the case of Rimmel's Lash Accelerator, you long for this day to arrive so you can finally get shot of it, but no, the sheer naff-ness just never ends!

Anyhoo, in case anyone on the planet didn't know, a sample size of Benefit's They're Real! mascara came 'free' in last months Elle magazine WOOP WOOP, and in between Smoky Lash's, (I have a shiny new unopened one just waiting patiently in my make-up bag for it's time to come tehehe) I had a 'vacancy', shall we say, in my 'best' mascara position, and boyyyyy did the They're Real! fill it!

I proper love my Smoky Lash mascara, and seriously, not only is it worth the money, but NOTHING will ever beat it.
If anything was to ever come close though, it's this.

Firstly, can I just say that I was SOOOOOO HAPPY when I found out that this little gem was set to be the free gift in a magazine.
I've been eyeing it up since it was first released and always wondered if it was the answer to my long held long lash dreams...
A sample is something of a dream come true for me in itself, nevermind a sample of something so special!
I mean HA, even this small size is normally £9.50, (£19.50 full size) which is the kind of madness that means only a miracle can be expected, but to be honest, it kind of delivers.

Firstly, I love the brush!
Until I poke myself in the eye with it...seriously, not worth your life!

I'm not a hater of plastic brushes as I know lots of people are, in fact I'm open to owt, but this one is genuinely great!
It's long and reasonably thin - not too thin though that it can't create volume though, (in a L'Oreal Telescopic kind of way, great mascara, not much volume) but just enough so you can get everywhere! Those inner corner lashes are no longer a myth, the plastic bristles are kind of the perfect length, and mannn I love that little bad boy bristle ball bit on the end!
I think it should become its official name.
The BBBB - Bad Boy Bristle Ball.
It knows it's awesome too - just steps forward and announces 'it's okay guys, I got this', proceeding to hit every single mysterious lash that would normally remain unseen, like some kind of magician unmasking show.

There it is, but remember, heed my warning - poke yourself with this in the eye and prepare to literally give up on make-up for the entire day.

The Bad Boy Bristle Ball will even turn on you if you anger it...
For the record, I have no idea what I did to anger it so much that morning, but my poor eye paid the price, and I am now more careful/respectful of its awesomeness.

I'm contemplating keeping this brush in my handbag long after the death of my mascara.
If ever someone tries to mug/stab/kill me, I'm sorted; I'd simply grab this out of my bag and wave it at them. 
Laugh at me they may, but then I'd poke them, poke them with my Bad Boy Bristle Ball - and that, my friends, means PAINN. 
My bag would still be just that, mine.

There you go, muggers, you hear that? Be afraid.

Okay, what else do I love about this?
I loveeeeee...the formula - it's not too wet or dry, even on first use - which let's be honest is usually a write off, and is the type of mascara that holds my beloved curl YESSSS!
It doesn't flake, doesn't transfer, and is buildable, but looks great with even one coat.
Clearly I ignore this.
If I wasn't such a mascara fiend though, I could literally sweep on one coat and go, looking better than I would on most days wearing anything else on my eyes, other than my Smoky Lash, (fairly comparable price wise) which I prefer mainly because it is better at separating my lashes, meaning that with its amazing volume and length capabilities, I look to have more lashes than I do with the They're Real!

One thing...I've heard so many people comment about how difficult this is to remove at the end of the day - honestly man I was there prepared to get scrubbing/run to Boots for some hardcore cleanser, but alas no, it came off just as easily with my cheapo make-up wipes, (bad girl I know!) as any other mascara I own.

Finally, about twenty uses later, I must tell you my final point - it is not yet running out!
For a sample size that is MASSIVELY impressive - I've been waiting for the first signs of D-Day's ominous approach, but I am yet to see them, this is one mascara on a mission to last, and I like it!

Here's the million dollar question though?
Would I buy a full size one?


BUT, only because I love my MUFE Smoky Lash so much, and definitely do not need two high end mascaras, especially when it pains me to use two at once anyway.
If ever I could no longer get my hands on the Smoky Lash, then yes, me and my little friend, the Bad Boy Bristle Ball would be reunited in full size glory!

Benefit - you should trademark that baby you know.

Then give me full credit and a lifetime's supply muhahahahhaa!! ;)

One final point: Thank you to my lovely friend Megan for hunting me down a copy of Elle, when my own mission was failing so badly - let's hope the little thieving so-and-so's who were nicking the mascara's out of the magazines, (thus depriving me of long lashes pssssht) get their comeuppance in the form of some serious eye poking.
The Bad Boy Bristle Ball will surely turn on them mugger style, and show them who's boss.

Once again, booya.