Sunday, 4 January 2015

MAC 'Dark Side' Review...I've been corrupted.

Play me.
You know you want to, you little rascals.

Guess who's back, back again?
Holly's back, tell a friend,
 (or tweet, like or share please peeps, 21st century man we're social media savvy these days)

I've been corrupted.
Taken to the dark side of life.
Life, where it's appropriate to skank around in manky trainers and a sweaty Nike top on a sometimes twice daily basis, with the remains of my crusty mascara sliding down my cheeks, and my left eyebrow definitely rubbing off on to my sweat towel.
Life, where The Lad Bible provides the most intellectual reading of the day, and where Branston pickle is a normal addition to a Ryvita.
Definitely peng.
Life, where my nail file has gone missing and I don't even care about finding it; my nails are naff regardless.

Life, where blogging slackness is so severe that my side bar still says I'm 23, and I have little or no desire, (or software tbh) to change it.

What has become of me?!

I once outright worried on this here little page, that I was slowly becoming a man, but now I fear something so much, much worse... 
My appearance this morning when my alarm starting screeching at me like some dirty banshee on speed, was more horrific than it was back in the dark days of October, when Halloween reared it's ugly head, and my presence vanished from the blogging world.
Like some crazed monster with a nasty case of 'bed-head' and even worse dark circles.
Hours later and if possible I look worse.
I didn't need a Halloween costume, I just am one.
I've had a shower and not combed my hair, so now fully resemble that dodgy girl from The Ring.
Well, well, well...
It is my fear, that somehow in this long four month period, I was abducted and corrupted by a dark and mysterious entity, stripped of all blogging know-how, and have been left to fester - luckily not in a well.
I'm defo not a good enough swimmer for that...

It is also my fear, that on some twisted level, I quite enjoy this new-found madness.
In fact, I've embraced it quite fully, as of Christmas Day...

See, on the day that Young Jeezy, (of the non-rapping variety) turned 2014 years old, an even deeper dark side appeared in my life, and I can assure you, my crazed self has taken it to another level...

See Christmas Day brought a small, dark package full of excitement - see there's little more exciting to even the most failed bloggers, (a la moi), than a new MAC lippy, and I got TWO!!

Imagine the drool. 

So exciting it was, that there was a real danger of such a gorgeous gift reverting me back to my former blogging self, and I very nearly sprang up and grabbed my dusty laptop there and then, and started typing away...
Until I remembered what a rebel I was and that there was turkey to be had.
We savages need our feasting time...
And my grandmas food is too precious to leave.

Anyways, so inside my small, dark package sat MAC's 'Dark Side' lipstick; a colour I've lusted after for a good while, ever since I bought an oxblood coloured skirt and had nowt to co-ordinate it with...

'Dark Side' is possibly the most perfect deep, oxblood coloured burgundy-red lipstick you are ever likely to find; the Barry M version I bought in desperation to match my skirt was certainly no match, and in fact just looked plain wrong.
Soz, tried, but nah.
Whether it's for a statement lip in the daytime, or for a Winter's night out, 'Dark Side' is possibly as nice as it gets - it has an 'amplified' finish with amazing pigmentation, but is buildable, so the less daring of us out there can still rock it fearlessly. There's no danger of it being so dark that you giving off that 'I'm dead' vibe with this one, it really is glossy, rich, warm and beautiful.
The application is lovely - I often worry that such dark colours will stick on those pesky dry patches and in the cracks, but no trouble here; it glides on and stays just where you want it to.
(Be careful when you remove it though - don't go rubbing it will have a red chin!)
Wearbility wise - even when applied over the top of Vaseline, (has to be done) it stays put amazingly!
After several hours of wear I only had to re-apply once!! It sticks around well even through food, and only needed a slight touch up after the amazingness that was the pulled pork sandwich I ate on New Years Eve...
Yeah bwoi.

I wore it without a lip liner, and luckily it didn't bleed - but I do imagine that it would look incredible and even more flawless when worn with one - either way however, I'm a happy girl.

Creepiest pose ever. Allow it guys, it's been a while...
Now, as you know I'm all dark and devious these days and no rules or rotas can bind me,
I'm as Shady as Slim.
but I do intend to blog just a leeeeettle bit more often than I have been doing, I won't even begin to say I'll write weekly, because quite frankly I have naff all to say I'm a rebel and feel this time should be spent trashing stuff and that.
More than likely translates as 'at the gym'.

So, in true blogging failure fashion, I'll leave you in the style of Keith Lemon, (on Halloween) and say 'if I don't see you through t'week, I'll see you through t'window in about six months time, when I next get a kick up the arse.

Time to go, cos I have an alarm set for 6am, and I can feel the dread washing over me in a new wave of anger and pain...
My alarm is not the screeching banshee. 
I am.

But least I'm a banshee with a proper nice lippy...