Sunday, 12 May 2013

Life in High Definition: HD Brows Review

That's right folks, the now famous left beast, (eyebrow) has been...TAMED.
Along with its sidekick, and slightly smaller companion.
The right eyebrow.

It's been years since I've had pretty much any eyebrows to speak of.
I mean, don't get me wrong, I never plucked them into absolute oblivion, just erm...perhaps into the path of a small tornado on a precise, but unnecessary path of excessive destruction, rather than a hurricane, devastating everything in a several hundred mile radius.

I was fed up. 
I kept seeing pictures of very famous, and very beautiful people, with their amazing, thick, and defined eyebrows, and wondering how ever did they do that?
I mean, they didn't even look 'drawn on', they looked natural...
I wanted in on the secret.
Surely they weren't born with it? 
('Maybe it's Maybell' - erm no, it's not. Soz Maybelline)

One thing kept cropping up on the internet, TV, YouTube - you name it, everyone was on about HD Brows.

I liked them, and I wanted them...
And now, ladies and gents...I have got them!!

After a good six weeks of tweezer abandonment, (no kidding, it's been tough!) I finally had enough hair to justify having some of it whipped right back off. 
My eyebrows had descended into, well...I would say chaos, but I kind of can't?
A mini squabble might be more appropriate.
Patchy, and a little misshapen.
But it was enough.

Under my make-up, (which let me tell you becomes very difficult to do when your eyebrow shape vanishes!) laid something that looked a little like this...

I know right? It's bad.
That's the famous left one right there!!
Ready to be HD'd.

It complied, and hadn't yet walked off my face.
Yes people - you're all safe now :D

Off I popped to see my Fairy Lash Mother, and Huddersfield beauty therapist and MUA extraordinaire Rachel Brooker, (who was responsible for giving me these bad boys - my LVL Lashes, a few months ago), ready and raring to go...

HD Brows takes around an hour, and there is a lot involved! 
You name it - it is done.
Threading, tweezing, tinting, and then some.
I'm going to take you through the process as best I can, with a few pictures to boot (can I get an 'ooooh'?).

I'm going to put my 'professional' blogger head on now for this next bit, and explain it properly...

1. First of all, was an in depth consultation. Rachel took me through what she was going to do, (using all the exciting looking things in the picture above) and discussed with me what I wanted in regards to colour, shape, and thickness. I like my brows to be fairly defined and angular, (exactly the opposite of their natural state) . Rachel told me she would mix the dyes to match my hair colour, and told me which powders she would be using to fill in any gaps I still had at the end. Hair growth is also assessed, and it is explained that some areas may need to be enhanced with make up if the hair won't grow or hasn't yet grown in a certain area.

2. The brows and surrounding hairs are tinted to the correct colour - the surrounding hairs are tinted along with the main brows in order to pick up any extra hairs which may help build the shape you later want. This is quite a strong dye, and so will last longer than a normal brow tint.

3. This is the technical bit, (and it's pretty cool) the brows are measured and marked to find the correct starting, ending, and highest point, and whether the brows are the same height. 

4.  A thin line of wax is marked all the way around the brows, to remove any unwanted hairs, and begin to create the desired shape. I can not stress how pain free this bit was - I've never had anything waxed and didn't know what to expect. By the time I'd braced myself for the pain, it was done! Sure my eyes watered a little bit, but that's nothing unusual for me, to be honest.

5. The area's above and below the brows are threaded in order to blend the waxed area into the rest of the face. I helped out a little with this bit, just by pulling the skin on my forehead, and then my eyelid tighter, making the threading easier. My hands were sanitised for this too - every little thing is catered for. :)

6. Any remaining unwanted hairs were tweezed, and any extra long hairs were trimmed to make the perfect shape.

7. Mineral powder is applied around the brows to soothe the area, and take away any redness left from the waxing.

8.  A brow pencil is used to etch a fine line around the edge of the brows, to add definition and give a clean finish. Powder is used to fill in any sparse areas or gaps, evening out the colour. This is done in tiny strokes which emulate hair, again making your brows look extra natural.

Onto the exciting part; the finished result!!

I feel as though this - the big reveal - should be done with dramatic music, in an X Factor judges entrance style...but I'll resist.
It is however, that good!

*Photo's courtesy of Rachel Brooker
I am over the moon with the finished result! I just can't believe how natural they look! As much as I've always been 'okay' at doing my eyebrows myself, these are on another level.
They are more true to my own natural brow shape than anything I've 'created' myself previously, while still being EXACTLY what I had envisioned!! 

If anything, the best part is how they look without make up:

That's the left eyebrow, before it's de-beastification, and after. The 'after' picture was taken at home, (hence the different/dodgy lighting) once I'd removed the pencil and powder enhancing it, and honestly, it's like someone else's eyebrow! In fact it pretty much looks exactly the same as it does with the extra help.

I'm chuffed to bits!!

I've had a go at doing them myself since and found it mega easy, given that I'm no professional, I have to say that doing my brows has just become a whole lot easier, and now takes a million times less product - oh yes indeedy, I'm saying goodbye to drawn on looking eyebrows right now this second.

I now have a decent base to use my gorgeous HD Brow palette on - I honestly felt my little beasties weren't worthy of its wonders before...however god did I rely on it to keep them under control!?!

I can't speak about the pricing of this in other salons, but if you're in Huddersfield, (or even if you're not and fancy a road trip huh?) I highly recommend my Fairy Lash Mother, Rachel Brooker, who I can't thank enough for my beautiful and totally un-beastified brows!!
I will be back.

Oh, and the treatment costs £25...say no more <3

Rachel is based in the Marsh area of Huddersfield at her very own in-house Beauty Room, and is a Master Stylist and Elite trainer for HD Brows. Rachel also does various treatments from shellac, to waxing, LVL Lashes, and make-up for various occasions.

To book an appointment, you can contact Rachel directly on 07990525258.
Or visit her website: for more details and information on where to find her.

What HD Brows Ltd says:

A great video from Pixiwoo, where Nic gets the HD Brow treatment, and is just as happy as I am!

Now you can all breathe a huuuge sigh of relief, knowing my left eyebrow (or my right for that matter) won't be knocking on any doors or windows in the middle of the night...
We, are all safe...for now ;)


  1. WOW I need to get this done ! My eyebrows are the things I can never get right, they drive me mental to be frank and your brows look incredible :O

  2. This was so insightful and helpful! Great post - thank you so much for writing this!

    I really want HD brows and I'm slightly tempted to pay to be trained by them too!

    Your eyebrows look incredible, suffering from a bit of envy!

    1. Aww thank you!! :D I knoww I wish I could do it too xx

    2. holly I suggest <a href="> Eyebrow transplant </a> in dubai because its really killing service :)

  3. Its amazing how much having neat brows makes - Threading is my fave method, and love the HD Pallette, need to invest in my colour! xx

    1. I know, I don't know what I'd do if brow neatening stuff didn't exist :| xx

  4. Love it! I love (as you can probably tell) a good strong brow! They look great :) xx

    1. Haha you are blessed with amazing natural ones though!! Lucky girl :) thank you

  5. wow your brows look amazing! I think I'm going to have to invest in this, my natural brows just aren't pretty :(
    Rosalie x

    1. Aww thank you :D And I'm sure they're fine!! xx

  6. WOW you know what to get me for my birthday now lil xxx

  7. I had mine done last weekend and I love them. I keep looking at them in the mirror as iim so chuffed that my ugly caterpillars now look good! Xx

    1. Awww fab!! So glad to know someone else loves it as much as me :D

  8. Your brows before look exactly like mine, well kinda *hides in shame*. I should really start to treat them better, I don't think I'm quite ready to be hd-ed, but your brows do look mighty fine! x

    Amy / srslylou

    1. Haha don't hideee!! You can always get them with a more subtle look :D
      Thank you :D xx

  9. They look great!

    Did the threading hurt at all?

    Corinne x

    1. Aww thank you :D and no not a single bit!! I was so impressed, never been threaded before and definitely won't be afraid to do it again, and the waxing for that matter xx

  10. Oh my, they loooooook amazinggggg! HD brows are fab, I will keep note ;)thanks for the review :)
    Hamida X

  11. I've been going HD for the last year and would not (could not) look back. Love them so much. I tend to wait 6 weeks between appointments and bu the last week of that I'm ready!!!
    Your brows look great, you feel better when you wake up sans make up and see your face framed... I do anyway :)

    Love Kate at prettylittleus


  12. I like this psot very much.Eyebrow is very long.

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