Monday, 5 November 2012

A Few Empty Things...

Just a few things I've used up in the last few weeks...I probably won't do one of these monthly like most bloggers, I kind of don't use up enough stuff haha...but every now and again if I have enough empty things, I'll tell you about them :).

1. Vaseline Essential Moisture in Cocoa Radiant - I liked this! I'm quite sad it's all used up but I will definitely get it again. I don't like it quite as much as my M&S bargain body lotion's from my previous post, but its fairly cheap, smells lovely, and leaves your skin feeling pretty good after a shower.

2. James Brown Volume Boost Mousse - Again, I liked this! I've always been dubious about hair mousse because I'm afraid of the crusty hair feeling that some leave. This one doesn't though, it leaves you with lots of volume and feels lovely...probably because of it's £8 ish price tag hmm...hefty for a mousse I know, but it also lasted me for about 8 or 9 months, so really that's £1 a month, and that's very good! 

3. James Brown Rich Moisture Conditioner - So I had a bit of a James Brown hair products splurge a bit ago, I also used up the shampoo too but threw away the bottle oooops, however I kept the conditioner. See my hair was in the worst condition EVER and I felt the need to buy a ton of more expensive products to try and restore it, which to a degree, worked. However, I did not rate this conditioner, the shampoo was as good as any shampoo that you can buy for much cheaper, and this conditioner is the same. For about £7 I'd expect my hair to be at least a little softer and easier to manage than with a £1 conditioner, but it really made no difference. I've come to my senses and will not be buying either product again. I feel like the James Brown splurge I had was a success, but only with leave in conditioner, and mousse. 

4. Tesco Clear Skin Deep Cleansing Facial Wipes - I had a panic a while ago and hadn't realised I was on my last make-up wipe without a spare pack eek! So I legged it to Tesco and ended up getting these. They were on 3 for 2 and I thought 'why not?'. I was a little anxious as I normally have Boots or Simple ones, but these do the trick just fine. I actually prefer them to the Boots ones as they're more moist and get my make-up off much easier. All in all I'm happy with them.

5. L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D Mascara - Don't buy this. I've had it aaages but have been using it along side another almost-empty mascara for the last few weeks, just so I can finally get rid of it. I hate it. It's dry and flaky and has been since the day I took the plastic seal off. In fact it looked and felt like a 6 month old, empty mascara when it was brand new. Naff. It claims to give a 'false lash effect' but the only effect I saw were crusty, flaky lashes. It's also a bit more expensive than other L'Oreal mascara's, (or was at the time) but being a big fan of the original Lash Architect mascara, I got it. Massive let down - avoid it!

6. Collection 2000 (now just 'Collection') Lasting Perfection Concealer in 'Light' - AHHHHH PERFECTION!! Who knew you could get a concealer as good as this for about 3 or 4 quid? It's AMAZING, it blends beautifully and covers anything and everything. Need I say more?

7. L'Oreal Contour Kohl Eyeliner - This is only the second type of black kohl liner I've tried in my life, and I don't feel the need to change it any time soon. It's soft, cheap and very black. Job done. :)

8. Finally...sob Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume. 
This is one of my all time favourites and sadly, I'm at the point where I've got to hold it at all kinds of weird angles just to get a small spray out :'( ...if you have never smelled this perfume, please do. It is so unique and special, it's flowery but not too sweet, and not too Summery that you can't wear it all year round. The bottle is stunning too, as are all Marc Jacobs ones. 
Lucky me, it was my birthday a couple of months ago, and I got another bottle YEY! So I'm not too upset, and can keep on smelling nice for a bit longer.


  1. Heyy, I thought I'd check out your blog after you commented on mine, :) And, I'm obsesseddd with the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume too! :) It was the first perfume I ever bought! My bottle at the moment is nearly finished aswell, I'm trying to use my other perfumes so I don't finish it! I'll be heartbroken! haha

    Aimée :)

  2. Awww good to know I'm not alone haha, Daisy really is gorgeous!! RIP to our poor little empty bottles :( thanks for checking out my blog too it's much appreciated :D xx

  3. Hey!

    I'm a real fan of the Daisy Perfume! Love the blog! xxx

    1. Thankyou so much, I'm following your blog now :D xx

  4. I know how you feel I love Daisy its one of my favourites too and nothings ever as sad as when you use your last drop!!Love your blog I've just started following you could you follow my blog too thanks so much! :-) xox


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