Monday, 29 October 2012

The 'The Only Sunday I'm Not in PJ's' OOTD :)

I don't get dressed on Sundays. 
I mean, I do,
But just not in actual clothes that you can wear to go anywhere.
So, to celebrate my brothers 16th, I decided it might be best to get out of my PJ's and look at least look a little bit presentable to leave the house. 
If not, my brother would probably disown me.

Anyhoo, Sunday was freezing, wet, drizzly, damp, windy and just plain naff. The very word 'Autumn' was thought of on a day exactly like Sunday was, just ermm...a few thousand years ago. 

I embraced it anyway. 
Got my dark reddish/purple lippy on, my long sought after woolly hat, (also covering my fairly bad roots!) some boots, and a furry scarf on, and out I went. :)

 What I wore:

Blazer - H&M
Black top - H&M
Tube Skirt - New Look
Dark Red Leggings - Primark
Dark Grey/Greeny Boots - New Look
Hat - Burtons
Scarf - H&M
Earrings - Republic

On my face:

Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 107
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette eyeshadow

Night for now :)

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Yummy in my Tummy || Apple Crumble

I can't cook.
I'd love to be able to, so when I do it's rare. It's also often a dessert when I do cook, simply because it's more fun and they last longer...and usually are much more satisfying on my sugar craving belly!

So...I made Apple Crumble, 
a favourite from when I was young and just the perfect time of year with all the gorgeous ripe apples.

I decided to take pictures as I made it just in case anyone else fancied making it too. Trust me this is the simplest recipe in the world but is so tasty, and I was fairly proud that it tasted anywhere near how my mum used to make it.

You will need:

A bag of cooking apples (Bramleys)
9oz self-raising flour
6oz butter/margarine (Stork)
3oz Sugar


(These are in ounces because it's my mums recipe and that's what she measures in, I'm unsure what they are in grams, sorry.)


1. Get your bag of apples, (I used the whole bag which had 6 small-ish apples in) peel them and cut them into small-ish pieces.

2. Put these pieces into a pan, sprinkle 1tbsp of sugar over them, and put a SMALL amount of water in - I had about an inch of water in the bottom of the pan, no more than this or your apple will be too watery.

It should look like this ^^^ 

3. Turn on the gas and once the apples start to boil, let them simmer. This should take around 10 minutes in total. Stir it often, you should notice that the apples end up very mushy looking - this doesn't look too good but is exactly as it should be.

4. Now for the crumble! First get your scales and mixing bowl. I weigh it into a little bowl first and then transfer the ingredients into the main bowl.

*Big cheer for my Cocoa Pops bowl YEAHHH!!*

5. Weigh out your flour, butter, and sugar and put them into the mixing bowl.

6. Now for the fun part...REALLY fun. Get stuck in with your hands, (don't forget to wash them!) and 'rub' the mixture together. This might take a few minutes, but you should end up with something that looks like breadcrumbs.

7. Put your apple into an oven proof dish, and your crumble on top. 

8. Put in the oven at gas mark 5 for about 35-40 minutes, (keep checking!) until it's golden brown on top. 

9. Serve with custard or cream...and enjoy!! My other half did. :)

Look at that cheesy grin haha.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Heaven in a Plastic Bottle.

I mean it...

These are my ultimate favourite body lotions. They're from Marks and Spencer and come in a ton of flavours. They last for ages on your skin and make it so soft, and the smell...ahhh *dreams*...
I was inspired to write this when I went to get some the other day, it's been a while since I've bought any and long before my blog was born so hadn't given it any thought. I got my favourite two flavours, (the Coconut one is heaven in a bottle) and went to pay.

This is the best bit:
It cost me £1.80.
That's 90p each!

I rest my case.

Now, before I get too over excited myself, I have to say they are usually £1 each, but you get money off for buying two - they don't advertise this little fact so I have no clue whether or not its 10% off per item, (e.g buy 5 and get 50p off) but with the prices so low anyway, who really cares?

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Making My Nails All Berryish and Autumnal

It's quite rare that I paint my nails, and when I do I'll probably paint them for a few weeks before getting bored of the constant chipping and breaking nails, and go back to my regular plain old nails, no matter how much I love the colours. Also I'm very patient, but when it comes to painting my nails, waiting for them to dry is just...well...long. 

However the new season colours and gorgeous Instagram pictures of beautiful berry coloured nails that I'm seeing everyday have brought out my nail polish I had some fun with pretty nail polish.

I used Barry M Basecoat/Topcoat and nail hardener to begin with, this part is USUALLY problem free for me, unless I manage to whack my hand on something and smudge it. I followed this with No7 (obvsss £5 Boots voucher, we all do it right?) nail polish in Blackberry which is so pretty with its little gold not-quite-glitter twinkles and YEYYY is part of their speed dry range. I'd say each coat dries in just a couple of minutes so all good. I was a bit worried with the first coat, it is a little gloopy and goes on quite patchy - the kind that doesn't get better if you just spread it a bit more. Coat number two is a different story, and makes it look like this...

 Finisheddd!! A deep, deeeeep, berry purple with no sign of the trouble from coat number one!
I tried to get a close up to show how the sparkles catch the light, not that successful.

These pictures were actually taken the next evening and so far, no chips. I am a happy girl and for once I have nice nails :)

Sunday, 7 October 2012

I can't stop pressing play.

Just a few songs I'm loving at the moment, not necessarily new or old, just that I can't stop playing!


Is it okay if I just say anything by Kanye West? I have alllllllllways loved him right from the 'Through The Wire' days where me and my friend would 'rap' to it at school, (sadly I'm not lying) and I just think he's amazing. Seeing as he's a producer that probably explains why I love the production behind his songs. I'm a sucker for a good beat and actually admit that a lot of the time I base whether I like a song on the actual music, not the lyrics.

For the purposes of this post, I'll just pick one :)

Kanye West - Clique

As you might know from my previous music post, I love the 90's! So when Azealia Banks appeared all fresh and shiny and new but rocking beats which sound straight out of 1995 I was like YESSSSSSSS!!

Azealia Banks - Luxury

Plan B is a genius, and I love grime. I know I said I love the beats behind music, but lyrically, this is just amazing too :)

Plan B - iLL Manors

Kano. Another artist who I have loved since the dawn of time. I actually hadn't heard this song until recently but am so glad I have! Loving the sample too.

Kano & Mikey J - House of Pain


I didn't intend to have a song I dislike in this post, but it just seemed fitting, and this song was in my head as usual, so technically my head won't stop playing it even if I want it to!

It's a shame because whenever it came on the radio I used to quite like it, but now, *sigh* overkill, it is ALWAYS ON. Oh and then it's in my head all day, and I can't get rid of it. Oh and that line near the end where the girl sings 'he's got suuuuuuuuch a dirty, dirty black heart in him' ruins any credibility the song actually had. I'm ranting now so will stop. My mum loves this song and seeing as she is my only reader...I will apologise to her now *sorry mum*.

Stooshe - Black Heart

I have a problem...


Yes...I have a problem, a big one. Almost every day I dress in the same thing, and I like it. I am a magnet in shops for anything which has even the teeeeeeniest amount of leopard print on, and am in danger of looking like Bet Lynch in 30 years time if I don't find a cure soon. 

However leopard print remains in fashion, it's everywhere, and I suit it. My obsession tells me that my yellowy skin tone, dark hair and brown eyes all manage to fit leopard print perfectly, and I make no effort to go against it. 

Here is a sneak peak into my wardrobe. 
*Warning: If you are allergic to cats of any kind, or have a fear of cats of the large variety, click the X now.*

Just looking at these makes me giddy and want to buy more, oh dear.

Seeing as I have so many, I decided to just pick a few of my favourites:

This top is from Tesco HA! I love it though, it's so flattering and delicate and unlike anything else I own. Plus it was £7 :)
My H&M playsuit, also £7. With some tights and a blazer I looooove this.
Trusty cardigans! Both H&M. I mainly wear these just for work to keep my warm but I love them. The one on the right is from last year and is beginning to show its age *sobs*.
Not strictly leopard print but has the same effect haha...lovely bodycon dress from Boohoo for my very, very rare nights when I'm not on the sofa in my dressing gown (which is also animal print).
Beginning to think I also have a H&M obsession?
My favourite maxi dress.
River Island had this in the beachwear section? Seriously?
Anyhoo I got this for a wedding last year in Albania, I've put a photo in so you can see how it looks on, its quite hard to tell on the hanger...I love it so much, just need another occasion big enough to wear it again haha!
More H&M, more leopard print, gorgeous skirt.
Topshop and Boohoo leggings, not worn this year but possibly will at some point.
Yes, even UGG boots!
My trusty Primark dolly shoes.
You might be surprised to hear I have very little leopard print jewellery, but I figured that if I'm wearing leopard print clothes then I can't wear jewellery too...

Have to end on this little guy ^^^ a present from my boyfriend awww :D 

If anyone has any advice for leopard print addicts, please send it my way. If there are more or you, perhaps we can set up a support group and overcome our obsessions together...that is, if we really want to ;)