About Me

Myself, looking decidedly more tanned
and very happy on holiday.

My name is Holly, I'm 23, and I'm a chocoholic.

No seriously, there are Ferrero Rocher's in the kitchen right now and I'm pretty sure that despite my very blocked nose, I can actually smell them. Pretty sure they're talking to me too...
Maybe I need to get checked out.
Stupid, seductive talking sweets!

Anyhooooo, I hail from the small, (actually rather large) town of HUDDERSFIELD which is in glorious West Yorkshire, meaning I shorten my words, say 'us' or 'mi' instead of 'my', and genuinely cannot pronounce a bunch of unnecessary small words like 'the' at all.

I've decided to make a blog of my own after spending a few too many evenings pouring over 8562898498634 other blogs, always thinking that I'd love one of my own, but that I'd have naff all to put on it...

The day after my 22nd birthday this year, I decided enough was enough, and made the scary decision to make a blog. If I didn't have anything to put on it, so be it! I'd find things, I'd make things - surely I could do that? There are no rules about what you can and can't blog, (unless it is illegal, don't do it kids!) and given that my head is usually full of words, (babble) and pictures just waiting to be written down, drawn, or taken, I figured that maybe, just maybe I'd be okay

It might have started out better, had I actually picked 'Holly Mixtures' as a url...alas no, I wasn't that bright, and now have a blog that effectively has two names.

Blogging genuinely is my new hobby, in a life devoid of hobbies. It is my new baby. My new baby came with a task on Day 1 - I had to categorise it. A certain website asked me to pick a genre for my blog, and I was stumped. I was like those girls on Jeremy Kyle who need a DNA test to find out who their baby's dad is. Unfortunately, I had no Jeremy, and no DNA test. This decision was all mine. How could I categorise something that was so uncategorisable
I decided on *drumroll* Beauty, because fashion is beauty right? Music is beauty? Food is definitely beauty... the blogs that I read myself are mostly beauty blogs, and I guess I relate to that audience more than I would any other :) 
The audience brings me to a scary blogging experience - self promotion! I'm not exactly out-going, and I'm self critical by nature, so each time I post a link to my blog somewhere, 99% of my insides are squirming uncomfortably, I want to close my eyes, hide away, and delete all evidence - here lies my learning curve. If I want to blog, and I want it to be seen by people who are not my mum, *Hiiiii Mum* I have to suck it up and get it out there :) 
If ever you see me post a link to my blog, please send me an invisible high 5, it will have taken more effort to post that, than to get up with my alarm that morning...and we all know that's hard.

Truth is, 
I love writing, I love reading, I love photographs, I love blogs. 
We have one life and one shot at it, (really don't want to go all YOLO at this point in time but it's true argh) I don't have an amazing talent, and I don't want to be famous, but I do have things to share, it's a crazy mixture of all the things in life that I find beautiful, whether its 600 pictures of the sky I post on Instagram, or a new eyeshadow. 
It's a Holly Mixture, and it's what makes me, me. :)


  1. /applause!!! love love this about me page. & i totally used to bold & enlarge words in a sentence, too. <3


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