Friday, 29 March 2013

A Rimmel-tdown

Oh Rimmel, Rimmel, where for art thou?
For thou hast abandoned me in my hour of need!

Yeah, I can re-do Shakespeare.
(definitely made that up)

I can't re-do the shopping trip, however, which has made me doubt my faithful...
You see I'm a lover of all things Rimmel - well, most things, and when a bunch of my stuff ran out a few weeks back, I stocked up on Rimmel replacements, knowing for sure that they would fill the gaping hole left in my make-up bag, and on my face.

Sadly, I think a black hole to suck these products into would be more appropriate in hindsight.

First up:

Now this almost went wrong on two fronts, given that I was seconds away from buying it in brown, (we've all done it right?) seriously, that should have been my omen to put it back there and then and grab the Rimmel Day-to-Night, (which I know is amazing!) or that fancy new L'Oreal one with the cool flicky butterfly-brush, but ermm...I didn't.
Bad move Holly.

I gave it a week to improve because we all know that the first and last week of a mascara's life are a write off and shouldn't be allowed to be commented on. Sadly, I think the rest of my time with this mascara is going the same way...
It's not as runny and thin as it was in the beginning, but blatantly volume and length are a myth to its creators, because I get neither.
Even the fibres it has, (which I believe are invisible) don't do much to volumise or lengthen my lashes.
I mean, okay, it's a mascara, so obviously I get some volume and length, but in comparison to other mascara's I've had recently, it is just so average.
My biggest gripe though, is that it's not black black. If it's not black black then I might as well have picked up the brown after all - at least it would have been the advertised colour!
(I hope, I mean if any of you have got the brown and it's turned out to be purple then I'd love to know...)
Yes you guys. This mascara is grey.
Well, it's not, but it is just not as stand out black as some others.

If not applied with extreme due care and attention, now I may need to prepare you for this ladies, (and gents) it's bad...
It flattens - yes FLATTENS, my eyelashes.
I mean what is this madness?
I spend several minutes manipulating and half mutilating my eyelashes, just for it to go and make them flop after thirty seconds?
No way, not on my watch.

I end up doing the 'noooooooooo' type movement where I literally have to prop my lashes up with my finger, in the desperate hope that they might dry that way and stick.

It's not all bad.
I have to mention the good points, because it really isn't awful, it's just 'okay'... if you're wanting a natural mascara then this is for you! The wand is quite nice - I'm not fussed about bristle/plastic wands and take each one as it comes, but this one I like.
It's a slim, plastic wand with fine bristles and THANK THE HEAVENS manages to catch all my lashes, without making too much mess!  I genuinely like it - I can get in those tricky corners and am yet to have the mascara-on-nose moment haha.
Pitty the rest didn't match up...

In truth, I'm still a bit gutted.

Aaaaand, it doesn't end there:

My next disaster pretty much means my eyes are looking more like the cover picture for the non-existent fourth '50 Shades of Grey' book, and not intentionally.
Yup, my new 'black' Rimmel eyeliner is grey too; if I wanted it to look black I'd be causing myself an injury, and that's not cool.
To be honest I think I could pop out into my garden, pick up a grey rock, swish it across my eyes and have a more pleasant, gentle, and blacker experience than this. 
Could have got that for free too.
It's just too hard and requires too much 'pressing on' to get a decent colour pay off, my poor water lines can't stand it.

Special mention to L'Oreal here, because their version is now back in stock, and is amazing!


Ending on a high is important, for balance and the need to put a smile back on your faces after all that ranting!

I did find a wonder product from Rimmel - oh yes I did!
In the form of...

Exaggerate Lip Liner: Red Diva (colour not linked)

This is brilliant!
I truly love it, I plan on wearing it tomorrow underneath my (also Rimmel) 'Alarm' lippy, and I KNOWWWW it will stay put all day.
It goes on better than the best dream you could ever have.
Think of clouds made of chocolate, and a parallel universe where England has abnormally warm and sunny Spring's, snow is reserved for Christmas.
'I compare thee to a Summers' day'.
Yeah, that's more like it.
Shakespeare has all the answers in my head today, who knew I listened in English?

This is a really bright red, matte liner and to be honest, could probably be worn on its own.
It twists/slides up product and just works so well! Amazingly well.
It literally lasts alllll day, and on more than one occasion I've applied it in a moving car/train-that-was-a-bus, with success and a non-wobbly lip line :D

This, like my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain, has survived the lip liner peril that is FOOD, in fact, it was almost untouched.

Love it.

Anyhoo, me and my Shakespeare self are off, before I decide to download his entire works, and re-educate myself to learn the meaning of why he keeps popping into my head, while trying to understand the lingo.
Maybe I'm possessed by his spirit...
I mean, I don't even like Shakespeare.
There must be some explanation.

Please worry if on my next blog post I'm writing in 'Ye Olde Englishe' style.
I may need supernatural help.

Too much Charmed, Holly. Too much.

Good dayy :)

Sunday, 24 March 2013

If I Were On A Desert Island...

It's TAG time!
Like Chico time, but less annoying...

I was tagged by the lovely Georgia from Becoming Hugo, to do the 'Desert Island' beauty tag.
First off, not only is Georgia lucky enough to be somewhat living out this little tag as it is, (because let's face it, Malta is definitely a desert island in comparison to Huddersfield right now, where I am suffering from a mini case of cabin fever, being shut inside by more snow than I've ever seen, chocolate-less, and without enough Charmed episodes to keep me going much longer) but she has also met some of the Spice Girls. 
Say no more, I want her life.
(Aside from the Maths degree *shudders*)

So as I was saying, she tagged me to do the Desert Island post, where I have to pick out the five beauty products I would have on my little desert island with me.

Sunset in Kos - Not exactly a desert island, but it was hot, sunny and I liked it...

Like Georgia said, I'm going to assume that sun cream is provided, or even better, that upon becoming stranded on said desert island, my skin suddenly evolves and becomes UVA/UVB resistant, while still being able to gain a tan. 
This too removes the need for the anti-histamine tablets and after-sun I'd no doubt need.

Stupid heat rash.

So here we go, my picks...

I have to pinch one of Georgia's here, because I literally could not live without it, regardless of what country I'm in, my lips need Vaseline! 
It's possibly a bad choice though for such a presumably hot place...I don't know if any of you have ever taken a tin of Vaseline on holiday, not had air conditioning, and ended up with a gloopy, runny, puddle in a tin? 
It's interesting.
Shall we just say I hope that on my desert island, I find shelter under either a cool tree, or even better, come across a secluded five star hotel, complete with air con, to support the life of my poor Vaseline.

I took this on holiday last year and I loved it! It's such a vibrant, hot pink but with an almost coral edge to it, that it really is just perfect - especially with a tan! 
Oddly, it fades in the sun, so I'd definitely need it with me to top up every couple of days, or put my fingernails under the shade of my cool tree for preservation purposes :).

This only ever gets a look in once the REAL Summer weather has begun - it needs some form of tan to bring it out and show it off at it's best. It's a gorgeous coral colour, which would match my pinky-orange nails perfectly. It's a frost finish, but the sheen it has will perfectly set off the Summery-glow look.
Seeing as England has naff all sun all year, a desert island would give me ample opportunity to wear this bad-boy! Maybe it could even double as a blush/bronzer if I blended it out well enough...or even some form of tribal markings, hmm.

HA! So, I'm cheating, but perhaps we could say that I'll be on my desert island for no more than 6-8 weeks?
Perhaps we could also say that the night before my desert island experience began, I had some sort of premonition of what was to come, and could quickly book myself in to have my lashes preened to perfection, rendering mascara useless - which it is in daylight hours in a hot place anyway, no way would be eyes be able to cope without water pouring down my face, ruining my mascara.
Yeah, having my lashes done like this would be a saviour, and mean I could spend more time hunting for food, (if I didn't find the hotel) and less time doing my eyelashes! 

I'm cheating again. I don't own this one, but I've seen it around and it would be the perfect multi-task kit for my trip. Presuming that Costa Chic would look absolutely ridiculous as a blush/bronzer, this palette provides both, along with the perfect colours to create a smoky eye, because I do love a good smoky eye... The brown shadow colour could also double as an eyeliner if I dipped my makeshift brush, (twig or leaf) in a stream to darken and concentrate the colour. Along with the purple, the brown shades could also be useful in camouflaging me from any predators I may come across...


I'm going to presume I'd efficiently packed some make-up wipes in whatever bag I would definitely have with me, and some MOISTURISER, (face and body) but if not then perhaps I could faction my own moisturiser from coconut milk or some sort of natural oils, and maybe there could be actual streams of Bioderma to get the make-up off. Oh and nail polish remover.
Yeah, sounds good to me :)

Before I go, I'm going to tag the frankly hilarious Hannah from 'Student Life', because despite this being a beauty post, I'm more than positive she can think of five items, (beauty or otherwise) that she would want or need in her little paradise.
I'm also going to tag Rosalie Jayne, because she has pretty fab taste in all things beauty related, and I'm sure I'd read her list and agree entirely.

Until we meet again, I'm off to start writing the script for what must surely be the follow up to 'Lost', and practise the dance moves from Destiny's Child - 'Survivor', so I can act it out once I get ambushed by the locals in my Costa Chic tribal markings.
Surely they would be amazed by my awesome moves and accept me into their fold, showing me the ways of the jungle, while in return I do their make-up.

Now I'd appreciate it if you watched this, substituting Beyonce's head for my own, and pretend that god-given voice you can hear is also my own, just because ;)

Friday, 22 March 2013

A Few Empty Things #2

What has it been, four, five months?
Yeahhh, call me useless, but it's rare that I use up enough things all at once to constitute an empties post.
This would be my second one ever.

In fact the rate at which I used things up was so slow, I was starting to forget all about the very prospect of empties...

That was until all my stuff ran out at once, and royally screwed my bank account over for the month.
Good timesss :D

To be honest, it's really not good at all when things totalling no more than around £20 are the difference between skintness and food.
You know on TV when they go on about choosing between 'heating and eating'?
Well, I choose between 'treating and eating', the treats being even simple things like shampoo haha.
One day I'll either be a hobo or a rake.
Or both if British Gas have their way...

Do excuse the ramblings of a girl whose gas, electricity, water and TV license are all due...
I'll shut up now, promise.

Anyhoooooo so in the last couple of weeks, all this fabulous stuff has been standing upside down in my bathroom, or been scraped to within an inch of it's life, on a major preservation mission.

First up, my hair products.
The VO5 Shampoo and Conditioner: Nourish My Truly, and the James Brown Detangle Leave-in Conditioner...which I can't find a link for on Boots' website, or James Brown's own website, so I presume it has been discontinued?
Now you already know my hairspray has gone, and now my shampoo, conditioner, and leave in spray have gone too.
Unlike my hairspray, I've re-purchased all three, because I really do not want to be defeated by British Gas and become 'Holly the Hobo'.
I pretty much adore the VO5 products - these shampoo/conditioners are only £1 each WOOP WOOP, (£3.99 at Boots - don't do it peeps) and they smell sooooooooo good!! After using expensive shampoo's following my damaging days as a blonde, I've pretty much found that these work just as well, if not better.
Or maybe I was just using very, very naff expensive shampoo's...

My James Brown Leave-in Conditioner is left over from my ermm...more carefree spending days. Let's just say that this bottle has lasted me a full year! For this reason, and because I'm pretty sure it works well to keep my long, loong hair looking healthy, sleek, and easy to get a comb through, without weighing it down or making it greasy, I deemed it worthy of spending £7 on again. It's now back in my bathroom all full and new, (despite not existing online!) yeyy!!

Next up are my skin products:
My fabulous M&S Essential Extracts Hand and Body Lotion: Coconut which you can read my rave about here, the Simple Moisturising Facial Wash, and Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser, and finally the Botanics All Bright Toner, which you can read all about here.

Look at me trying to plug my old posts haha ;) it's all innocent, I swear! about this little lot.
Aside from the M&S cream, which I believe has been sent straight from heaven. They're all pretty average.
I mean I just don't have a lot to say about them, they're just 'mehhhhhh'.
They work yes, they're fine for my skin, I do recommend them, but then I'm fairly lucky in the skin department - it's not perfect, but it just doesn't really change, and most things work exactly the same as these do. 
In fact I've reverted to my original cheap and cheerful Boots own range following the demise of these, because quite frankly, the MAC Mineralise Skin Finish I want isn't going to buy itself...

A word of advice on the M&S heaven cream...if your M&S is anything like mine, you might have to don some sort of Lara Croft gear and x-ray glasses to hunt these down. They're doing a pretty good job at hiding these at the back of the bottom shelves these days, behind the more expensive products, which I just do not want.
I mean come on M&S, I'm not a regular customer, and the only reason I come in is to stock up on these beauties. 
You discontinue - so do I.

Either that or I will hunt you down, Liam Neeson style, complete with a badman Matrix-esque long, black, (very impractical) coat and kick your ass.

Disclaimer: I'm a softy really, M&S, please don't ban me from your store... I need your amazing body lotion, and to buy grand-parent friendly gifts from time-to-time.
I don't really have a long, black, badass Matrix-esque coat.
And I look nothing like Liam Neeson.

Finally, a few make-up pieces have vacated my make-up bag, and my life recently too...
My Maybelline: The Falsies Black Drama mascara, which you can read about here, my Bourjois Delice de Poudre bronzer, the L'Oreal Colour Riche Le Smoky eyeliner, (seriously, where do they get these names from?) and baby, the ...*searches for link, can't find link...WHY CAN'T I FIND THE LINK?!* ummm, Topshop lipstick in 'Rumour Has It'.

Okay first of all, I've been delaying buying a replacement lipstick from Topshop now for weeks, and now I come to the point of desperation, where I literally have millimetres left, they discontinue it?!
BUT IT'S MY DAILY LIPPY?! What am I going to doooo?
I mean I know the colour is Autumnal, but what's a girl to do on an every-day basis when a bright colour isn't appropriate and the nude's are all too pale?!
This is the perfect 'your lips but better' colour, and just seems to suit my skin tone and the kind of smoky brown make-up I do, without looking overly obvious or dark.
Genuinely really upset by this :(
Need to go to Topshop asap, maybe there is one left hmm...

I'd totally go now.
But I'm snowed in.
Damn you snow...


Okay, so onto my bronzer. I've used this one basically as long as I've been wearing bronzer, 
(which is since I relocated to the dark side and discovered that I was pale) so in all honesty, I can't compare it to very much. 
I do suspect that it's a little orange, the only other potential bronzing product I own is the Sleek Contour Kit, and it's a lot more brown. It's matte though, which I like, and build-able, not to mention long lasting and of course, it smells of chocolate! To be honest I was sold purely on its smell.
I'd probably eat it if I could.

I re-purchased this one as soon as I could, considering the old one had cracked and those little orange pieces were beginning to pose a very real threat to my make-up bag, carpets, sofas, and in fact everything - especially given that this bronzer doesn't really have a proper mechanism to keep it shut.
I've been keeping it in a plastic bag, just for the purpose of this blog post, and am quite relieved to be able to chuck it after today.

God am I really still talking?!
But it's okay, last one, and I'll be quick :)
My L'Oreal eyeliner, which I will be buying again this week, because my replacement, (ranty-post coming soon) is just soooo bad in comparison.

Soooooo...that's all folks.

Hope you're all still alive and have not all gone grey from what must have been a long read...
I'm off to make a hot chocolate and try and cure the repetitive strain injury I'm surely developing.

I'm also going to check on the snow situation...

This was at 2pm and it's still falling...

A final word.

Topshop, what I said to M&S up there...yeah ;)

Friday, 15 March 2013

Day and Night

Ummm, yeah. So this looks like it might be a 'Day to Night' make-up look, but I'm lying.
In fact I just thought the title sounded catchy and I'm now singing Kid Cudi's song from a couple of years ago in my head.

In fact this post is more of an every day eye look, complete with a not so every day look that gets an outing so rarely, that it's probably not even been worn on a night out of my onesie.
And onesie-less nights do not happen often I tell you.

First up is my old favourite.
My faithful smoky matte brown/bronze eye make-up, from my well loved Revlon Colorstay Palette, (Coffee Bean) *featured here* which *sob* Revlon actually...DISCONTINUED.
I'm wiping my tears.
And in the process, ruining the make-up I'm wearing, which includes my Revlon shadow, sacrilege this is.
It's pouring off my face.
Such a waste.

I'm wearing the middle two colours; a kind of dark beige and a bronze, which looks shimmery but definitely isn't! I also often add a little of the dark brown colour, but not today...especially seeing as I'm trying to preserve it.
I would have worn the pale cream colour at the top across my lid, but ermm...yeah it's gone :(
That is all I wish to say on the matter of my poor palette, it is dying, and I will be sad.

So will my eyebrows, the beige and brown colours combine to make the perfect brows.
It's not just my eyes that will look bare once it's gone...

I literally wear this look almost every day, my lack of adventure when it comes to my eye make-up is disturbing, especially considering how much I love eye make-up.

One day this week however, when my beautiful Naked 2 palette came-a-calling, it wasn't the smoky brown tones of Snakebite or Bootycall that I picked, it was...silver?!


Seriously, I've not worn any kind of silver or grey, sparkly or otherwise, (but especially sparkly) on my eyes since I was around 18. One day it just stopped happening, I decided that as a lover of gold and warm toned things, I didn't know why I was putting cool, dark tones on my eyes.
I convinced myself that they didn't suit me.

Still not sure to be honest...but I'm making baby steps.
When my Revlon palette finally dies...this may be just one of a world of alternatives :)

I'm wearing dark metal coloured Verve, with dark grey Pistol through the crease, both from the Naked 2 palette - another one I'd probably mourn in a serious manner if ever it ran out...

Let me just say before I show you these, how much I LOVE it when taking two sets of photo's on two consecutive days, at the same time produces such crazy lighting differences... :| 
Cheers England, love you and your weird weather. Ahem.

Though it actually felt sooooo beyond weird to wear this, I actually quite liked it. I'm not going to be so afraid to branch out from my brown comfort zone in future, and I may even delve into the crazy realms of colour - nothing too crazy though, right ;)

And of course, not until my Revlon eyeshadows are well and truly gone.

Let's just say I'm easing myself in gently...

Altogether now:

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Because I'm In Love With Fashion...


1. //  2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8.

Oooh exciting stuff!!
E-Tail PR are giving us here bloggers the chance to win £200 to spend on the lovely little website that is In Love With Fashion, and given that I do indeed love fashion, and don't indeed have a right lot to spend on my love of fashion, this opportunity makes me very happy!!

First up this competition is open to anyone who creates a wishlist just like the one I've done above, and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in spending one too many evenings pouring over websites and saying 'mine, mine, mine', in a seagulls-from-Finding-Nemo type style, (yeahh you know the ones) so I'm sure that choosing those coveted items for your Polyvore collage won't be so hard...

It certainly wasn't for me, and if I do say so myself, my collage is looking pretty damn goooood.
I'm drooling ahh...

It's also looking fairly colour coordinated in all its red and monochrome-ness, which I didn't notice or anticipate - but it looks kinda cool...clearly my subconscious is on trend ;)

Your collage can have as many items as you want, I mean I'm pretty sure you could collage the entire contents of the website if you wish, but Blogger might explode...I managed to rein myself in to eight, which wasn't the easiest of tasks for a professional 'add to basket then click X'-er, but I did it yey!

Once you're done, publish your wishlist and email it to before 2pm on Friday 15th of March.
After that, it's all down to the powers that be...
'And may the odds be ever in your favour.'

Anyhow, on to the fun picks:

First up is a gorgeous monochrome swirled print maxi dress, and just look at it ahhh! I love a good maxi dress, and given that this one is not only on trend, perfect for going out or for cooler Summer days, (that's every day then) and has a THIGH-HIGH-SPLIT, (meowwwww) I'm sure it would get good wear!

Next is an animal print bralet, because it really wouldn't be a clothes related post of mine without a bit of animal print now would it? Thing is this is quite daring for me - the only other bralet I have is a fair bit more substantial than this one, and it's only been worn once, on holiday. However, once I saw my next pick, I just knew they'd go together...

Ah yes, a black and white high waisted pencil skirt would finish that little outfit off nicely!! Or more, start it...wouldn't be much good going out in a bralet alone ahem :| . Truely, I love pencil or midi skirts, they're so classy, and so teamed with something a little more risqué like an animal print bralet, I think they cancel each other out perfectly.

Ahh now check me out I slightly broke my monochrome theme!! Just slightly...but this pretty ox-blood heart jumper, despite Summer being on its way, just had to be on my list. I love a good jumper, and for Spring a light jumper is still a necessary part of your wardrobe. Teamed with skinny black jeans, leggings, denim shorts or disco pants, to be honest I could probably justify wearing it every day.
I also usually shy away from grey - so double check me out!!  

Yeah I'm obsessed with red. It might be another in a long list of obsessions and problems I have, and how preeeeeetty is red dress?! I have never ever worn anything like this before, (I know right, what's wrong with me?) but I'm feeling wild and would really like to.
Wild I tell ya.

But not for too long...*sighhh* old habits die hard...

Oops! Yeah I've regressed back into my safety zone. Black, black, black...and not even with the bright white that makes it monochrome. However, I have another dress very similar to this one, only in cream...sadly it is erm, slightly on the see-through side and unwearable. 
Boo hoooooo.
This makes me upset.
That's why this midi dress is just so right!! 

As I said my safety zone is back, and black.
But low and behold, and this might shock you...I do not own a single pair of black heels!! Uh-huh you heard me! 
Not one pair.
The pair I featured just a few weeks ago here were in fact my mums. 
Promise I'll have them back soon mum, honest...
(After I wear them next Saturday that is)

Given that I have no black heels at all, it only made sense to pick two extremely good and different pairs that would fit my every need. A rather gorgeous pair of wedge ankle boots, (because no I don't have any of those either!) along with the staple that is platform heels, would be the perfect additions to my sadly lacking shoe rack.
Also either pair would look pretty awesome with any of the outfits mentioned above...
Forward thinking you see ;)

Right, seeing as I've rambled about as much as you possibly can, I think it's time to end there.
Also I'm typing in the dark which is erm, interesting, considering my brightness is turned down.
I'm seemingly a pro touch typist. 
(Adds to CV)

Night everyone :D

P.S. Happy Mothers Day mum, because I'm pretty sure you will be the first to read this.
I love you, and I reeeeally do promise I'll have your shoes back soon.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

A Little Lovesick...

You know there's a problem when you realise you don't have a single pink lipstick, apart from an old, crusty one from your lack-of-lipstick knowledge days (nice).
You know that you are going to need a pink lip product to be on your lips in the very near future to match your outfit, feeling slight panic at possibly having to wear the old crusty one, getting old, crusty lips in the process.
You know that definitely means you need to run to Boots at lightning speed and correct this horrible situation.
And you certainly know that there's a new and extremely hyped product, (which just happens to come in a gorgeous hot pink) and that it will be leaving with you that day.

I mean, it would have been rude not to right?

That new and extremely hyped product, (which just happens to come in a gorgeous hot pink) is of course theeeee:

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain: Lovesick
Bit of a mouthful huh?

 It must be good; even the sun came out to shine as I took my photos! 

Thing is, I'd never used a balm stain before - I was always quite reluctant to go for the 'sheer' look, because to me if you're going to wear colour on your lips, it should be noticed. 
A bright pink should be bright pink in my eyes, if not it's like the taste of sugar free chocolate - all the promise but no substance...
And I'd never do sugar free chocolate.

So I was more than pleasantly surprised when this colour turned out to be build-able to the point where it is an extremely bright pink! Therefore if you're not quite as stubborn as me, you could equally rock a more subtle look :)
I am however, stubborn and set in my ways, meaning I piled as much of this onto my lips as physically possible.

My favourite thing about this is how moisturising it is!
Now given that it is a balm stain, that shouldn't be a surprise, it would kind of defeat the object if it didn't moisturise, but really, it is brilliant!
There is absolutely no danger of having that dry bit on the edges of your lips, they literally stay bright, glossy and pretty, just like this ^^^. 

As far as re-application goes, this withstood a curry.
Yes curry,
...and naan bread and rice and general face stuffing haha.
I did top it up afterwards, but I would have done regardless, and did so only a little bit, because in truth I didn't need to!
That must be the stain element of the product...yeah it works.
My lips were still pink the next day, and given that it was a make-up free day, that is a good thing.
High 5 for looking less dead woop!

Another cool thing about this product came as a bit of a surprise to me, because it has this awesome minty-ness to it. Ermm, it's quite hard to explain though, seeing as I don't actually know whether I could taste of smell the mint flavour haha! No word of a lie - my senses are that mixed up...but regardless, it was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. It tingles a little too. 
Mmm I like.

(Just got it out and had a whiff...can't smell any mint, put a tiny bit on, can't taste any either...but I'm pretty sure I could on both occasions I have worn it.

The only thing that worries me is what to do when I've used more of the product and the end goes flat, as opposed to the point it has now...
Safe to say, it will be a painnnnnnnn to try and get around the cupids bow and outer edges of your lips. I imagine sharpening it would also be a pain and you'd lose a lot of product.
I can see it ending badly...
Any advice ladies would be greatly appreciated :)

All in all, I'm really glad I bit the bullet and got this, it's been a happy experience and one I'm looking forward to re-creating in the run up to Summer.

Also, don't laugh, but I only realised today when writing this that the end is retractable, and winds up/down to give you more product :O
Literally, made my day.

In hindsight I should have realised that they wouldn't sell a product in a long stick that only had 1cm of product...
In more hindsight I should have thought about this earlier, and not paid £7.99 for something that might have only contained 1cm of product.
Imagine my disappointment if it'd run out after like 3 uses!
Silly girl.

Goodnightttt :)