Thursday, 15 November 2012

Tut Tut Tut, Mr. M.

Yes Barry, I'm talking to you.
Barry M.

I'm usually such a fan, and in fact I am a big fan.
Your polishes never let me down.
Cheap, cheerful, and always look good and last,
But not today.

Barry M - Gold Mine

The beautiful black-with-gold-glitter nail polish which I mentioned in a previous post, (linked here) has turned out to not be so beautiful when used on its own, and being that I promoted it so much in my last post, I felt it was necessary to say how my opinion has changed. 
When used as an accent colour on the tips of my nails, all was good - I'd used a tiny amount, and it had dried quickly. Plus I was so blindly in love with the gold colour, that I would have loved this one too, flaws and all.

However, when I was painting it onto my whole nails last night, I felt that awful pang of disappointment that you get when you find out your favourite chocolate bar has sold out. Eughhh.
Coat #1 was awful. It was streaky and just would not stay on! It also looked grey.
Coat #2 was much better, it actually looked black, wasn't streaky, and it dried quick as before, but I just don't like it!
After my top coat even, this nail polish has the texture of fingernails down a blackboard, and no amount of top coat will even it out or make it shiny. It is pretty from a distance, and bizarrely I've had comments on it. Up close though it is just scruffy and the glitter looks dull. I've got quite a few chips too.

Confession: It MIGHT not be all good old Barry's fault; unfortunately with the rough texture of this nail polish, I can not help but pick at it! Sadly, yes, I'm a picker, (bad Holly!) so this nail polish probably looked decent for all of 10 hours - 6 of which I was asleep for.

Overall, it does have pros and cons, and for £2.99 I shouldn't complain. I just had to say so that I'm not misleading people :)
I can't usually tell Barry M nail polishes from much more pricey brands, and this is the first - I will use it again, but think I'll stick to using it in smaller, less pickable doses.


  1. I've been having issues with Barry M too recently! I think its time I invested in some pricer nail varnishes! Sad times for my bank balance! haha :)

    Aimée X

    1. Haha I'm totally feeling the same and glad it's not just me...sad times for us both :( xxx


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