Friday, 2 August 2013

What I Wore: Ibiza Evening #1 - Hindsight

You know when you look back on an outfit and kind of gasp at your own ill-advised decision?
Yeah, normally that happens maybe two, three years down the line when fashion has truly changed.

Not after a week.

I have no excuses for this.

I could try and blame the sun?
But ermm...given that I took both of these pieces on holiday with me, with the exact intention of wearing them together, I kind of can't...

What I wore:

Bandeau: Boohoo (old)
Shorts: Primark (old)
Belt: Internacionale £2
Shoes: Zara <3
Necklace: Primark £3
Earrings: New Look (sale) £1.50
Bangles: Various

So night #1 of my holiday commenced, and given that I was in a quiet part of Ibiza with my family, this meant an evening spent in bars with a bit of food thrown in for good measure.
I apparently had lost the part of my brain that indicates when something is 'too much' (or in this case, 'too little'), so went for my most revealing pieces, and all black, because I shamelessly want to save all my brighter stuff for when I have more of a tan.

Uh-huh, don't tell me you don't do the same ladies (and gents)?

Yeah, it looked good in my head, and my mum, (and most avid reader) insisted it looked good in real life too, (lies) therefore it has taken until now, looking back on these photo's, for me to cringe ever so slightly...
I mean, it could have been worse - I LOVEEEE the shorts and jewellery combo, but I can't help but think it would have looked a lot better with a different black top...

The only saving grace, was that being the first night, I wanted to don my beautiful Shoesies - yes, you know the ones ;) my perfect little badboys that just look, feel, and are amazing.
And they're classy.
Totally counteracts my bandeau top then right?

They didn't even hurt me this time!

In hindsight, however, given that we wanted to explore a little and hint down a few places we might want to go, my beloved Shoesies were not exactly the best idea.
Despite not hurting me at allllll, (seriously, this is an improvement on my first outing in them, when I was being guided through labour-style deep breathing and thinking happy thoughts in a bid to save my feet...I still have the scars.) the pavements in Ibiza are not kind to stiletto heels and I have learned my lesson.

On my face, I went slightly mad, and opted for a shimmery Naked 2 palette combo of at least five eyeshadows - I couldn't begin to tell you which, I seemingly just brushed as many colours on and blended as much as my poor brush would allow me... 

It's had some hammer this week I tell ya!
I may need a new one...mmmm now there's an idea.

For my lips I gained some restraint and kept it more simple, wearing my new and totally gorgeous Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipstick in 'Nudist Peach', which I loveee.
So moisturising on your lips after a day in the sunshine - see, I was just MEANT to buy this wasn't I?

Right then lovelies, I can assure you now that I regained my brain when choosing the remainder of my holiday outfit choices and PUT THAT BANDEAU AWAY - with more sensible shoes for the most part to boot, (sob, poor Shoesies) and you lucky little things are going to see it all documented here over the next couple of weeks :)


I'll finish off with another hindsight comment...
Given that I spent a good portion of the latter part of my holiday rocking a rather sizeable FBOEP, (Food Baby of Epic Proportions) perhaps this outfit wasn't such a bad choice, after all.


  1. Wow!!! That is one seriously sexy outfit, love the shorts!!!

    Looking hawt!


  2. To be fair, you look really nice in this outfit and for a holiday it's okay :) If you put this on in england I might question it but for Ibiza it's all good, Love those shoes!!!
    Rosalie x

    1. Haha I think that's what I have to go with too - what is worn in Ibiza stays in Ibiza :p xx

  3. to be fair you can probably get away with this in ibiza, and also FBOEP is a holiday staple :) x

  4. I like the outfit! I don't think you could get away with in England, but for a holiday outfit it looks great.

    Corinne x

    1. Thank you :D And yep, only in Ibiza!! xx

  5. I looove those shorts and you're not allowed to regret this outfit, if I had the stomach to pull off that 'top' then I would bloody well do it!

    H xxx

    1. Haha awwww thank you :D *un-regrets outfit for Harriet* xx

  6. I like this outfit, it's great to wear on holiday! Love the shorts and the shoes :) x


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