Sunday, 4 August 2013

What I Wore: Ibiza Evening #2 - STYLIGHT Review

You know what - I'm quite liking this outfit of the day malarkey.
It's weirdly therapeutic.

No doubt there's a slight possibility that this is potentially down to having to look back at glorious Ibiza photo's, rather than ones taken in my bedroom, but you know...

I don't think the holiday blues have set in yet.
Not even sure I'm home to be honest.
Might get a shock the first time I feel cold, but England is still being kind to us in this respect, hmmm...

It's only a matter of time.

Anyhoo, today I decided to mix things up a little.
See I was recently contacted, (yes, someone contacted little ME - I know!) by a company called STYLIGHT, who are trying to spread the word about their site, which is already widely used across large parts of Europe.
Seriously, the amount of hot, (and rather stylish) young things showcasing gorgeous European backgrounds on their photos is slightly depressing - luckily I can join them for one weeks worth of pictures only ;)
Their site allows you to get creative, and make mood boards full of your own outfit photo's, products, and even quotes and music - which is TOTTTTALLLY up my street - you know me and my penchant for all posts multisensory.
Catering to every need you see...

It's like Lookbook, only with more scope for creativity.

It's also extremely easy to use!

Signing up is easy; you can do it either through email, or Facebook, (I opted for email) and it is genuinely as simple as that.

You're first guided through a couple of pages which introduce you to the concept of Stylight, following others and liking their looks, and the inspiration begins right away. 

If you can get past the endless supply of inspiration you will no doubt be sat scrolling through and 'hearting', (I have massively abused the little heart button already, I think I may actually break it...) you can create your own little piece of inspiration in the form of your very own 'look' board - you never know, someone might 'heart' your post too! 
Don't get any ideas, mum, I know you.  

Before creating a look, it's probably a good idea to get your profile set up - it took me something like 1 minute to upload a profile picture, set up a link to my blog, and write a line about myself, before I was straight onto the exciting part; my first 'look', and what I wore on my second night in Ibiza.

The thing I think I love the most about this site, is how genuinely quick and easy it is to use - there is literally no faffing around, and it is extremely self explanatory. 
Your 'look' is exactly that - yours.
A mood board to reflect, well, your mood.
You can pick as many photo's as you want, (or none if you prefer to create a 'look' from products alone) from your computer or Instagram, (please, please make sure they are your own) assemble them how you want, and can add quotes, music and products - whether actually featured in your outfit, or merely something similar that you love - if and where you see fit.
For my first post I added a quote which actually links straight back to my little bloggy here :)
I also added a product in the form of a pair of leopard print cross earrings, because, well, it's me.

Finding products however, is where my only teeny bug bear lies - almost all the products featured are heftily priced designer products, to which my mind automatically switches off from, knowing they are out of any price range I'm ever likely to be able to afford. As gorgeous as each piece is, I'd gain more satisfaction and inspiration from being able to add products that are more accessible, or high street, and that I could get genuinely excited about.
*ignores beautiful Rachel Zoe skyscraper heels I just liked ahem*

If this isn't an issue for you however, (lucky beggars haha) you can also click on products you wish to purchase, and be re-directed straight to their original online store.

I was pretty happy with my first 'look' once it was done. You have have a look here, or, well at the pictures right below haha...
I've also done a second 'look', which is something of a sneak preview of an outfit I REALLY love, which I'll be posting on here in a few days (can I get an 'oooooh'?).

Problem with having an iPhone as a camera: Less megapixels = my photo's totally don't match up to the quality of the snazzy DSLR types. 

What I wore:

Crop Top: Primark £2
Skirt: H&M (old)
Sandals: River Island (old but my god I love 'em!)
Belt: Primark (came on a pair of trousers originally)
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Earrings: Primark

On my face my make-up was pretty much as it was the previous night, although I used my beloved HD Brow Kit for eyeshadow instead of my Naked 2 palette.
I opted for a bit of bright orange sparkle on my nails this evening, with one of my current faves, Sinful Colors - Cloud 9, which was looking mighty fiiiiine in the sunshiiiine.
Such awesome poetic skills I possess.
Once again my 'Nudist Peach' lipstick came out to play, because it's all shiny and new and ahhh...


Right lovelies - I still have Stylight open in a tab and intend on spending the next few minutes foreseeable future scrolling through yet more beautiful photography, finding looks that I love. 

Once I'm done with my Ibiza pictures, I intend to put the streets of Huddersfield on the Stylight map through my picture backgrounds over my next few look boards, and juuuust maybe some tanned Italian fashionista will like one of my pictures too...
...and want to move to Huddersfield, because it is just the best, of course ;)

Perk of having an iPhone camera: Less megapixels = less chance of seeing chewing gum on floor/drizzle in air.


  1. I recently just came back from Ibiza and loved it! Your outfit is so pretty, I took a couple of those crop tops and they were perfect for the hot weather!

    1. Awww glad you had a good time!! And thank you :D Crop tops are definitely perfect for it :)


  2. Lovely outfit. I got back from Ibiza a few weeks ago and I miss it sooo much.


    1. Aww it seems everyone has been this Summer!! Thank you, and I miss it so much too :(


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