Sunday, 28 July 2013

Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipstick: Nudist Peach Review

If you're reading this right now.
Then I am gone.

From England that is ;)

But being the blogging extraordinaire that I am, I've only gone and pre-written this here shizzle for your reading pleasure.
Can I get an 'awwww'?

It's like I'm writing this from the future! 
A parallel universe...

See, I don't know if I'm alone in this, but when I need to be packing - or doing any important thing in general, this head of mine starts writing a blog post, and the urge is so powerful that it causes me to give up all hope and chance of packing, and get writing.

This post was not meant to exist right now.
But it does.

My suitcase however, is empty.

Least my lips look good...

Aye, meet the new best friend of these here lips of mine; Seventeen's Mirror Shine Lipstick in 'Nudist Peach'.

Look at my kitchen chopping board being all sneaky and getting in on the action.
Don't you like it?
I do.

It's purrrty.
Blogging chic that is.
Screw the fancy professional backgrounds, who needs them when you have a pink flowery chopping board and an iPhone camera <3

Definitely sure this is not a homeware review and therefore I will get back on track.

So anyway, I only own one 'nude' lipstick, and you know, that's pretty limiting...
My lips craved more.
It's like they were speaking to me, every single day when I applied my trusty Topshop 'Rumour Has It', they were like 'come on Hol, you're boring me', and well...they were making me feel guilty.
They told me they were fed up of the slight frosting that Rumour Has It gives them; frost makes them think of colder times, and no-one likes those colder times...

My poor lips were having frostbite related nightmares involved turning blue regardless of lipstick.
I had to save them...

Such is the power of my own lips, that this guilt trip forced me - yes FORCED me into Boots, where I may have been a little naughty and picked up a teeny tiny holiday treat.

There I was, swatching away - 'Beehive' had been jumping out at me from blogs all over zee blogosphere, but it looked a little pale. 'Belle' was one lovely suggestion, but it looked a little pink, (we all know how I feel about pink, it's like my lips just reject the stuff! Powerful beings they are...)
But then - 'Nudist Peach', what was this?
A darker, peachy and not at all pink nude, which OH EM GEE has a canny play on the phrase 'nudist beach'?!

It's like it was forcing me to buy it for my holidays.

Disclaimer: I do not and never have been on a nudist beach. 
I can also assure you that right now, even though I'm typing this in the past, there is no way that I will be on a nudist beach while you read this...
My bikini's are too pretty for that.

'Nudist Peach', is an OHHHH so moisturising, sheer but buildable peachy nude - let me be honest, it's hard to see on my lips, given that they are fairly pigmented, but it just adds a golden peachy sheen that just isn't there otherwise.
And we all feel better without naked lips.

I'll say this though - mirror shine it IS!!
My lips are over the moon!

They shine like it anyway...

Screw that actually, they shine bright like a frickin' diamond.

The scale of the shine means that this lipstick is extremely true to it's word, I feel as though I am wearing a gloss, but without the sticky goo, just the shine, and I love it.
My lips love it too, they told me.

They also kind of love the lip sized viewing mirror that just sneakily slides out of the uber gorgeous and sleek new packaging that Seventeen has invested in - I like!
Sophisticated - I think so!

It even does that really satisfying 'click' then you snap the lip on.

As far as longevity goes, I'd say a mixture - the colour lasts a couple of hours only, but the moisture lasts much longer, like a balm.
Either way, it only takes a few seconds to reapply - owing to the handy little mirror being right there, and at £4.79 who's complaining?
We don't expect miracles really :)

To sum up, my bank balance is still happy, my lips are FINALLY satisfied, and as for me - well, I'm in Ibiza so who cares haha?!

My lips look and feel good though.

I have finally shut them up, and if they dare speak up and moan about my lacking lipstick selection again...?
Let's just say I've threatened them with no spf if they do.
We'll see if they can speak when they're all red and crispy.



  1. Hope you have a great time in Ibiza! I just watch that TV show the other day, um, I can't remember what it is called - the one where teens go on holiday and then their parents go over and watch them. Well, that was in Ibiza.. I hope you are a lot safer than they were, haha!

    I always schedule my posts the night before, ha.

    Corinne x

    1. Oh yes, Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents... say no more. I was a good girl haha :)


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