Tuesday, 6 August 2013

What I Wore: Ibiza Evening #3 - Heatttt.

So I told you before that I didn't have the holiday blues yet.

I'm sat here writing this while wearing my dressing gown over my clothes because I'm cold.
In fact I'm freezing.
I hate being cold man.
What's that even about?
Even more so that it's August and that means the end is nigh for any potential heat I may feel while the year still ends in 'thirteen'.

I mean just look at these pictures.
I want to cry.
One week ago I was wearing this, baring my brown belly without a care in the world, (in fact I was too hot - imagine! WAHHHHHH!) and now I'm sat here, with more layers covering my body than Shrek, (onion I tell ya!) and smelling decidedly less Summery thanks to my beloved Carmella running out on me just to add insult to injury.

It's over, Carmella. 
Can't believe you did this to me.
Left me like this.
Smelling all normal and shiz.

I thought you cared.

Bitter, me?

Yeah so let's all take a look at what it is warm enough to wear in Ibiza, and not here, ever.

What I wore:

Dungarees: River Island (old)
Sandals: Primark
Anklet: Random Ibiza Shop
Earrings: New Look £1.50
Sunglasses: New Look £4.99
Bangles: Various

On my face:

Not that you can see my face haha...
Epic sunglasses wearing fail!

Seriously though you should have seen my sunglasses tan at this stage - EL EM EF AY OH.
Sunglasses were my saviour.

The usual make-up, plus MAC lipstick in Costa Chic, which my god was I dubious about wearing, took me a good half hour to stop being scared by its bold brightness in the mirror while getting ready, and actually remember I could blot it and tone it down haha - my bad.

Once I got over it and went out though, I was loving it - and it didn't even need too many reapplications! Reeeesult.
Plus I just sat there smelling it for a while, and had the smell like with me in my handbag...mmm.

My mum, (and most avid reader) defo thought I was a weirdo, sat there sniffing my lipstick like some sort of strange addict.
Giving new definition to the term 'MUA'
Make Up Addict.

It's like once my beloved Carmella started to dwindle as she got ready to do a runner, I craved vanilla scent to the point of debating actual lipstick consumption. Only stopping to realise that eating it meant I'd no longer be able to smell it.
And the waste of £14. 

Where was I?
Ah yes.
My dungarees.
Not seen since ermm...April on an ill advised trip to Leeds where, if possible I was even colder than I am right at this very minute, and would have given my right Shoesie* for my dressing gown (Leeds City Centre or not). But now, those days are OOOOOOOOVERRRRRR.
('Baby they're overrrrrrrr')

Or they were, before I returned to flipping Narnia pre-evil Witch slaying.
Get me a fir coat out that wardrobe man.

I, ladies (and gents) - was still TOO HOT.

Aye, I donned my dungarees, folded them down as it was pre-food and therefore pre-FBOEP, (Food Baby of Epic Proportions) I piled on the gold shiny stuff, and slipped on, (or more, squeezed over my head and hoped for the best) my crop top and off I went.
Not a shiver nor goosebump in sight.

The only worry of the night came from a rather lovely (and just plain awesome) German lady called Mary, who said I looked like Amy Winehouse.
Obviously she'd heard about my lipstick sniffing problem and decided she should try to make me go to rehab ;)

Apologies, that was terrible...

It's the beehive, for sure?
I'm sure she did ;)

Me, myself and even Amy managed to stay warm and eat awesome and very tasty nachos that evening, curbing my need for anything vanilla or remotely MAC-esque in my belly...and my belly ladies and gents, ended up covered up, for totally non-temperature, and entirely food related reasons.

No dressing gown required.

I hate England, me.
I might start eating lipstick and turn wild from the chemicals to the point where my fellow Brits kick me out.
I'd be on the next plane.

Wild and feral I'd be, and MAC lipstickless, but HELL I'd be warm.
Get me my suitcase and my crop top, I'm off.

Night night folks ;)

Right Shoesie, I didn't mean it.
Don't run out on me like my darling Carmella has...


  1. You are absolutely stunning Holly! Haven't been on here in a while but love your blogs so going to have a good read now :) x x

  2. Love this outfit, especially the crop top! :) x

    Beauty from the Fjord

  3. Messaged from my wrong login.. so thought i'd resend so you know who I am ;) You are absolutely stunning Holly! Haven't been on here in a while but love your blogs so going to have a good read now :) x x

    1. Ahh Jenna I didn't realise that was you up there :D awww and thank you so muchly!! <3 xx

  4. The crop top is fabulous!! (: xx


    1. It is - and such a bargain right now!! xx

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