Thursday, 8 August 2013

Quick and Easy Gym Make-up (For Those Like Me Who Daren't Bare It)

So this was quite impromptu.
Believe me - I would never, that is N E V E R - show you my face without make-up.
Shameful, I know.
We should all be proud of our 'natural beauty'.
But no, I'm not.

This is as close as it's going to get.

I took these pictures and am posting this now, before I change my mind...

Behold peeps, my face sans excessive bronzer, highlighter and contour.
Behold peeps - my freckles!

Okay maybe you can't see my freckles so well my bright kitchen window yeahh ;)

Totes still have eye make-up on, including eyebrows and under eye concealer but I mean - woahhh this is huge for me!

To be fair you can always see my freckles - I don't wear foundation, and rely on the wicked combo that is my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and Rimmel Stay Matte powder to just help me even me out ever so slightly, and get rid of the hell that is *gulp*, UNWANTED SHINE.

Anyway, I wanted this to be entitled as JUST a gym make-up routine, but given that I'm probably still wearing heavier eye make-up than most of you wear on a night out, I'm pretty sure this could be used purely as 'daytime' make-up, probably for those 'hotter days', (lol) where your base would abandon you before you can pick up your buffing brush...
This is though, exactly what I wear to the gym.

There was a time, ladies, (and gents) where I went to the gym without make-up.
My courage knew no bounds.
In fact I'm pretty sure that on the little photo they took of me the day I signed up, I have both no make-up on, and erm...bright blonde hair.
Seriously, they should pre-warn you that they're going to do that - I would have turned up looking like I was off on a night out, despite never going on nights out.
I mean these days when I walk in they probably question my identity.

Imposter I am!

Should probably tell you what goodies I've got on the old phizog then...

On my face:

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (Shade 3 Medium)
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (Transparent)
HD Brow Kit (Foxy)
Maybelline Colour Tattoo (On and On Bronze)
L'Oreal Colour Riche Le Smoky (Brown Fusion)
Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara (Black)

So first off there is noooooooo way I'm going gymming it with these mahoosive black holes under my eyes - no wayyy.
Epiccc dark circles.
On a daily basis I'd blend my under eye concealer down onto my cheeks and around my nose too in an effort to camouflage the fact that I have pores larger than your regular pit...I know, I know, 'GET A PRIMER HOLLY' - welllll, I don't know, it kind of works enough for me, and I don't fancy putting more on my face than I need to given that my skin is fairly clear, despite my pit-pores and pesky freckles.
I just like to hope that people don't get close enough to notice...

If they did, my pits would probably suck them in anyway, and they'd be gone, foreverr...

What I'm trying to say is, that I kept my concealer in check today, just to where my would-be tear trough's end, and where my skin no longer looks bruised.
I set my concealer with the teeniest dabs of my Rimmel Stay Matte powder in an effort to stop it shifting, although let's be honest, the Collection concealer is so amazing and long wearing, that it's going nowhere!

I did my usual brow routine using my beloved HD Brow Kit, mixing the two brown shades together and hoping for the best.
They're not the best today, but still.
I will genuinely cry when I hit pan on this palette.
That is all.

As for my eyes...well, as Chandler would say - 'could it BE any easier?'
Well Chandler, my funny little buddy, no, it couldn't.
I picked my Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze, (review here) because my godddd it does naaat move! It and my concealer are like BFF's clinging to my eyes in a bid to escape the pit pores sucking them in - it's like the ultimate test of longevity!

That and a spinning class - which by the way they also survive!

I used my finger to smudge on a fairly small amount of product, (for me, dark smoky eye lover numero uno) and blended it out to my crease. Done.
Then I drew an equally small amount of my L'Oreal Brown Eyeliner, (review here) on the outer part of my water line and used it's clever little smudger to blend it through my lower lash line.
I then gave up on the smudger and used my finger.

To finish off I used two coats of my badass big-brush battle winning buddy that is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara, (review here) because it is badass.
Sadly, given that it is not waterproof, it is defeated by a spinning class, (seriously, it's like my lashes grow sweat glands!) but like primers, I just don't have one...maybe you should ;)
On that note, maybe I'll put my Badass Big-Brush winner and my Bad-Boy Bristle Ball (aka Benefit They're Real) to the test and see which, if either, can survive spinning...

Can I get an ooooh?!

So then lovelies...that was ermm...long.

I need to be getting my trainers on and setting off soon.
I'm walking to the gym and am thinking that the black clouds looming out my window might be about to cause my Rimmel Lycra Flex mascara a whole world of new problems...but alas, I shall persevere!

At least I know my Colour Tattoo won't desert me...

And at least I no longer have to water my flowers WAHEYYY!!
(Sorry mum, I'm lying, I still will, really... :| )

P.S Eid Mubarak to everyone and all my lovely friends celebrating today :)

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