Wednesday, 28 August 2013

MAC Woodwinked: My First Ever MAC Eyeshadow WOO HOOO!

Fact: I've only ever won two things in my life.
1. A McDonalds art competition when I was about five - I don't think there was a prize.
2. A 400m race on sports day when I was fourteen, but err...there were only two of us competing.

But guess what guys?
Something proper well and truly exciting happened the other week.

Like PROPER exciting.

Two three-letter words which are so rarely seen, said or written in relation to little old moi were, well, seen, said and heard, both at the same time!

They were then almost shouted across my living room in a fit of borderline hysteria.

"But Holly, what on Earth are you talking about?" I hear you asking.

Cue drumroll...

*leaves large gap to create suspense*

*begins to realise poor drummer in my head will be getting sore arms and I'd best get a move on for the sake of his health*


Aye indeedy, the two words were in fact 'WON' and 'MAC' and the excitement which followed was almost on a Gollum vs precious Hamsa dress related level.

Luckily I regained control just long enough to realise I never want to go there ever again...
I'm sure you'll agree it was for the best.

Anyhoo yessss, an email popped into my inbox from the lovely Kimberley, from Kimberley's Beauty Blog informing me I'd won her giveaway! Now you know how it is, people do giveaways, you enter, and if you're me, that is the last you'll ever know about it...
But no, my day FINALLY came!

And MAC's beautiful eyeshadow 'Woodwinked' was on its way to a new home...

In the shade

In the sun

Blended out...mmm purrrty

Kimberley kindly sent me 'Woodwinked'; the eyeshadow shade of my dreams, and therefore, my dream had come true YEY!
I also rather optimistically asked for it in palette form, because I've always wanted to start my own MAC palette and quite frankly needed a kick up the jacksie.

Too many eyeshadows, so little savings...

It was a good decision ;)

'Woodwinked' is every bit as beautiful in real life as it is when watching Tanya Burr apply it through my laptop screen, (no, sadly Huddersfield does not have a MAC) and now I can wear it too!
It is a Veluxe Pearl formula, which my expertise *ahem* tells me means it's nice and shiny, without being too offensively glittery.
It is a stunning warm brown shade, neither too dark for daytime wear, (not like that would stop me) nor too light for an evening, once blended in particular it has beautiful bronzey tones which probably aren't for everyone, but look pretty nice in my opinion, and don't scream ORANGEEE!
It suits my brown eyes and skin tone down to the ground, which is a relief haha, but equally I think this would look AMAZING on blue eyes, and quite frankly, any skin tone.

When it comes to the other important stuff, it applies like an actual dream.
I mean this is the eyeshadow of my dreams, but really, it is every bit as wonderful as I hoped.
The tiniest bit goes a long way; literally a dab of your brush and you're done, but it's still buildable, meaning you can darken the outer corners if you so wish, making it even more shiny as you do so.
Oh and when it comes to blending, you need very little effort, I always use my finger as opposed to a brush, and in all honesty, I didn't have a right lot to do.

In the short week I've had this I've worn it daily, and it just gets better!
It is so versatile!
I've worn it all over my lid, just in the crease, and layered both under and over another product. 
Probably my favourite way is layered with a teeny, thin bit of a matte brown shadow in the very outer part of the crease - oh myyyy, my matte colour suddenly sheens and yet darkens the look just slightly to add more depth!

I love it.

Here it is on day numero uno, all over my lid but with that extra little swish just concentrated in the crease.

I am one happy, and very lucky girl :)

*Thank you Kimberley*

So then you lovely lot. 
It's time for me to go.
I'm currently on the itv website and entering both the Daybreak and This Morning competitions several times over as many times as you're allowed and I warn you all, with my new-found awesome good luck I'm blatantly going to win.

(I promise if when I do, to ensure that no drummers are harmed in the length of the expected drumroll, and that I may even pay him for his services to suspense-creation on my blog.)

 I'll be living it up in Greece/Italy/both with a new mini and enough spends to buy every other MAC shadow in existence, FINALLY get my over-swatched paws on the much coveted Soft and Gentle Mineralise Skin Finish, and maybe, (if there's owt left) pay off some of my mortgage.

Obviously I have my priorities completely correct.

See yazzzzz.


  1. YOUR LASHES MAKE ME SICK with jealousy hahahahaha........ OMG you beautiful girl, I am so so so jealous! I just bought this shade, it looks so pretty on youuuuu <3 well done on winning lovely xxxxx

    1. Haha aww thank you so much Gemma :D my lashes are naff all to be jealous over though don't you worry :p

  2. Your introduction made me laugh. Gorgeous color and congratulations on the win!

    1. Haha thank you so much and so glad you enjoyed :D xx

  3. Wood winked is I think my fave Mac eyeshadow EVER!! Hope you win the lottery next!!! Xxxxx

    1. Haha so do I!! Might need to actually buy a lottery ticket first though :p haha xx

  4. I just recently got it and I'm also completely in love with it :)

    1. Ahh I'm glad you liked it too :D it's so pretty!! xx

  5. Beautiful colour. Im very tempted myself to get it….

    1. It would look gorgeous on you Georgia :D xx

  6. Yay for winning things! This is such a pretty shade- looks amazing on you!
    Lydia Rose

  7. I've never tried a MAC shadow either! This is such a pretty shade! It looks gorgeous on you! :) x

  8. *Throws up on your shoes* - give me this eyeshadow nooooow! Looks fabulous on you though, ya wee minx! xx

    Now watch you don't set that sick all over the carpet...

    Amy / srslylou

  9. I love MAC shadows, the best thing about the metallics is that you can build the colour up by layering more on or just dust on a little for a subtle look!!! xx

    Find me on bloglovin:

  10. Thats SO exciting that you won a giveaway!! I want this eyeshadow even moreeee now! Such a lovely shade :)

    Aimée Xx

  11. Lucky you for winning that! It's such a gorgeous shade, I'll have to consider getting it.

    Millie x

    Hidden Beauty♥

  12. That shade looks gorgeous! I've never tried a MAC eyeshadow before but would love to try this one :) x

  13. So I've only just found your blog and I love how you write your posts haha! And congrats on winning, the only eyeshadow I wear is neutral so I would love to try this- It looks lovely on you! x

  14. I am totally in love with your blog as you actually crack me up! I read the entire post and it's all so funny! Haha! Well done on winning though! Woodwinked is an awesome colour!! :D


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