Friday, 29 March 2013

A Rimmel-tdown

Oh Rimmel, Rimmel, where for art thou?
For thou hast abandoned me in my hour of need!

Yeah, I can re-do Shakespeare.
(definitely made that up)

I can't re-do the shopping trip, however, which has made me doubt my faithful...
You see I'm a lover of all things Rimmel - well, most things, and when a bunch of my stuff ran out a few weeks back, I stocked up on Rimmel replacements, knowing for sure that they would fill the gaping hole left in my make-up bag, and on my face.

Sadly, I think a black hole to suck these products into would be more appropriate in hindsight.

First up:

Now this almost went wrong on two fronts, given that I was seconds away from buying it in brown, (we've all done it right?) seriously, that should have been my omen to put it back there and then and grab the Rimmel Day-to-Night, (which I know is amazing!) or that fancy new L'Oreal one with the cool flicky butterfly-brush, but ermm...I didn't.
Bad move Holly.

I gave it a week to improve because we all know that the first and last week of a mascara's life are a write off and shouldn't be allowed to be commented on. Sadly, I think the rest of my time with this mascara is going the same way...
It's not as runny and thin as it was in the beginning, but blatantly volume and length are a myth to its creators, because I get neither.
Even the fibres it has, (which I believe are invisible) don't do much to volumise or lengthen my lashes.
I mean, okay, it's a mascara, so obviously I get some volume and length, but in comparison to other mascara's I've had recently, it is just so average.
My biggest gripe though, is that it's not black black. If it's not black black then I might as well have picked up the brown after all - at least it would have been the advertised colour!
(I hope, I mean if any of you have got the brown and it's turned out to be purple then I'd love to know...)
Yes you guys. This mascara is grey.
Well, it's not, but it is just not as stand out black as some others.

If not applied with extreme due care and attention, now I may need to prepare you for this ladies, (and gents) it's bad...
It flattens - yes FLATTENS, my eyelashes.
I mean what is this madness?
I spend several minutes manipulating and half mutilating my eyelashes, just for it to go and make them flop after thirty seconds?
No way, not on my watch.

I end up doing the 'noooooooooo' type movement where I literally have to prop my lashes up with my finger, in the desperate hope that they might dry that way and stick.

It's not all bad.
I have to mention the good points, because it really isn't awful, it's just 'okay'... if you're wanting a natural mascara then this is for you! The wand is quite nice - I'm not fussed about bristle/plastic wands and take each one as it comes, but this one I like.
It's a slim, plastic wand with fine bristles and THANK THE HEAVENS manages to catch all my lashes, without making too much mess!  I genuinely like it - I can get in those tricky corners and am yet to have the mascara-on-nose moment haha.
Pitty the rest didn't match up...

In truth, I'm still a bit gutted.

Aaaaand, it doesn't end there:

My next disaster pretty much means my eyes are looking more like the cover picture for the non-existent fourth '50 Shades of Grey' book, and not intentionally.
Yup, my new 'black' Rimmel eyeliner is grey too; if I wanted it to look black I'd be causing myself an injury, and that's not cool.
To be honest I think I could pop out into my garden, pick up a grey rock, swish it across my eyes and have a more pleasant, gentle, and blacker experience than this. 
Could have got that for free too.
It's just too hard and requires too much 'pressing on' to get a decent colour pay off, my poor water lines can't stand it.

Special mention to L'Oreal here, because their version is now back in stock, and is amazing!


Ending on a high is important, for balance and the need to put a smile back on your faces after all that ranting!

I did find a wonder product from Rimmel - oh yes I did!
In the form of...

Exaggerate Lip Liner: Red Diva (colour not linked)

This is brilliant!
I truly love it, I plan on wearing it tomorrow underneath my (also Rimmel) 'Alarm' lippy, and I KNOWWWW it will stay put all day.
It goes on better than the best dream you could ever have.
Think of clouds made of chocolate, and a parallel universe where England has abnormally warm and sunny Spring's, snow is reserved for Christmas.
'I compare thee to a Summers' day'.
Yeah, that's more like it.
Shakespeare has all the answers in my head today, who knew I listened in English?

This is a really bright red, matte liner and to be honest, could probably be worn on its own.
It twists/slides up product and just works so well! Amazingly well.
It literally lasts alllll day, and on more than one occasion I've applied it in a moving car/train-that-was-a-bus, with success and a non-wobbly lip line :D

This, like my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain, has survived the lip liner peril that is FOOD, in fact, it was almost untouched.

Love it.

Anyhoo, me and my Shakespeare self are off, before I decide to download his entire works, and re-educate myself to learn the meaning of why he keeps popping into my head, while trying to understand the lingo.
Maybe I'm possessed by his spirit...
I mean, I don't even like Shakespeare.
There must be some explanation.

Please worry if on my next blog post I'm writing in 'Ye Olde Englishe' style.
I may need supernatural help.

Too much Charmed, Holly. Too much.

Good dayy :)


  1. Great post! I don't have a lot of Rimmel products so I may have to delve! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award over at my blog and you can check out the post here :)

    Clare xxx

    1. Aww thank you :D going to put the questions into another post somehow!!

  2. I have that rimmel mascara and actually really liked it hahaha I must be easily pleased :) xx


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