Saturday, 2 March 2013

A Little Lovesick...

You know there's a problem when you realise you don't have a single pink lipstick, apart from an old, crusty one from your lack-of-lipstick knowledge days (nice).
You know that you are going to need a pink lip product to be on your lips in the very near future to match your outfit, feeling slight panic at possibly having to wear the old crusty one, getting old, crusty lips in the process.
You know that definitely means you need to run to Boots at lightning speed and correct this horrible situation.
And you certainly know that there's a new and extremely hyped product, (which just happens to come in a gorgeous hot pink) and that it will be leaving with you that day.

I mean, it would have been rude not to right?

That new and extremely hyped product, (which just happens to come in a gorgeous hot pink) is of course theeeee:

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain: Lovesick
Bit of a mouthful huh?

 It must be good; even the sun came out to shine as I took my photos! 

Thing is, I'd never used a balm stain before - I was always quite reluctant to go for the 'sheer' look, because to me if you're going to wear colour on your lips, it should be noticed. 
A bright pink should be bright pink in my eyes, if not it's like the taste of sugar free chocolate - all the promise but no substance...
And I'd never do sugar free chocolate.

So I was more than pleasantly surprised when this colour turned out to be build-able to the point where it is an extremely bright pink! Therefore if you're not quite as stubborn as me, you could equally rock a more subtle look :)
I am however, stubborn and set in my ways, meaning I piled as much of this onto my lips as physically possible.

My favourite thing about this is how moisturising it is!
Now given that it is a balm stain, that shouldn't be a surprise, it would kind of defeat the object if it didn't moisturise, but really, it is brilliant!
There is absolutely no danger of having that dry bit on the edges of your lips, they literally stay bright, glossy and pretty, just like this ^^^. 

As far as re-application goes, this withstood a curry.
Yes curry,
...and naan bread and rice and general face stuffing haha.
I did top it up afterwards, but I would have done regardless, and did so only a little bit, because in truth I didn't need to!
That must be the stain element of the product...yeah it works.
My lips were still pink the next day, and given that it was a make-up free day, that is a good thing.
High 5 for looking less dead woop!

Another cool thing about this product came as a bit of a surprise to me, because it has this awesome minty-ness to it. Ermm, it's quite hard to explain though, seeing as I don't actually know whether I could taste of smell the mint flavour haha! No word of a lie - my senses are that mixed up...but regardless, it was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. It tingles a little too. 
Mmm I like.

(Just got it out and had a whiff...can't smell any mint, put a tiny bit on, can't taste any either...but I'm pretty sure I could on both occasions I have worn it.

The only thing that worries me is what to do when I've used more of the product and the end goes flat, as opposed to the point it has now...
Safe to say, it will be a painnnnnnnn to try and get around the cupids bow and outer edges of your lips. I imagine sharpening it would also be a pain and you'd lose a lot of product.
I can see it ending badly...
Any advice ladies would be greatly appreciated :)

All in all, I'm really glad I bit the bullet and got this, it's been a happy experience and one I'm looking forward to re-creating in the run up to Summer.

Also, don't laugh, but I only realised today when writing this that the end is retractable, and winds up/down to give you more product :O
Literally, made my day.

In hindsight I should have realised that they wouldn't sell a product in a long stick that only had 1cm of product...
In more hindsight I should have thought about this earlier, and not paid £7.99 for something that might have only contained 1cm of product.
Imagine my disappointment if it'd run out after like 3 uses!
Silly girl.

Goodnightttt :)


  1. this is a gorgeous colour! might have to pick up ones of these :)


  2. Such a gorgeous colour! Need to get my hands on this

    A little bit Unique


  3. Haha, a curry night? That is a test for a lip product :) great colour though.

    I used to have an odd idea in my head that brunettes should stick to red rather than pink lipsticks (no idea why!) so I have way less pinks than I do red lipsticks, but once I had dipped my toe into the pink lipstick pool, I loved it :) Maybe I should try this balm.

    1. Yeah I sort of think the same! I much prefer red on myself, but as far as pink goes this one works :D


  4. wow this colour is gorgeous!
    I love it and I want it..
    UK High Street Fashion

  5. Aww I recommend it!!

    Your blog is fab btw :)

  6. I love these rimmel tinted balms! I have the orangey one called rendezvous its amazing! I keep meaning to get some different shades xx


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