Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Rumour Has It...

Oh Em Gee.
Mega excitement here I tell ya...

Remember a couple of posts ago I had a good old rant about how Topshop had DARRRREEEDDD,  (how very dare they) to stop doing my favourite lipstick, whether for the season or permanently, right before pay-day (aka buy replacement lipstick day)?
Yeah you remember.

Welllllllllll...after a little hunt around the stock checker thingy, I sussed out that my dearest lippy had indeed gone.
It was a sad day...

I couldn't even dash to my town centre store to find out if the little stock checker had lied to me, and that my local Topshop was actually harbouring an army of make-up savers, ready to sell me the remaining stock if I so dared to come looking.
Alas no, the snow meant I was stuck inside my house.
In fact a good portion of it, is still lurking icily outside, making my pavements a dodgy dice with death every time I dare, (in Topshop daring style) to leave my door.

It's only been a week and a half.
No pressure snow, not like it's April or anything...

I defeated it however.
Both the snow, and Topshop.
That's right folks, you heard.

I got my cunning little (actually quite big - I almost always take a medium/large in rings) hands on what is potentially one of the last and therefore most coveted lipsticks around.

Topshop - Rumour Has It:

I went to Liverpool at the weekend, and, although I checked their main Topshop's stock online prior to my visit, just in case, to no avail I might add...they only went and had it in stock didn't they?!
The Liverpudlian legends that they are served me well.
The stock checker not so much. I was right, it lies.
Sawt It Aaaahhhht Topshop.

Me, casually only showing you half my face, because I may have had a nap on the other side ;) but there's my lipstick yeahh!!

Rumour has it, I wore my new lipstick on this very day today.
Rumour has it, that uhhh... no one actually even noticed, considering the colour is just so similar to my own lip colour.
Rumour has it - I don't care.
I know I'm wearing it, and I like it.
I went half way across the world North of England to get my medium/large hands on it!

Okay so I mentioned that people may or ermm, may not have noticed me wearing it. That's because however, it is a 'your-lips-but-better' type colour, although slightly more brown than pink, and probably not on everyone; my lips are naturally quite pigmented, meaning on myself the change is very subtle.
The main difference comes in the form of the pretty, golden sheen this lipstick gives you. It's not something that could be replicated with your own lips, it's just better
Also, for any nudeophobes* like myself, (yep I did just invent that bad boy phobia right there) it is the perfect colour, because we still do want to wear lipstick, aside from bright reds and pinks you know?

Aside from its bad boy anti-nudeophobic qualities, it has pretty good staying power, is non-drying, and is build-able, meaning a small swathe across the lips will add nothing more than a golden brown sheen, for those whose lips are maybe not as naturally dark as my own.
At £8 it is pricey, although not in the region of it's MAC counterparts, and I've massively learnt my lesson not to hang about and look for cheaper dupes for too long when you know pretty damn well that you will not find one that you like quite as much.

Another lesson learned: don't rely on stock checkers.
Check yourself.
Weather permitting of course ;)

Happy Easter peeps!

*nudeophobes - to be afraid of pale and/or nude lip colours that make your lips look non-existent, and your teeth look yellow.


I wanted to end this post with something a little different.
I would massively appreciate it if you read this...

This weekend I unintentionally came across the witty, hilarious, and absolutely heart-rending blog, and after what can only be described as a mammoth reading session, a blog post of my own began to write itself in my head.
I feel it only right to take the words out of my head and type them here.

Lisa Lynch was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer at just 28 years old. 
She spent the next four years documenting her every experience on her blog, from her treatment, to recovery, boobs, to bowel movements.
Heartbreakingly, part way through rebuilding her life, her cancer returned, only this time, when it left, it took her with it. 
So beautifully written, was and IS her blog, that I felt compelled to mention her, in memory if you like - because she is certainly imprinted on mine right now. Lisa was an incredibly brave woman - and though she hated that word, from my reckoning, it's a pretty good one to describe her with. Her writing was so poignant and moving that it has in a way altered my outlook on life.
In addition to that, given that we have blogging in common, it made me question my own writing a little, and it's relevance at all in the grand scheme of things. 

I very nearly didn't write my lipstick post today.
Hindsight is a good thing however, and I changed my mind...

Cancer and other such illnesses or tragedies, have robbed many people, like Lisa, of their lives - both while they were still living it, and now that they are gone.
We cannot give in to it. 
Beauty, fashion, and this here ickle blog is my hobby, and my way of sharing a small part of me with the world.
And therefore, despite the ultimately bigger things in life, which are absolutely more important than a lipstick, we can't let them rob and rule any more than they do. 
Aside from running Race For Life as I have before, I'm a few medical degrees short of making a real impact when it comes to cancer. 
However I've come to the conclusion that blogs such as mine, though plentiful and not nearly as impressionable, provide a small amount of balance and escapism, for those who seek it, and so in a small way, perhaps I can make a difference. 
I am lucky enough to be in good health, and for as long as I am, I will write about the things I enjoy, superficial and materialistic as they may be, just in case one day I can't - or even more, in case someone out there other than my mum, (and most avid reader) appreciates it.
This is me taking life by the horns.

This blog post is for Lisa, while she didn't know me, nor I her, her blog has moved me to tears, both of laughter and sadness.
I'd like to think that if the chance had arisen, she could have read my blog too, and despite its trivial content in comparison - it could have perhaps made her smile, and forget for even two teeny seconds, about 'The Bullshit' which was sadly taking her life.
Perhaps that is the relevance in blogs like mine.

I'd also like to hope that, *touch wood* if I was ever in her position, I'd be as strong and brave as she was.
Oops, used that 'b' word again...
Sorry Lisa.

RIP Lisa Lynch.


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  2. First off, that's such a lovely lipstick!

    I've never heard of Lisa before, so thank for sharing. A friend of mine has cancer, she's only 18 and it's just beyond heartbreaking. What's remarkable is how strong she is and I can't wait to share Lisa's book with her. I think you're right, hearing a story such a Lisa's or even anybody else's can really touch you and make you think twice about what's important in life, what you enjoy etc, it's important to share your passions with the world x

    1. Oh wow, that is heartbreaking - I really hope your friend recovers, it's fab that she's being so strong about it and I'm sure it helps to have you around as her friend :) I'm sure she will love Lisa's book.
      Thanks for reading by the way, really appreciate it :)


  3. You absolutely crack me up! The way you write is brilliant. That lip colour looks lovely on you too :)

    That last part is so sad. I went over and had a little read and it just made me so sad. My mum went for a breast screening today and it justs make you question everything. After reading this I've just signed up to do the race for life in the summer, wish me luck!

    Great pot Holly :)


    1. Aww thank you so muchhh :D

      Ohh, I hope she's okay and nothing turns up from her screening, it really does make you question everything...fingers crossed for a clear result :)
      I'm doing it too, good luck to us both haha...


    2. No worries, yeah I hope so too, thank you!
      haha yes good luck to us both, I seriously need to get training, I can't run for five minutes without being out of breath!!


  4. Ah, glad you found one! Looks like such a lovely and unique shade :)

    -Jen xo



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