Friday, 15 March 2013

Day and Night

Ummm, yeah. So this looks like it might be a 'Day to Night' make-up look, but I'm lying.
In fact I just thought the title sounded catchy and I'm now singing Kid Cudi's song from a couple of years ago in my head.

In fact this post is more of an every day eye look, complete with a not so every day look that gets an outing so rarely, that it's probably not even been worn on a night out of my onesie.
And onesie-less nights do not happen often I tell you.

First up is my old favourite.
My faithful smoky matte brown/bronze eye make-up, from my well loved Revlon Colorstay Palette, (Coffee Bean) *featured here* which *sob* Revlon actually...DISCONTINUED.
I'm wiping my tears.
And in the process, ruining the make-up I'm wearing, which includes my Revlon shadow, sacrilege this is.
It's pouring off my face.
Such a waste.

I'm wearing the middle two colours; a kind of dark beige and a bronze, which looks shimmery but definitely isn't! I also often add a little of the dark brown colour, but not today...especially seeing as I'm trying to preserve it.
I would have worn the pale cream colour at the top across my lid, but ermm...yeah it's gone :(
That is all I wish to say on the matter of my poor palette, it is dying, and I will be sad.

So will my eyebrows, the beige and brown colours combine to make the perfect brows.
It's not just my eyes that will look bare once it's gone...

I literally wear this look almost every day, my lack of adventure when it comes to my eye make-up is disturbing, especially considering how much I love eye make-up.

One day this week however, when my beautiful Naked 2 palette came-a-calling, it wasn't the smoky brown tones of Snakebite or Bootycall that I picked, it was...silver?!


Seriously, I've not worn any kind of silver or grey, sparkly or otherwise, (but especially sparkly) on my eyes since I was around 18. One day it just stopped happening, I decided that as a lover of gold and warm toned things, I didn't know why I was putting cool, dark tones on my eyes.
I convinced myself that they didn't suit me.

Still not sure to be honest...but I'm making baby steps.
When my Revlon palette finally dies...this may be just one of a world of alternatives :)

I'm wearing dark metal coloured Verve, with dark grey Pistol through the crease, both from the Naked 2 palette - another one I'd probably mourn in a serious manner if ever it ran out...

Let me just say before I show you these, how much I LOVE it when taking two sets of photo's on two consecutive days, at the same time produces such crazy lighting differences... :| 
Cheers England, love you and your weird weather. Ahem.

Though it actually felt sooooo beyond weird to wear this, I actually quite liked it. I'm not going to be so afraid to branch out from my brown comfort zone in future, and I may even delve into the crazy realms of colour - nothing too crazy though, right ;)

And of course, not until my Revlon eyeshadows are well and truly gone.

Let's just say I'm easing myself in gently...

Altogether now:


  1. Haha I very rarely have onesie-less nights either!
    I love both looks, but I actually think I prefer the silvery one! :)

    1. Aww thank you! I'm glad you said that, might encourage me to wear it more haha...

  2. I love a neutral smokey eye, youve given some great tips! Love the UD naked palettes

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  3. I love this post! I would love if you could check out my new blog it's
    Thank you so much xoxo

    1. Thank you :D I've had a look, it's looking good so far!! Keep it up :D


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