Sunday, 24 March 2013

If I Were On A Desert Island...

It's TAG time!
Like Chico time, but less annoying...

I was tagged by the lovely Georgia from Becoming Hugo, to do the 'Desert Island' beauty tag.
First off, not only is Georgia lucky enough to be somewhat living out this little tag as it is, (because let's face it, Malta is definitely a desert island in comparison to Huddersfield right now, where I am suffering from a mini case of cabin fever, being shut inside by more snow than I've ever seen, chocolate-less, and without enough Charmed episodes to keep me going much longer) but she has also met some of the Spice Girls. 
Say no more, I want her life.
(Aside from the Maths degree *shudders*)

So as I was saying, she tagged me to do the Desert Island post, where I have to pick out the five beauty products I would have on my little desert island with me.

Sunset in Kos - Not exactly a desert island, but it was hot, sunny and I liked it...

Like Georgia said, I'm going to assume that sun cream is provided, or even better, that upon becoming stranded on said desert island, my skin suddenly evolves and becomes UVA/UVB resistant, while still being able to gain a tan. 
This too removes the need for the anti-histamine tablets and after-sun I'd no doubt need.

Stupid heat rash.

So here we go, my picks...

I have to pinch one of Georgia's here, because I literally could not live without it, regardless of what country I'm in, my lips need Vaseline! 
It's possibly a bad choice though for such a presumably hot place...I don't know if any of you have ever taken a tin of Vaseline on holiday, not had air conditioning, and ended up with a gloopy, runny, puddle in a tin? 
It's interesting.
Shall we just say I hope that on my desert island, I find shelter under either a cool tree, or even better, come across a secluded five star hotel, complete with air con, to support the life of my poor Vaseline.

I took this on holiday last year and I loved it! It's such a vibrant, hot pink but with an almost coral edge to it, that it really is just perfect - especially with a tan! 
Oddly, it fades in the sun, so I'd definitely need it with me to top up every couple of days, or put my fingernails under the shade of my cool tree for preservation purposes :).

This only ever gets a look in once the REAL Summer weather has begun - it needs some form of tan to bring it out and show it off at it's best. It's a gorgeous coral colour, which would match my pinky-orange nails perfectly. It's a frost finish, but the sheen it has will perfectly set off the Summery-glow look.
Seeing as England has naff all sun all year, a desert island would give me ample opportunity to wear this bad-boy! Maybe it could even double as a blush/bronzer if I blended it out well enough...or even some form of tribal markings, hmm.

HA! So, I'm cheating, but perhaps we could say that I'll be on my desert island for no more than 6-8 weeks?
Perhaps we could also say that the night before my desert island experience began, I had some sort of premonition of what was to come, and could quickly book myself in to have my lashes preened to perfection, rendering mascara useless - which it is in daylight hours in a hot place anyway, no way would be eyes be able to cope without water pouring down my face, ruining my mascara.
Yeah, having my lashes done like this would be a saviour, and mean I could spend more time hunting for food, (if I didn't find the hotel) and less time doing my eyelashes! 

I'm cheating again. I don't own this one, but I've seen it around and it would be the perfect multi-task kit for my trip. Presuming that Costa Chic would look absolutely ridiculous as a blush/bronzer, this palette provides both, along with the perfect colours to create a smoky eye, because I do love a good smoky eye... The brown shadow colour could also double as an eyeliner if I dipped my makeshift brush, (twig or leaf) in a stream to darken and concentrate the colour. Along with the purple, the brown shades could also be useful in camouflaging me from any predators I may come across...


I'm going to presume I'd efficiently packed some make-up wipes in whatever bag I would definitely have with me, and some MOISTURISER, (face and body) but if not then perhaps I could faction my own moisturiser from coconut milk or some sort of natural oils, and maybe there could be actual streams of Bioderma to get the make-up off. Oh and nail polish remover.
Yeah, sounds good to me :)

Before I go, I'm going to tag the frankly hilarious Hannah from 'Student Life', because despite this being a beauty post, I'm more than positive she can think of five items, (beauty or otherwise) that she would want or need in her little paradise.
I'm also going to tag Rosalie Jayne, because she has pretty fab taste in all things beauty related, and I'm sure I'd read her list and agree entirely.

Until we meet again, I'm off to start writing the script for what must surely be the follow up to 'Lost', and practise the dance moves from Destiny's Child - 'Survivor', so I can act it out once I get ambushed by the locals in my Costa Chic tribal markings.
Surely they would be amazed by my awesome moves and accept me into their fold, showing me the ways of the jungle, while in return I do their make-up.

Now I'd appreciate it if you watched this, substituting Beyonce's head for my own, and pretend that god-given voice you can hear is also my own, just because ;)


  1. Ahah I loved this. No one says it better than Bey ;) Totes gunna do it tomorrow! Night xx

    1. Bey is queen haha <3 yeyyy!! Excited I am xx

  2. I love this tag you can learn so much about a person from it :)

  3. LVL Lashes are such a good idea! Let's just assume my list was a draft, still available for change :) Luckily I can take more than 5 items with me to Malta (though trying to squeeze your whole life into 2 suitcases is hard work!)


    1. Haha your list was just fine, but yes LVL lashes are just ahhhh <3 and yes thank god for suitcases really haha!!



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