Sunday, 10 March 2013

Because I'm In Love With Fashion...


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Oooh exciting stuff!!
E-Tail PR are giving us here bloggers the chance to win £200 to spend on the lovely little website that is In Love With Fashion, and given that I do indeed love fashion, and don't indeed have a right lot to spend on my love of fashion, this opportunity makes me very happy!!

First up this competition is open to anyone who creates a wishlist just like the one I've done above, and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in spending one too many evenings pouring over websites and saying 'mine, mine, mine', in a seagulls-from-Finding-Nemo type style, (yeahh you know the ones) so I'm sure that choosing those coveted items for your Polyvore collage won't be so hard...

It certainly wasn't for me, and if I do say so myself, my collage is looking pretty damn goooood.
I'm drooling ahh...

It's also looking fairly colour coordinated in all its red and monochrome-ness, which I didn't notice or anticipate - but it looks kinda cool...clearly my subconscious is on trend ;)

Your collage can have as many items as you want, I mean I'm pretty sure you could collage the entire contents of the website if you wish, but Blogger might explode...I managed to rein myself in to eight, which wasn't the easiest of tasks for a professional 'add to basket then click X'-er, but I did it yey!

Once you're done, publish your wishlist and email it to before 2pm on Friday 15th of March.
After that, it's all down to the powers that be...
'And may the odds be ever in your favour.'

Anyhow, on to the fun picks:

First up is a gorgeous monochrome swirled print maxi dress, and just look at it ahhh! I love a good maxi dress, and given that this one is not only on trend, perfect for going out or for cooler Summer days, (that's every day then) and has a THIGH-HIGH-SPLIT, (meowwwww) I'm sure it would get good wear!

Next is an animal print bralet, because it really wouldn't be a clothes related post of mine without a bit of animal print now would it? Thing is this is quite daring for me - the only other bralet I have is a fair bit more substantial than this one, and it's only been worn once, on holiday. However, once I saw my next pick, I just knew they'd go together...

Ah yes, a black and white high waisted pencil skirt would finish that little outfit off nicely!! Or more, start it...wouldn't be much good going out in a bralet alone ahem :| . Truely, I love pencil or midi skirts, they're so classy, and so teamed with something a little more risqué like an animal print bralet, I think they cancel each other out perfectly.

Ahh now check me out I slightly broke my monochrome theme!! Just slightly...but this pretty ox-blood heart jumper, despite Summer being on its way, just had to be on my list. I love a good jumper, and for Spring a light jumper is still a necessary part of your wardrobe. Teamed with skinny black jeans, leggings, denim shorts or disco pants, to be honest I could probably justify wearing it every day.
I also usually shy away from grey - so double check me out!!  

Yeah I'm obsessed with red. It might be another in a long list of obsessions and problems I have, and how preeeeeetty is red dress?! I have never ever worn anything like this before, (I know right, what's wrong with me?) but I'm feeling wild and would really like to.
Wild I tell ya.

But not for too long...*sighhh* old habits die hard...

Oops! Yeah I've regressed back into my safety zone. Black, black, black...and not even with the bright white that makes it monochrome. However, I have another dress very similar to this one, only in cream...sadly it is erm, slightly on the see-through side and unwearable. 
Boo hoooooo.
This makes me upset.
That's why this midi dress is just so right!! 

As I said my safety zone is back, and black.
But low and behold, and this might shock you...I do not own a single pair of black heels!! Uh-huh you heard me! 
Not one pair.
The pair I featured just a few weeks ago here were in fact my mums. 
Promise I'll have them back soon mum, honest...
(After I wear them next Saturday that is)

Given that I have no black heels at all, it only made sense to pick two extremely good and different pairs that would fit my every need. A rather gorgeous pair of wedge ankle boots, (because no I don't have any of those either!) along with the staple that is platform heels, would be the perfect additions to my sadly lacking shoe rack.
Also either pair would look pretty awesome with any of the outfits mentioned above...
Forward thinking you see ;)

Right, seeing as I've rambled about as much as you possibly can, I think it's time to end there.
Also I'm typing in the dark which is erm, interesting, considering my brightness is turned down.
I'm seemingly a pro touch typist. 
(Adds to CV)

Night everyone :D

P.S. Happy Mothers Day mum, because I'm pretty sure you will be the first to read this.
I love you, and I reeeeally do promise I'll have your shoes back soon.


  1. You and your mum sound so cute and this is a great competition! That maxi dress is amazing and I love red as well

    A little bit Unique


    1. Aww! Haha she's my most avid reader :p

  2. That red dress is so beautiful. I'm just like you, I always find myself veering towards black. I've had to ban myself recently so I suppose it's a win that my eyes were drawn straight to the red number? Yes, I'll take that :)

  3. Loving the leopard print bralet, I think me and you can both safely say its an addiction of ours haha!
    Great post Holly :)

    1. Aww thank you :D leopard print really is just the best haha

  4. cute bandeau! nice post!

  5. oo I love the red jersey dress.. great choices!
    UK High Street Fashion

  6. Holly, I've tagged you in a post on my blog and I'd love it if you could check it out :)



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