Thursday, 28 February 2013

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Ah yes, girly evenings.
Those times where my other half likes to believe we have pillow fights while wearing the tiniest amount of lingerie in existence, but in actuality we just gossip and fill our bellies with as much un-healthy stuff as physically possible.

It was indeed, one of those days.

We'd hopped on a train, (that turned out to be a bus - don't ask) followed by another train, working up so much of an appetite that a stop off at the Findus factory would have been more than appropriate.
As it happened, chocolate and pizza more than met the criteria of being 'so-hungry-you-could-eat-a-horse', meaning burgers or lasagne's were happily avoided.

Our nosh for the day was just, AHHHHHH! Sadly I forgot to take a picture of the houmous and pitta bread which were undoubtedly the highlight, and saw us all desperately trying to convince ourselves that we hadn't already eaten enough for a week, and we DEFINITELY were not full!
As it happens I had houmous with my dinner today, and mannnn it was good. Inspired so I was.

Oh, also missing from these pictures was my oh-so-hardcore glass of lemonade, because I'm ohhhh-so-hardcore.

Just when you thought it couldn't get more exciting than a girly day full of food, mini-fashion shows, (more like actual host wardrobe invasion) and make-up running from excessive 'train-that-was-a-bus-and-definitely-not-stopping-at-your-stop' stress, we were lucky enough to be in the presence of a genius...
Our host for the day was an epic nail-expert, and managed a transformation of Cinderella-esque proportions, turning my poor, ruined nails into outstandingly beautiful mini-masterpieces, not worthy of being hidden away. I felt like a new woman and flashed them in the faces of anyone who just happened to be around, regardless of their interest in nails.
As you can imagine, my sixteen year old brother was impressed.

Doesn't know what he's missing. 

Indeedy yes, two of us were shellacked, (is that the right word?) at lightning speed, just in time for our train, and then train-that-was-a-bus home. 
Took me over an hour of being careful to realise that no, my nails really would not smudge, and yes they really were THAT dry and gorgeous.
Mind = blown.

(While we're here, just look at how long and gorgeous my friend's dark-red nails are.
Not jealous AT ALL.
Nope, not a bit.)

Don't you just love it when iPhone camera flashes make everything look all white and misty?
I've decided I might as well embrace it.
I was obviously going for the mysterious look...but it was such a mystery, that I didn't even know it myself until after it was taken.

N'awwwwww look at us all <3
My girlies :)


Going to end my post today with the leopard print dustpan and brush which got me almost as excited as the shellac did, and sent my addiction wild...
It even has one of those awesome long handles that mean you don't have to do your back in!! Winning :)
Given that I'm about to go and abuse my brand new bottle of my B.F.F, (Dettol Mould and Mildew Remover lol) just looking at this makes me feel better.
Isn't it beautiful?
I bet you feel better too now.

I want it.

Night all ;)


  1. You all look absolutely gorgeous and looks like such a fun night! I love girlie nights in, some of the best nights ever

    A little bit Unique



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