Friday, 15 February 2013

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair...

I've been waiting for this for a long time.
My day has finally come.
Today, I get to pretend I'm in a L'Oreal advert and swish my hair around 'because I'm worth it'...
Well, kind of.

Truth is, my hair has been pretty much under wraps for the last seven or eight months now, in ermm...let's just call it deep repair, and it needed a little help to recover.
There's only so much good work that cutting out all the bad things can do, so after I put down my hairspray and my comb, and got myself a few fancy but fad-ish shampoos and conditioners - which failed, I decided to join the hair oil hype.

Now MoroccanOil sounds awesome, but in my eyes if I'm really going to pay that much for what might be just another fad - I expect my hair to come out plated in pure 24 carat gold, and that's a bit weird...
Okay. Maybe 24 carat is ambitious, but for £30 I'd expect AT LEAST Argos quality gold to be gracing my hair.

Then I'd chop it off, Cash For Gold it and I'd be RICH MUHAHAHAA.
(Who am I kidding? Rapunzel is my idol.)

 Anyhoooooo, off I popped onto t'interweb to find a cheaper alternative, and low and behold, what was this?!
Argania Argan Oil, which was on an introductory offer at Boots, for £9.99?
Who would I be to pass up on an opportunity like that?

There it is.
Look at it in all its awesome, cheap(ish), red glory.

I have used this product now somewhat religiously for seven months, and I'm roughly half way down the bottle - value for money? I think so.
Also - when I say I've used it religiously, that is because OH MY GOD does this work?!
I am a sceptic and a half but in all honesty from the very first pea-sized use my hair acquired this new and exciting quality that it has never, ever had before...
Think they call it shine?
My hair is not pure or even Argos gold-plated, but it's shinier than it has ever been.
If it was gold, I'd rival 2-Chainz in the bling stakes with my hair alone.
Yeahhh, each strand would be a chain.
Take that 2-Chainz.

I'd be like Medusa, but with chains.
My shining hair would blind all who looked upon it, like the sun, only in crazy, Medusa type style.

Rihanna would change her song lyrics.
'Shine bright like my hairrrrr'
No-one would even care that 'hair' doesn't have the same number of syllables as 'diamonds', because let's face it, shiny gold, chain hair kicks diamond ass.


Before                                                   -                                                            After
*high 5 for my animal print onesie-dressing gown combo yeahhhhh,
 oh and in monochrome because I'm down with the Spring/Summer trends ;)*

It's not just the shine.
My hair is healthy again!
It is smooth and manageable, I can get a brush through it, and it dries sleeker and straighter than ever in my life!

The photo's above were taken when my hair was just slightly damp from being washed, and left to dry naturally. 
On the left, although not bad in comparison to my hair abusing days, my hair is much frizzier, drier and fly-away than on the right. To touch the texture is very different.
In the picture on the right, my hair is just a dream.
It's silky and swish-able, smooth and shiny.

The ONLY real con is that if you then curl your hair, they don't stay in quite as well. 
The texture of your hair is much more slippery, so the curls literally slip a little, and drop more than without using the oil.
However the oil also acts as a heat defence, so a big plus if you do use it with curlers!

There are two another cons which I've discovered - but in all honesty they're only cons if you have an issue with ingredients.
First of all, two silicone products are listed as the main ingredients - I have done my research on this and see no problem with it, however some people don't like the idea of having chemicals on their hair. From what I found out they are actually contributing to the positive effects of the oils :).
Which brings me on to potential con number two...
Again, for me this is not an issue, but there are other natural oils in this product. sweet almond oil, jojoba seed oil, macadamia nut oil, evening primrose oil, and carrot oil. Not the pure argan oil some people might be hoping for, but in my eyes these are all natural products meant to be good for the hair, so the more the merrier I say!

This little magic bottle of beauty can be found here:
Ta Da!!
(also available in 'Light' for fine or light coloured hair)

...Now if only I could find a product which would mean my hair wasn't two inches longer on the left than the right?
A product not called 'Scissors', that is.

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  1. Some swear by kelp supplements while others rave about head massage, but is it really possible to speed up hair growth?



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