Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Liebster Award...

I've only gone and been nominated for the Liebster award! 

Now in all my giddy excitedness, I started writing this within about three seconds of being nominated, and went a little bare in mind that this is the edited version, and it's still longer than the average book, you might be here a while, not always a good thing haha.
What is a good thing however, is that I was nominated by Hannah - who is Hannah you might ask? Oh, only MY FAVOURITE BLOGGER IN THE WORLDDDDD!! In all seriousness, I do believe I had a mini fan girl moment, I almost, (almost people, but not quite) spilled my hot chocolate in excitement, before realising that to spill it would be sacrilege. 
Anyhow, if you haven't read her blog or observed her amazingly bootylicious maxim, you haven't lived.

(I am however slightly cross with Hannah for saying her acceptance speech would be like Joey from Friends-esque, as I would have probably used a similar line ;) ...because of that however, I've decided that my acceptance speech would and should be more along the lines of Halle Berry's Oscar speech, because I'm cool like that.
Now where's the tissues?)

Now I've seen the Liebster award floating around on blogs for some time, and basically what you have to do is:
1. Share 11 facts about yourself. 
2. Answer 11 questions that the person who nominated has sent you.
3. Nominate other bloggers and ask them 11 questions, anything you like...

This may take some time.

Okay so first of all, 11 facts about me.

I think the most appropriate first fact is that I'm USELESS at thinking of facts, I'm going to try my very best at this, but I genuinely don't believe I'm the most interesting person around, and there's probably very little to say about me. That being said, I'm pretty good at rambling, so I'm almost certain I can somehow muster up some useless information to tell you :) ooooh see - two facts in one there!

Talking of useless information, I'm full of it. I've previously been called the 'useless book of knowledge', because at the most inappropriate of times, I'll suddenly decide to interrupt a conversation about Eastenders with something along the lines of - 'did you know there's a man in Southern Indonesia who named the "kndckcihljediingo" volcano after one of his sheep?' ...because in my head that little gem of information will be appropriate to the subject.
Needless to say, every person in the room will give me 'the look', and move on with the conversation.

I am weird when it comes to food. I compartment eat. I guess it's an OCD thing, but I am one of those people who just can't stand mixing food. If there's carrots, peas, and potatoes on my plate, I'd typically eat the peas, then the carrots, then the potatoes, in ascending order of preferred taste. The peas get forced down, trust me - but it's nothing compared to the slight panic that ensures if my poor peas are mingling with my carrots. I don't think so. I have to fish them all out before I can start to eat... On the other hand, I have no trouble with food that's meant to be mixed, like spag bol, or vegetable soup. 

I'm not just OCD with food, when I was younger, I had more silly routines and habits than I dare to go into. It wasn't until I was in a Science class in Year 9 where my teacher was talking about OCD, and the class was laughing at how 'stupid' it sounded, that I realised she was describing someone exactly like me. Let's just say nervous laughter helped me out that day, but it changed my outlook on life.

I hate spiders, their very existence disgusts me. 

I dislike moths. Moths however, like me. This is a problem, however where spiders render me a useless quivering wreck, moths have the opposite effect. I seem to be somewhat of a masochist and quite enjoy murdering the little monsters. Drowning them in the toilet is my favourite method. I also quite enjoy spraying them with Cif, (any other cleaning product will do) or just plain battering them.

I tweet a lot. However I've been somewhat quiet since having my blog. I think it's a case of getting out all of my ramblings on here in one go, and then being left with nothing to tweet about. I do miss it sometimes.

Art is something else I miss. I LOVEEEEE drawing, I'm determined that one day I will get back to it properly, portraits are my 'thing'.  For now I'm trying to channel it all into my house, but funds are restricting my ability to become the next Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen, (yes, the only interior designer I can think of - Changing Rooms ftw!) so Magnolia throughout will have to do.

I've just spent a full day watching Charmed. I love Charmed... I wish I was in Charmed :(

I have an unhealthy relationship with chocolate, cake, chocolate biscuits, and Yazoo chocolate milkshake. Mmmmmmm. I could quite happily eat, (and drink) my weight in chocolate all day every day and be 30 stone. I wouldn't even care, fat and happy is the future. The only other food I'd need in my diet would be cheese, and possibly Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, life would be so good...

My most dedicated blog reader is my mum. She checks back on my blog more than I do, she texts me to update me on new comments, and had more guts than I did to share it for the first two months. I was petrified of people seeing it, and she finally gave me the push to share it with all you lovely peeps :) N'awwww.

PHEWWWW that's 11 done, unless I've counted wrong. Maths was never my strong point - ooooh see a bonus fact right there yeahhh ;)

Now onto Hannah's questions:

If you could only own one brand of make up, which would it be?
Oh Hannah, Hannah, this is a tricky one! I'd love to say MAC, but considering there is a sad lack of MAC products in my life and a definite lack of funds to buy MAC products, I'm going to go with Rimmel. A good all-rounder me thinks :)

What is your favourite Friends episode? 
Now I was was having a right good giggle earlier to the lottery episode with the pigeon, (coo) massively, but that goes for most episodes of Friends for me...especially from around Ross-Emily onwards.
My all time favourite though, goes to...'PIVOTTTTTTTTTTT', say no more.

What are your current beauty favourites? ...and are you still loving that Dettol?
Oooooh I'm so tempted to leave you in suspense here and say 'you'll find out in an up-coming post MUHAHAHA' ...but for now I'll just say my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Lovesick Passionee, because it survived curry night almost un-touched.
Sadly, I used the last of my B.F.F Dettol spray this weekend, and I've got a little patch of mould that managed to survive my bottle, this upsets me, I'm afraid it's going to invade in the night and I'll wake up in a sea of greeny black. Bleughhhhhhh.

How do you survive living with your boyfriend?
It's not without difficulty ;)

Who are your favourite bloggers? And why is this, huh?
Well actually, you!! Haha, I think you actually border on being a genius. If you were a rapper I'd call you a lyrical genius, but as far as I know, you're not (are you?).
Beauty blogger wise my fav's are Beautycrush and Essie Button, who were my inital inspiration, and RosalieJayne who is just a fab down-to-Earth blogger. A bit of shewearsfashion never goes a miss, just so I can drool over her clothes.

If you could marry anyone in the world... In other words, who would you like to do naughty things to?
Well, aside from my ever so lovely, (and rather fit) other half, my love for Mr. Timberlake has recently been rekindled. He's missing a bit of his old stubble, but that's probably a good thing, if he grew it back I might jump into my TV and capture him...muhahahaha.
Aside from that you can never go wrong with a bit of Will Smith, Peter Andre or David Beckham. Weirdly, also Jack Sparrow, not Johnny Depp though, just Jack Sparrow, in all his filthy hotness.

Yeah. I'm that strange.

If you could change one thing about your blog, what would it be?
This is a toughy! It's hard to pin point one thing, but sometimes I get frustrated at my lack of photoshopping blog is very much a set of botched jobs and works in progress when it comes to how it looks. I very much envy those immaculately designed blogs...aka the bloggers who know what they're doing!
I'd also probably quite like a PROPER CAMERA, and the ability to know when to stop rambling.

If you had to do one thing every single day for the rest of your life, aside from the basic human necessities of course, what would it be?
(Beyond tempted to write 'lie on a beach' here)
I think it would be walking. By that I don't mean the hiking type walking through endless mountains and through mud, with a horrendously large and painful rucksack and a lack of style. I mean, walking to and from places, I love it. I used to do it much more than pre driving days ;) but I loved it. I'd stick my headphones in and spend the walk contemplating life.
(I also spend the walks pretending I'm in the music video for whatever song I'm listening to, but we can forget that...)

Sometimes I look at your OOTD's and think 'I'm not ready for that jelly'.. why do you have such a wonderful figure? Despite the fact you're not brill at setting alarms for going to the gym? ;) (stalker here)
You big stalker you ;) 
 Body Combat, because I'm a hardcore mofo.
Also, it's in the evening, so I generally make it there alarm-less.

And chocolate.

What's your favourite post I've ever written?
Hannah, I don't read your blog. LOL jk, I'm your biggest fan.
Either your Mr. Darcy post, (YOU GO GIRLLLL) purely because reading it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and very happy for you! Ermm he best be replying to you on the lurrrve front too methinks. I also love the Washing Problems post, as it was the first one of yours I read, and I definitely relate!!! In actuality though, I've never read a post of yours without finding myself in hysterics.

And finally, how are your eyelashes going after that immense eyelash treatment thing you had?
Well, if I tell you that today I'm sat at my mums, with no make-up on what-so-ever, and she has been talking to my last five remaining curled eyelashes all day, in a rather 'men-talking-to-your-boobs' manner, that should tell you enough :( 
After ten long weeks, I'm very nearly back to my usual eyelashes, or lack of, and I'm feeling very sad...

My hands are starting to hurt now, so it's time to swiftly move on to my nominees...

And in true 90's kid Pokemon style, Katie from Talk Ffashion, I choose you!
She has incredibly long hair, of which me and no doubt my second nominee will be very jealous! 
Her fashion sense is impeccable and ranges from your regular day-to-day but stylish outfits, to the more dressy endeavours, plus just a few non-fashion posts.
I also rather want these.
Katie was one of the first bloggers I came across when starting my own blog, and I've been reading ever since :)

Also...Natalie from Eyelash Wishes, I choose you!!
First of all, I'm a relatively new subscriber to Natalie, but spent a rather large amount of time reading back and enjoying her posts :) 
First of all, her blog is leopard print and you know that is enough to send me wild! Second of all she has IMPOSSIBLY long eyelashes, which are making me very, very likely to go and purchase the Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara which she has used, in the desperate hope that I might magically grow long, luscious lashes overnight.
I'm aware that she already did The Versatile Blogger Award post, (which made me giggle) but oh well :p
Also, she has over 200 followers OOPS!

Here are my questions for them; I've done nine questions the same and just two individual ones...just to be confusing!

1. What made you want to start a blog?
2. What are your favourite blog posts to write?
3. Also, what are your favourite blog posts to read?
4. List three celebs you would like to snog, marry and avoid.
5. What are your favourite beauty products right now?
6. What are three things you want to achieve before you're 25?
7. Music is a big thing for me, what have you been listening to this past week?
8. Can you describe yourself in three words?
9. Who are your favourite bloggers?

10. What are your absolute favourite clothing items right now?
11. What hair products do you use? I need them in my life haha.

10. Why did you name your dog Roger? I like it, from his pics he actually suits it haha.
11. What are your tips for impossibly long eyelashes? I'm massively jealous!

Anyhoo, this was erm...LONG!
So I'll leave it there with only the fabulous Halle Berry, showing everyone how it's done.


  1. Ahaha, I loved this. I too love Charmed, I used to be so obsessed that I actually collected the magazine back in the day so that I'd have my own book of shadows. I was that cool ;) And actually, I can do a mean Eminem rap in my spare time. I also know all the lyrics to baby got back.. so you know, I kinda am a lyrical genius ;) x

    1. Hannah, thank you so much for introducing me to this brilliant blog. Seriously Holly, you are hilarious and a delight to read :)

      Much love to both of you!

    2. Awwww thank you both :D Georgia, that just made my day a little...such a lovely comment, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it and how nice it is to know that people like what I do! Much love to you both also :)

      P.S Hannah, good to know if ever Eminem went out of business, we'd have a replacement :p

  2. Thanks so much for nominating me, I'll be sure to do it over the next few days!
    And thank you sooooo much for taking the time to look at my blog and read not just one, but a few posts, I really appreiciate it! :)

    And I am so like you! Spiders? EURGH! Moths? EVEN MORE EURGH!

    1. Awww it's okay, you're very welcome!! Your blog is so lovely, it's nice to recognise the work that goes into it :D

      Haha omg yes let's just say insects in general should die and we'll be all good :p glad I'm not alone!!!

    2. Thank you!
      Oh yeah I really agree, they shoul just never have existed in the first place!


  3. Thankyou for the mention lovely, that's just made my day :) I loved reading this, aha I totally agree about the spiders and black mould, dettol is a good friend of mine too :)
    Rosalie x

    1. Aww you're so welcome, and thank you too, I'm gonna have a head the size of China soon from these lovely comments :O

      Omg yes! Someone else who knows the beauty of Dettol ;) honestly not sure what I'd do without it.

  4. aw well done for getting nominated:) love your blog!



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