Sunday, 3 February 2013

Feeling Missguided...

Seems like every time I do an OOTD/OOTE I make some comment about how I rarely go out...
But seeing as this is yet another outfit of the evening, you're probably beginning to think that's not so true.
I'm beginning to think it myself.

However, a good old girly meal was on the cards and guess who had been paid?
That's right - me!!
Lucky me decided that I could allow it in my minuscule budget to not only attend the meal, but buy...
 *shock horror* 

So after a very unsuccessful trip to town, I decided that an online session was necessary.
Given that I've been somewhat absent from shopping now for over a year, (great time to start a fashion/beauty blog huh?) I had almost forgotten how awesome it is knowing that I have a tasty new package full of delicious clothes waiting for me...

I headed on to one of the website's that I seem to spend a few too many evenings typing in to my little box thingy and then drooling over, before clicking the 'X' and wailing.

Tonight was the night.
The very first night of my life.
I was going to add something to the basket, and THEN, do the unimaginable...
Click the 'check out' button.


I was feeling proud, but proud in that little exciting way as though you've done something very, very bad...
A raging, manic and extremely evil laugh would have been very appropriate.
You could have said I was feeling a little,

*see what I did there?*

Yes. I shopped on my new favourite clothes website,
I decided to listen to good old Drake and those silly leggings that  people seem to think are cool, and YOLO my money away.

After much deliberation, I decided on something versatile and that I will be able to wear again, dressing up, down, with jeans, shorts, skirts, or otherwise, and that can be layered to match the good, (not-so-good) old British weather.

I got this beautiful white and pink dip-dye and dip-hem top/dress to layer over a black bandeau top.
It is so girly and gorgeous, and isn't something I see every day.

I wanted to add a bit of edge to what is a very floaty outfit, and was torn between my disco leggings, (also from Missguided) or the leather skirt from my last 'Outfit of the Evening' post, but after much deliberation, and something of a mini fashion show, I decided on the skirt.
No doubt however, the versatility of the top means I will be pairing the two up at some point in future...

What I'm wearing: 

Dip-Dye Top - Missguided
Black Bandeau - Missguided
Leather Skirt - Internationale
Peace Necklace - Primark
Black Suede/Leather shoes - New Look (via my mum)
Gold Cross Earrings - Primark

On my face:

Urban Decay - Naked 2 Palette (at least 3 shades haha)
MUFE Smoky Lash Mascara

So then people, before I ramble on any more, and a simple shopping trip becomes an extremely over-dramatic novel, I will leave you be.
Needless to say, I had a fantastic night and even managed NOT to spill curry all down my new clothes and add brown to the dyed effect - waheyy!

Goodnight :)


  1. Wow. Your bum.
    I don't think I'm ready for dat jelly.
    Speaking of jelly, I'm very jealous now.
    In a non creepy way, what a wonderful bum you have!! xx

    1. HAHA you are bloody hilarious!!
      I actually laughed out loud, in the real kind of way, not the 'lol' way...
      It does look kind of massive on that second pic doesn't it? I do have a mahoosive bum, but for some reason that pic is just extra! :p
      Not gonna complain...


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