Monday, 18 February 2013

I Just Can't Stop Pressing Play || February

It's been a whilllllllllle since I did a music post, and sure enough, I've managed to wean myself off the last little collection, and on to another...

Just a word of warning.

I like Justin Timberlake.
Yes. Timberlake.

I refuse to even mention the name of the worm who shares his first name, but whose surname, (very loosely, I'm clutching at straws here) rhymes with 'lever' - as in one you might push on a toilet to flush things away.
He has not only stolen the first name of the original Justin, but steals his dance moves and his style of music, to the point where, on first hearing, I genuinely mistook one of his more recent songs for a new Timberlake tune a few months ago.
I'm not proud of it.

I was just eagerly waiting for the day that I heard that fateful news, and got a bit ahead of myself.

The day did come though.
The day I found out, the original JT was back.

Needless to say, the first song in my list this time is...

Justin Timberlake ft. Jay Z - Suit and Tie 

I'm not gonna lie. I wasn't feeling it at first, and that scared me.
How could I not instantly love a Timberlake song?
Complete with Jay Z?
Not sure, I just didn't.
It was around the fourth listen though that it really started to grow on me, (established that it sounds good loud in the car!) and now I love it! I think in a few years time after JT has disappeared again, we'll remember it among the old classics.

Macklemore - Thrift Shop

This song doesn't really need an introduction, does it?
It beat makes it sound like it belongs in the Summer of 2005 to me for some reason - possibly the lack of techno-pop, what ever it's called, but that's probably why I like it. On the other hand, it could get annoying after 6,000,000 plays. 
Thankfully, I've not got that far yet so I can still appreciate it, seeing as it's about clothes, I love the meaning, although I'm not a fan of either expensive or thrifted clothes, and would rather go to Primark.

Drake - Started From The Bottom 

Could life get any better?
First new music from JT, and now Drake?!?!
*fan girling*
Well I never.
Anyway, this one is another grower, on first hearing I found it a little repetitive, but then I'm a sucker for an awesome beat and oh my godddd it so is!
I could listen to an instrumental all day and not get bored, just beautiful :)

50 Cent ft. Justin Timberlake - Ayo Technology

This one reminds me of my bestie <3
Ahhhhhhhhh :D
Pretty sure a few weeks ago we were having a mini sofa/living room rave to this just like we did in the old times when this was first around.
Underrated I think.
So are sofa raves, definitely good fun and less tiring than a real rave.

P.S the video quality of this is shocking. Justin Timberlake in 240p is not right.

A$AP Rocky - Goldie

A new discovery for me, but a good one.
I was torn between this and 'Long Live A$AP', but went for this one...just something I prefer about it haha, it's been a while since a new rapper came out with a sound that I really like, but I think I've found a new one.
Deep, dark and awesome sounding beats.
Might break my poor headphones listening to this guy...

Blu Cantrell - Hit 'Em Up Style

So everyone knows that when it comes to Blu Cantrell, 'Breathe' is pretty much the only song that matters or is relevant. 
Yes Sean Paul, you absolute Leg-End you!!
(Seriously, is anyone else completely unable to say Seal Paul's name without saying 'Seana-Paul' like at the start?)
After what must be ten years, 'Breathe' is as fresh and has as much impact on the ear drums as it did on day one...however, I'd forgotten about this little gem!
Never actually realised I liked this song to be honest, but I heard it by chance recently and it's just old skool and amazing!


As is tradition, it's time for a song that's made me want to tear my hair out for the last few weeks,
safe to say nowhere is safe.
I apologise in advance if this song never leaves your head. 
I saw something about a woman who had the same song in her head for years the other day and seriously, if that happenned with this song, I'd probably die.

It is of course...

Taylor Swift - We Are Never Getting Back Together

Eugh. Nuff said.

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