Sunday, 1 December 2013

MAC Eyeshadow Additions: Naked Lunch and Charcoal Brown

Okay let me just state how immensely happy I am not to have had to take the photo's for this post today.
It would just fail, and like, huuugely!

I have...
*deep breaths everyone*
You know the one.

Like seriously, why?
The outer corner of my left eye has poured since the second I woke up, and in fact, last night a bit too...
...and on and off for a week or so.
These are tough times people.
Tough times.

I'd have sympathy with it, but no, I believe it is having some sort of strop resulting from being awake for too many hours.
As if the rest of my body isn't tired too!

The diva that is my left eye, is now so sore and red from having had make-up forcibly applied to it, (which of course it rejected, ungratefully) and being blotted, rubbed and wiped, that I now feel I'd be in less pain with no left eye at all.
At least my make-up would look even then.

I mean I have very little of my favourite brown eyeliner left and think it's quite disgusting that my eye thinks it's acceptable to just reject what remains and pour it down my cheek.
I do not appreciate this.

My eye doesn't even seem to appreciate the fact that I'm applying extremely beautiful and shiny new shadow to it, it is clearly really the eye of a man and should be stopped or swapped ASAP.

Anyhoo, despite eye dramas and diva eyes, I have a very exciting review today yey!!
As you may know, around the time of my birthday back in August I started the path to something of a dream come true...
I started 
*more deep breaths*
Now, me, my six shades and I were living happy and harmoniously for a wee while, but then the itch struck and a shopping trip to a place housing a Debenhams ensued...
aka not Huddersfield,
That only meant one thing, and on that beautiful day out with a handsome man, two new baby presents came home with me to be with their friends in my palette, and on my eyes.
Faleminderit shume <3

I had decided on two cult favourites; 'Naked Lunch' and 'Charcoal Brown' because, well, I needed to join that cult...

Now, as with my last MAC related blog post, watch me impress you now with my lack of rambling, as I present to you ACTUAL INFORMATION!

Naked Lunch:
Joining 'All That Glitters' as an everyday all-over-lid colour, 'Naked Lunch' is a pretty, pearly, pale pink frost finished piece of goodness. Being a frost finish, it's less 'in your face' than 'All That Glitters' despite similar pinky tones, but I love it just as much! It's beautifully creamy and applies like a dream, even with my scratty excuse for a brush...I haven't tried it but I imagine it would look great as a subtle brow bone highlight...just a little will do as it's extremely pigmented, but oooh so puurrty!!

Charcoal Brown:
Ahhh, well what to say about 'Charcoal Brown'? 
It's offering me a slightly less warm toned and just slightly lighter alternative to my beloved 'Brown Down', and a potential brow colour for the fateful day, (hopefully not for a couple of years lol) when my HD Brow Kit runs out, along with being more or less just the perfect matte brown shade for everyday wear!
You know I love a good dark brown cut crease...and this ladies and gents, is the one!
It applies beautifully once again and is buildable, blendable, and well, just beautiful ahh...
As beautiful as a brown can be anyway.

L-R 'Naked Lunch', 'Charcoal Brown'

Did you like my lack of rambling?
Weird wasn't it?
I think so.
I'm proud though, there was a time ladies, (and you cheeky gents you) when I had to write seriously, or be laughed out of A Level English...
I've still got it ;)

For now though, I have to go.
Jillian Michaels is waiting to shout at me from the comforts of her DVD box, and I have to clean the bathroom before I can even attempt to shut her up.
I also have make-up to remove, which MY GOD HAS STOPPED RUNNING!!
Maybe my eye water is running from Jillian?

What even is this foolishness dear eye of mine?
You run all day like a mofo and when I no longer need to look decent you stop?

Where's that naughty step?
Watch me vac you up.

5.45am will come tomorrow and there it will go again, waterfalling on me like it's normal.

Suggestions in the comments please on how to seek revenge on my eye, and/or solutions to WOCOE Syndrome.
They are more than welcome.

On failing that I'm tempted to introduce my eye to the piece of cutlery more commonly known as 'fork' and see how it tantrums then...
Heed my warning, lefty.
I don't mess around, me.


  1. Love Naked Lunch, would make a stunning highlighter too. Lovely post!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I agree :)

  2. Ohhh, look how good you are at doing the blending. How much time does it take you to apply it?

    Poor eye, I hope it stops it's man flu soon. Wehhh.

    Corinne x

  3. OMG your eyes looks SO good with these shadows! Like crazy sexy!!

    And your lashes! And your brows! #WELLJEL

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict xxxxx

  4. Gorgeous look :)

    I am now following :)


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