Saturday, 21 December 2013

'MoroccanOil' Review

Hallelujah peeps.
I'm not dead.

I mean, I could pretend I was, and that this here blog post was coming to you from beyond the grave...

Which would be totally cool 'cos like I'd be a ghost with the ability to touch actual objects such as my laptop and not have my hand go straight through the keys.

...yes, however cool it would be, (aside from the being dead part) sadly, I have no excuses.
I've simply been absent without leave.
A blogging rebel who has just been, well, busy.

Don't worry it's not just you, my Christmas dec's aren't even fully up, and don't even get me started on the disaster that is my Christmas cards.
Y'all will have them while the year ends in '13', promise*.

A possibly better fib would have been to tell you that this blog post was coming to you from the golden desert sands of Morocco.
Now given that the amount of Moroccan Spiced houmous consumed in the last few weeks is now bordering the ridiculous, (but ohhh so sublime), and also given what I'm reviewing for your pretty little selves today, this could have been somewhat more believable.

I'm like, typing this on my camel as we speak.
His name is Dave.

And his fur is almost as glossy as my hair these days.
Almost, but not quite.

Now all laptop-balanced-on-camel-hump issues aside, it's my hair that really drives me nuts.
Sadly it seems I'm no Nicole Scherzinger, but man I try.
 Luckily for me, the people behind had heard my plight and kindly sent me some 'MoroccanOil'*, so I could continue my Sherzy Hair Quest...

I've heard a ton about 'MoroccanOil' in the past and with most of it being 100% positive, boy was I excited to get my hands (or hair strands?) on it!
I use 'Argania Hair Oil' normally after washing my hair, but with quite a considerable price difference for the full sized products, ('MoroccanOil' being literally double the price) I was interested to see how the two compared; given that I love my Argan Oil, my new little blue labelled Moroccan friend had a challenge ahead!

'MoroccanOil' can be used as a conditioning product as well as a styling tool, and claims to transform and repair hair using proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants which help for shine, protection, and even drying time. 
Wild claims I know, and normally I'm quite the sceptic; I need to be able to see a visible difference in order to believe something, but in this case I am mightily impressed.

To use, I pour a teeny tiny amount of 'MoroccanOil', (I'd say pea sized, because a little goes a long way, but I probably use a double-pea sized amount, 'cos I've got a fair bit of hair, innit?) into the palm of my hand and rub together before running my palms and fingers through my hair, concentrating on the lengths - ain't nobody got time for silky roots maynnnn we need 'em BIG - I like to do this when my hair is damp, but it can be used when dry.

Now I'm not gonna lie to you - the results are instantaneous! 
My hair can look a bit on the frizzy side - especially after washing, and this just smooths everything all out, adding shine literally as soon as it's applied! 
My hair is manageable and my brush glides through it more easily, my ends are tamed and although I doubt they really have been 'repaired', I can't see any visible split ends - YEAHHHHH MAN!! 

Now I love my hair to have volume and I'll be honest, it's not gonna make your hair look huge or Cheryl Cole-esque. I imagine if you went overboard and applied too much it would be very flat indeed, and probably a bit on the greasy side, so err...just don't.
Scherzinger shine though?
God damn it I'm finally on my way to achieving hair sanctuary!
My hair isn't weighed down, and the smell is pleasant, and doesn't linger in the hair; I can still smell the strawberries of my shampoo, mmm.
As mad as it sounds I genuinely believe the claim that drying time improves too; I normally leave my hair to dry naturally and the time taken to dry from being damp and applying this, to being fully dry is definitely improved!

(without flash) Before, After

 (with flash) Before, After

Overall I am mightily impressed - my hair looks and feels better than it has done since, well, birth, and I absolutely love my little blue labelled wonder bottle!

As far as the comparison between my 'Argania Hair Oil' and 'MoroccanOil' goes, they're reasonably similar - I'd say the Argania version could qualify as a decent dupe, but just lacks that extra bit of 'something' that justifies the doubled price tag.
Doesn't smell quite as lovely either...
I'm hoping that because such a little goes a long way, my bottle will last me long enough to save up some pennies for another bottle - and I'm a cheapo bargain hunter so y'all know this stuff is good!!


Right, it's time for me to get going, ironically I need a shower and to wash my hair - meaning it's 'MoroccanOil' time again oh yeahh.

Thankfully the only graveyard action really in this post comes from my hair being in Hair Heaven, (du-dum-dum-chhhh) and feeling more than a bit lovely.
It's been a long road to recovery for this mop on my head, but I genuinely believe I'm almost there, with 'MoroccanOil' as my new guardian angel :)

You can buy your own little blue labelled beauty in the form of 'Moroccan Oil' here from Amazing Hair, and have your own bottle of guardian angel goodness.
I'm sharing the loveage ;)

It's almost as good as I imagine a holiday to Morocco would be right now.
Could use a bit of heat, me.
Sat on a sun lounger (or a camel, whatev's) with a pot of Moroccan Spiced houmous and pitta bread, (or to be honest just a spoon will do) with my silky new locks flowing lavishly around my shoulders in something of a L'Oreal moment...


I can almost smell the tagine.

*Mum, I'm lying, they're all done I swear.
(Apart from that you know I've left them at your house.
Love you.


  1. Aside from the fact you've made me super hungry, this product looks great. I always get frizzy hair, especially when I blow-dry. I just wish my student budget would allow it, damn!

  2. OMG YOU ARE AMAZING Miss Holly! Your posts are soooooo funny, but informative! I love them, and I love you! xxxxx

  3. Haaa you're so funny! Love the review Hun


  4. Hello gorgeous girlie. thank you so much for leaving a lovely comment on my last post! My new blog is hamidabegumm! I will follow you on blogger so I can keep up to date with your posts ;)

    Also, I've started using oil on my hair! My hair became sooooooooo dry, and my hairdresser said I need to give it tonnes more nourishment haha :)

    Hamida xx

  5. ah man, should have bought moroccan oil then!? I got Organix for my weak hair, maybe next time

  6. This oil was recommended by my hair stylist for my frizzy, dull and brittle hair. Moroccan Oil has transformed my hair in as little as a week into a more manageable, extremely shiny and healthy looking hair. I cannot believe the transformation I can actually feel my hair getting thicker and have received compliments from my friends. Moroccan oil is really works! :)


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