Sunday, 24 November 2013

OOTD: A Warm Winter Evening

Okay guys this is bad.
It's like iPhone cameras weren't meant to be professional or something?
Like, for some reason, the combination of both dark evenings and fluorescent lighting in my kitchen, (niiiiiiice) has made me look like some deranged and slightly evil extra from 'The Addams Family'.

Or, if not, that I actually bear a rather large and disturbing resemblance to Samara, the creepy girl from 'The Ring'.
Yes, apparently I look 'just like her' while blow-drying my hair upside down.
As far as amazing compliments go, that was my all time fave.
Unfortunately, on seeing these pictures and scaring myself half to death, I'm inclined to agree...
There's only so much work adjusting the colour temperature and contrast can do.

My subconscious is clearly stuck in the past and believes it to still be Halloween.

Apologies in advance if these next few pictures put you off your dinner, tea or otherwise.
I just hope and pray it doesn't put you off my blog entirely.

But if it does...I recommend you watch your back.

Liam Neeson is another Halloween costume I could possibly master if need be...

What I wore:

Jumper: George at Asda £16
Thick Leather Stripe Leggings: Primark £10 (?)
Boots: New Look £24.99
Necklace: eBay £1.59 (you whatttttttt?!)

So I get cold easily - must be that well I was trapped in for all that time showing itself through...but seriously I NEED to be wrapped up almost constantly during any month containing the letter 'r'.
No word of a lie, I'm sat writing this while under a blanket and wrapped up in both a dressing gown and a onesie.
And I'm still potentially cold.

On this particular evening I was feeling excited to don my new jumper - I'm lusting after all things monochrome, fluffy, and well, that bear any resemblance to the print of a big cat.
Shocking from me, I know.
On my bottom half I wore these legging type things; (not gonna lie to you, I'm no expert and have noooo idea what they count as, any help?) they're extra thick and I'm loving the leather-look stripe running down the outer side.
The only down side it that I never learn and consequently they're a tad on the tight side; the popper surrenders as soon as I attempt any kind of movement.
Thank god there's also a button and zip.
Primark you little fastening obsessed beauties, you just think of it all don't you?

As for my boots, well I love them too much for words and want to wear them forever.
Comfy, warm, and with the potential to dress up or down, I might do just that!

I also wore my beloved gold lion necklace, which despite being 'totes' a Summer thing in bloggerworld, I have decided to carry on to be a Winter thing.
So much so, in fact that I've just ordered a new one from here, seeing as mine is losing it's goldenness, and well, quite frankly I'd order owt at that price if it sparkled and once again bore any resemblance to a big cat.
Potentially worrying.

On my face I wore a combination of at least three MAC eyeshadows, a lot of bronzer and highlight, (because despite both being close to their new life in the bin, I'm still too addicted to them to believe in rationing) and my beloved berry lip in the shape of Rimmel Matte Lipstick in shade 107.
As much as I love it, I'll be the first to admit it's not looking too hot in this lighting, gothic chic is naaaat a good look for me.

Anyway it's time for me to go...I have food to eat and my belly won't wait.
It's grumbling at me almost monstrously, and quite frankly there's enough freakishness going on in this blog post, if any more evil beings turn up, things are gonna get ugly.
You wouldn't like my belly when it's angry.

As for me though...
I can assure you, that I have no plans to crawl out of your screen, soaking wet with manky well water, and leaving a trail of bedraggled hair behind me.

Totes need a Tangle Teezer innit.

Until midnight that is...

Read during the witching hour at your peril ;)
Coming out of a screen near you... 


  1. You look awesome, I wish I could rock animal print, but I would look like Pat Butcher!

    Agree with being cold, I'm currently wrapped up in a quilt!


  2. OMG I LOVE THAT JUMPER!!!!!!! Asda?!!?!? No wayyyyy jose haha! It looks gorgeous, I love eyelash jumpers they're so snuggly... xxxxx Thank you for all your HILARIOUS comments you utter babe! xxxxx

  3. What are you on about Holly, you look lovely! I do love a bit of animal print and I think i've got to get myself one of those necklaces, such a bargain! :) x

  4. Totally love that jumper!! Can't believe its from Asda! :O Loving your eyeshadow combo too! Super pretty! :) Also, you totally rock the gothic look! Aimée Xxx

  5. interested in following each other via GFC?
    I will follow you back.

  6. Cute jumper.
    Adela x


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