Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Christmas Day OOTD Which Almost Never Was...

I never learn you guys.
Seriously what is wrong with me?

I insist on buying and wearing stuff which shows off half my midriff and/or clings to me unnecessarily, and then go on to consume double my body weight in food, and most likely complain at being cold.

Stomach aside, I clearly have no concern for my internal organs.

Clever girl I am.

Then again it's Christmas and if I can't dress up a little bit, knowing my mum will have her camera out at every given opportunity, then when can I?

(Apologies mum, I actually don't remember you getting your camera out at all yesterday...either that or my Christmas Day camera evasion skills are finally working...
Hmm, maybe I am clever after all?)

What I wore:

Tartan Midi Skirt - Karma Clothing £7.99
Pointed Black Wedges - ASOS/eBay £10 (other seller here!)
Necklace - Miss Selfridge 

The thing is, getting my hands on this midriff and internal organ baring outfit was no mean feat. 
In fact it was one giant pain. 

How much do you hate it when you attempt to add something pretty to your basket, only for your laptop to laugh maliciously back in your face that the item you covet is 'out of stock', like some evil Grinch-like-Gremlin hell-bent on spoiling your Christmas outfit?
I know y'all hate that.

Well I'm pretty sure ASOS, Missguided, Boohoo, everywhere, was infected with a bug this month, a bug called 'human-population-all-following-same-trends', and therefore the tartan midi skirts of the online world had been somewhat decimated, rainforest style.

Mm-hmm seriously, I blame you guys.
I love you, but this is totes your fault.
It's probably you guys hiring out those diggers and destroying the Amazonian jungles of South America.
Wearing your stoopid, fancy, tartan skirts at the same time.
Even your hard hats are various shades of tartan and most probably even fur lined.
Yeah, I've seen you.

Trend deniers.
Denying me the latest trends since 2013.

I thought all hope was lost; I'd even trawled through weeks of Jess from 'Copper Garden's posts in search of a link to the tartan skirt which was my inspiration.
Sadly it seemed the steamrollers had already reached their stock...
I sighed, and resigned myself to failure.

'I shall never look as stylish as Jess, nor will I have clothes on Christmas Day.'

 I feared for my poor grandmas eyes, and hoped she had enough snowman-covered napkins to spare my dignity.

Thankfully, a Google search of desperation lead me to Karma Clothing, which I've heard of but not bought from before, and to the skirt that saved my sanity!
I wasted no time, I feared that the steamrollers were stalking me and would soon be on my back, ridding the store of it's stock before I could even select a size!

This time though, I won!
And the £7.99 bargain beauty that is this skirt, was MINEEEE :D
With next day delivery it even arrived in time for me to wear it out for curry with my bestie...
Again, cold night and food baby -I really do never learn.

Screw my cold kidneys - I'll get my wear out of it now damn it!

Apparently this is my 'rude girl' face. Imagine me staring at all you tartan skirt wearing rainforest destroyers just like this...
You should be.
On my face I wore more or less my usual make-up, but with some added Christmas present goodness in the form of MAC's 'Lady Danger', which I've wanted since more or less birth, despite it probably not existing then...
There's a blog post coming soon all about it in all it's orange/red glory.
And I am one happy girl!!

Before I go and raid the leftover turkey...
A moment if you please, for my shoes.
They were an eBay (originally ASOS) bargain, and I snapped them up, brand new and boxed, for £10 including postage.
Even your tartan hard hats couldn't take a stamping on from these bad boys ;)
Then I'd collect all your amazing skirts and like, just wear them all.
At once.

Least there may be some chance of disguising my food baby then, and I might even be snuggly and warm enough under all those layers to have the inevitable Christmas Day food induced nap.

I might even dream of tartan.
Or maybe I already did...and it finally came true.

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all had amazing days, wearing whatever goodness you liked, and that no malicious laughter had affected your outfit shopping, whether it be a onesie or a tartan skirt like mine :)



  1. gorgeous look!!

  2. Oh Holly, Holly, Holly. You beautiful mo fo! You look seriously gorgeous and glam, and put me to shammmmmmmmmmmme! See I wore a onesie ALL day long.. to allow for the rapid growth of my food baby! You however look gorgeous as hell.. and make me feel like a reet tramp haha! Those shoes are such beauts too... <3 love love love love love you my Holly berries! xxxxxxx


  3. I love the outfit and the lips and the shoes and the hair! Love it! x

  4. You look amazing but that outfit would be far too unforgiving for me the way I pile my plate on Christmas day! :)

    1. Haha thank you, and believe me I regretted it soooo much when my grandma produced the amazing tastiness that she did, food babies forever!!

  5. if people took time to look at them selfs and there own they would not bother with normal people like you who look great

  6. You look amazing! I absolutely love the outfit! Perfect make up and hair too! :) Gorgeous human!! :) I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog and for sending over the Christmas love. I hope youare enjoying the festive season, and Santa gifted you lots of lovely things! :) Your blog is lovely, how did I not come across it before?

    Sharna :) xo

    1. Awwwwwww Sharna you're so welcome lovely, I really do love your blog, and it means such a lot that you like my blog...I'm honoured!!

      And thank you so muchh <3

  7. Ohhhh, you look fit in this skirt, lady! I'm glad you found it in the end!

    Corinne x

    1. Haha thank you my lovely dress queen <3


  8. You are gorgeous, love your outfit <3
    Hope you had an amazing day sweet! xo

    1. Aww thank you Lydiaaaaaaa lovely <3

  9. You look so gorgeous! Loving the skirt!!



  10. What a pretty outfit, love the tartan skirt! Your makeup looks gorgeous too :)

    Olivia Beauty from the Fjord xxx


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