Monday, 30 December 2013

Born Pretty Store: A Pretty Nice Watch I'll Have You Know

So I haven't had a watch for like ten years.
Since I refused to take off an old Harry Potter one, (apart from to have a shower because like, it totally would naaat have withstood the water and I loved it too much to let such a tragedy occur) and subsequently ended up with a fairly severe reaction and weird dry patch of skin where it had been.

I swear Voldemort had cursed it.
It was like a horcrux or something.

I haven't worn a watch since.

Now this wasn't a problem for many years, I didn't care, and having spent the years following shoving as many gold bangles on my wrists as physically possible, my wrist never felt bare.
Until recently that is, when all these pretty gold and rose gold watches started springing up in stores, attracting my eyes like some crazed magpie, and making me crave some tick-tock-loving.

Bangles are good, but they just don't tick mann!!

I had planned to spend my imaginary money in the Christmas sales treating myself to said tick-tock-loving, but as though listening in to my thoughts, (in a non-creepy way) an email from American website 'Born Pretty Store' popped into my inbox...

After a bit of research and lots of 'oooooh's and 'aaaah's at the various wrist and bracelet watches, (oh and iPhone 4/4S cases because good god I need a new one!)  I decided that there was just one I couldn't get out of my head...
A couple of weeks later and a gorgeous little package arrived at my house, containing what must be one of the most gorgeous watches I have ever seen! 

The watch I was kindly sent is *deep breaths you guys* LEOPARD PRINT!!
Now oh my frickin' gosh, me being the leopard print fiend I am, just imagine my face upon seeing this.

It was like when Simon Cowell first put One Direction together all over again.
Only with hearts in my eyes, not dollar signs...

I know it's the wrong big cat, but I almost deemed it necessary to go to the nearest hill and introduce my new watch to the world, Simba style, screaming 'Naaaaaaants Ingonyaaaaaama Bagithi Baba' at the top of my voice, and having all of Huddersfield gaze at my shiny new wrist-wear in admiration.

I'm reliably informed that this translates as 'Here Comes a Lion, Father'.
Totes need to find out the word for 'leopard' instead, but whatev's.

The watch itself is very large, with a chunky faux leather strap, (a little stiff at first but after a couple of wears it feels much more comfortable) and a beautiful curved glass face with a leopard design. The buckle is rose gold, as is the detailing around the face, which is then ordained with sparkly rhinestones to, (if possible) make this watch even more beautiful!
Anyhoo, I cannot rave about this watch* enough; in all honesty I have to admit I wasn't expecting it to be such amazing quality, or the large size that it is, given that it retails at just $7.99 - complete with the added bonus of free shipping, and a spare battery, but it genuinely looks not only a lot more expensive, but really and truly stunning.
Talking of free shipping, I have to say I am so impressed as this watch arrived so promptly, (in under two weeks) especially with it being so close to Christmas.

Overall I have to say I am SOOOO happy with this watch, and 'Born Pretty Store' in every way, it was probably a bit too close to Christmas when I received my watch for me to say it, but if you're on a budget and still want to impress, these watches would make amazing gifts!

Now just when you thought the lovelies at 'Born Pretty Store' couldn't get any more generous, they're also kindly offering a 10% off discount code for all you little beauties, if you type in HOLLYGC10 when purchasing - yeyy!!

I'm looking forward to wearing my gorgeous leopard print beauty, and, well, embracing my inner cat, magpie, and ermm...weird monkey thing on the hill as I show it off to all of Huddersfield, 'Lion King' style.

No chance Voldemort is getting his hands on this bad-boy.
He might have a wand, but no way can he beat the claws of my big cat, whether they're encased in a glass watch face, or otherwise...


  1. I don't normally like leopard print but I think this really works. Great x

  2. This is such a stylish watch, and although we've nevr been brave enough to rock leopard ourselves, it looks great on you!

    1. Awww you totally should :D and thank you ladies xx

  3. Ohh, that looks lovely Holly! It's totally you and looks fab =) I just started wearing watches again recently - it seems like the adult thing to do and now that I'm in my late 20's I thought I should do at least ONE mature thing.

    I have a favour to ask you - could you join my forum and make a post or two to try and get a bit of engagement going?

    Wheeeeee =)

    Corinne x

    1. Awww thank you missy!! Yes, we are totes mature now, aye ;)

      Done it :D


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