Monday, 6 January 2014

MAC 'Lady Danger': Review

One, Two, Three.
Hit it.

"Shock shock,
Horror horror,
Shock shock

I've got a new red lipstick, and it's extra gorgeous.
The red shades of the species are more deadly than the nudes."


Okay so that was bad, really bad.
I should really give up trying to alter song lyrics to suit my blogging mood.
Especially 90's jam's which are just tooooo good to ever be vandalised in such a crude and ludicrous way.

On this occasion however, I just can't help myself.
My new lipstick is holding my sanity hostage and I've fallen head over heels.
It seems, old Thatcher was wrong.
This lady has been turned.

Or more, the Lady has turned me?

 'But Holly, who is she?' I hear you ask.
'Who is the darling who has stolen your heart?'
('And who is looking like having you appearing on one of those freakish TV shows where people have disturbing relationships with like cars and stuff'')

Well allow me to explain and you'll soon understand,
Just one wear and then you'll be at her command,
She's small, smooth, sleek and all suited up in black,
She is 'Lady Danger' and she is from MAC...

Oh my gawdddd.
Christmas Day was a good day you guys, I mean not only did I sample copious amounts of my grandmas awesome culinary skills, but something of a small dream of mine came true.

See for the last few months years, I've had a lipstick craving so large it could conquer the Boots counter...
Shay from 'What's on the Blog' knows this; I think I stalked her Instagram account to the point where she was probably worried for the safety of her lipstick.
Granted, she was right, I'd contemplated fashioning some kind of fishing rod long enough to stretch half the length of the country in a bid to uhh, shall we say 're-home'(?) her cunning lip companion and envelop into my own collection.

Or in a cage, in case anyone else tried to play me at my own game...


Santa though, clearly hadn't cottoned on to my devilish little plan, and believing me deserving of a place on the nice list, he sent my friend Lucy, his little, (yes, really little haha) helper to make my lipstick dreams come true...
Just kidding Lucy, you're the bestest, good things come in small packages, MAC or otherwise, lol.
Thank you so SOOO much!!

MAC's 'Lady Danger' is, well BEAUTIFUL!!
It's just the most perfect tomato red - so perfect that it can be worn with anything, and at any time of year, thanks to the subtle orange tones which distinguish it from its blue toned 'Ruby Woo' and 'Russian Red' counterparts. 
It gets better.
'Lady Danger' is a matte formula, but is creamy and non-drying, (although I always apply lip balm first regardless) meaning it's so comfortable to wear - I barely notice it's there, and I barely need to reapply.
Oh yes 'Lady Danger' is VERY long lasting, as you'd expect with a matte lipstick, but I genuinely feel that it outlasts my good old 'Ruby Woo'; it survived Christmas dinner with barely a smudge!
AAAAND I had drinks with no straw that day :O.
I think in the few times I've worn this so far, I've only reapplied once, on just one of those days - I'd say I got a solid five to six hours of wear, which is pretty incredible!
The smell too is incredible, but hey it's MAC and y'all know that subtle vanilla scent is good enough to be an actual perfume...
*MAC, if ever you do just that, I want 75% of the profits, or at least a lifetime of 'Lady Danger's for when my one inevitably meets its maker*

At £15 it's no steal, but oh my, this shade truly is one of a kind, and therefore I genuinely believe it to be worth it. I'm always up for a good dupe, but this is so unique, with amazing colour and lasting power, that sometimes only the real thing will do.
Aside from that...well, just you TRY and get it off my lips.

In all this excitement, I've forgotten to go to bed...but now I shall do so humming this awesome 90's tuneage, and attempting to sing the real words as opposed to my, erm, altered version.
I blame this dangerous lady and her siren like, sophisticated redness...

God help me and my attraction to inanimate (beauty related) objects, and freakish ability to believe they're real people.
I watched 'Castaway' last week and feel as though my beauty products will be my own personal 'Wilson', despite being neither Tom Hanks, nor marooned on a desert island with isolation being the excuse to go slightly insane.

(RIP Wilson.)

Hopefully I won't lose it, 'Wilson' style, 'extended fishing rod' style, or otherwise.
See 'Lady Danger' is a foxy red; her sly vixen ways mean she's wanted by many...

And we all know the red shades of the lipstick species are are more deadly than the nudes.


  1. Damn you Holly! You've made me want to run out and buy this right now!! Haha It looks soo gorgeous on you! :) Aimee xx

    1. Haha thank you Aimee doll!! GO GET ITTTT

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Well done, now I have to go and get that one now. My whole "save money" resolution just went out the window x

    1. Awww haha my apologies Poppy - maybe it could be your one splurge? :D

  4. Amazing colour that I now desperately want, but what springs to mind is god you put on lipstick well?

    1. Haha aww why thank you lovely!! And you totally should it's amazing! xx

  5. HOLLY!!!!!!! This is PERFECTION on you. Practically want to snog you, mwahs!

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict xxx

    1. HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I don't even know what to say to this apart from I love you hahahahaa xxx

  6. Oh god, this lipstick looks amazing but if I buy another red lipstick I think my husband will divorce me! hahahah xxx

    THese shades look beautiful and the pigmentation looks pretty good as well! Thanks for the swatches. xxx

    Fernanda @ Ferdie's Finds

    1. Haha oh dear!! Shhhhh but he's a man, he will never know ;)
      You're welcome xxx

  7. Wow loving that colour! Been looking for a nice MAC lipstick - i think this is the one! xx


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