Saturday, 27 April 2013

Welcome To Shoesie Heaven...

Before you read this, please press play on the video below and leave it on while you read.
Just setting the scene for you, like ;)

Welcome, everyone,

Picture the scene;
You're up in the clouds, you're dressed all in white, (and extremely fashionable clothes) the other angels are playing the harp while drinking from a non-fattening, awesome tasting chocolate fountain, (because that IS the diet up there, of course) the sun is shining, and these are on your feet.

The shoes of angels.
Straight from heaven Zara.

Oh my god.

I'm losing my train of thought here but seriously, are these not the prettiest and most spectacular beings you have ever seen?
Yeah, I said 'beings' - they deserve to be treated as though they're alive, I've reserved a place on my shoe rack for them, with their new, and in some cases less fortunate, friends.
My darling babies.

There they were, looking all beautiful and inviting on the shelves of Zara, with their slightly bigger and smaller sisters, and blue and coral cousins, (most of which, had all already been adopted into their new families) just waiting for their new mummies to come along...

How could I resist?
Zara, I salute you!!
I've been lusting over them for so long, (I blame Beautycrush for this haha) I'm pretty sure I've gained a few greys and wrinkles. It's sad when you can't even justify spending £29.99 on shoes as stunning as these, but I am lucky enough to have a mortgage and therefore am somewhat asking for it!
Alas, pay day finally arrived, and for my epic patience, I rewarded myself.
The Primarni version are also pretty nice, and let's face it, much nicer on the old mortgage payments. I considered them for two seconds a while, but they're just not the sameeee...and sadly lacking a gorgeous metallic gold heel...
Also, given that 'nice' is the word I chose to describe them, and I was always told 'nice' doesn't cut the mustard as an adjective, they're blates just not NICE enough for me. 
Need more hyperbole mayyyn.

As it happens they were also all out of stock on this particular day, which OBVSSS means the Zara ones were meant to be.

Don't you just love attempting to take photo's of your own legs in poor light?
...but no, this could NOT wait, you understand.

I have to say also, I have fat little pancake feet, almost as wide as they are long.
And yes, despite having to go up a size purely to fit my little fatties in, they still manage to look more elegant than ever before!
It's an err...April miracle.

Having said that, I'm risking a lot with this little buy here.
My other half hates heels, he slyly suggested I'd be single again if I so much as stepped one foot into Zara and purchased them.
Naturally, I stepped into Zara with both feet and snapped them up.

But yeah, who cares about boys when you can wear these shoes of pure gold and walk among the angels?
Not forgetting that chocolate fountain...

Surely when my other half sees them on my feet, he will cave and beg for the creation of the male version, heels and all.
I mean who wouldn't be?

Go on, join me, you know you want to...


  1. Those shoes are gorgeous, definitely worth it! I've been trying to convince my other half that he really wants to buy me these, luckily he's not too bothered about heels as long as I can walk in them and don't embarrass him by falling over everywhere cause they're too high
    Rosalie x

    1. Haha I'm SUREEEE he will be wanting to buy you them, who wouldn't? ;) haha I'm the same though, these haven't had the main walking test yet but I'm sure it will come...


  2. Wow wow wow, these are amazing! I wish I could wear these but they'd make me too tall!

    1. Don't worry about being too tall, I'm tall too but these have no platform so aren't so bad :D I'm sure they'd look great xx

  3. Those are gorgeous! I normally avoid ankle straps for fear of highlighting how thunderous my things are but these with slim trouser would be Ah-May-Zing!!


    1. Aww I'm sure you don't have thunderous thighs!! I too used to always fear ankle straps but these are so dainty I think anyone could pull them off :)

  4. We loved your post, wonderful.
    We wish you a great Sunday.
    Kisses Glorinha.

  5. I love your style , don’t worry love, we can wait.
    do you check out my blog? i’m new in this. Could you give me some advice?
    Tessie. xx

  6. WOW they are fab, can I borrow them sometime please? xxx

    1. Ummm...yes mum. If you can get them off my feet muhahaha xx ;)

  7. They are lovely lovely lovely shoes! I couldn't turn the music on though because I am in a room full of people =(

    Corinne x

  8. One word!! Amazing! new follower here, look forward to keeping up with you honey. Laura xx A Scottish Lass


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