Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Ey Up Leeds: OOTD

The awkward moment when your title is 'Ey Up Leeds', but pretty much every photo is taken in Huddersfield.

First off this post comes with a warning:
I do not advocate wearing dungarees, tights, no proper coat, or actual shoes, when venturing out into a city centre in April...
Especially not in Yorkshire!

Just when the sun starts to lure you into that false sense of security, and you manage to rip the boots off your feet for the first time in months, feeling semi-confident that the toenail baring weeks are coming closer, it err...chucks it down.
With hail for good measure.
Maybe even a little thunder thrown in there...
(the only thing I seemed to escape!)

Freezing and soggy doesn't even cover it oh my godddddd.

So yeah, as much as this is an outfit of the day, let's just say - don't ever wear this.
Not in Yorkshire, England, or anywhere North of Spain.
Just don't do it.

Or you will get hypothermia, and die.

The rainbows make up for it slightly though, just slightly...

The 'OMG my feet are soaked and we're not even there yet!'
So yeah, instead this is an outfit to represent what COULD have been a great Spring look - in any other country where the weather is less bipolar.
Let us focus on the positives, and the fact that this is my very first OOTD not stood awkwardly in my house,  trying to fit all of myself in, desperately hunting down decent, natural lighting and an uncluttered background.
Celebrate, please, if you will - Huddersfield Train Station.
Also celebrate, that I, (well, my mum) managed to take these pictures without looking like a complete *insert word of choice here - I can't decide on just one* posing like a moron in front of countless people who could, should, and possibly were, laughing at me.

Seriously though guys - despite looking like a complete tool, I do think I've got the 'I'm not posing for photo's, I just stand like this normally, honest' look down to a tea.
My mum, (and most avid reader) on the other hand, hasn't got the hang of the 'I'm not taking dodgy and badly posed photo's of my daughter in a public place, honest' quite as well...
Highlights included fits of giggles, 90% of photo's being blurred, and even actual photo's not including me at all.
Probably the best ones haha.
The photographic genius that is my mum, even has the power to invent statues of people in our town centre for me to stand by, just to make the background, you know, more 'bloggy'.
I can assure everyone that we do not have a statue of Winston Churchill in Huddersfield, nor would I stand by it if we did.

Might steal my thunder.

I chose not to stand next to the statue of Harold Wilson either, (that's the real one, mum!) he had enough thunder in his time, too.

I'll leave you with some actual outfit information, and a few more snaps of my day, just because at some point it probably was the reason for this post...

The 'I'm freezing and could have walked to Leeds in this time' pose.
Without using an ounce of intelligence, the weather forecast, or the window, I settled on :

Dungarees - River Island (two years old - check me out, recycling!)
White Cami Top - Primark
Black Blazer - H&M
Dolly Shoes - Primark (used to have gold bows on - bad times!)
Tights - Primark

Mostly Primark

We eventually got to Leeds, (aka Land of the Shoesies) and spent several long hours getting lost in the luxury of actual shopping...mostly battling with my oh-so-clever decision to wear tights, and then want to try on shoes.
Again, really used my brain this day didn't I?!

Leeds Trinity is big, busy, and has cool Superdry dancers.

Only just realised that this is a horse, not an elephant. #worrying.

Fooooood at 'A Nation of Shopkeepers'. They like 2pac and Biggie, so I like them.
Macaroni cheese avec chorizo, served in a cool pan plate thing! Me liiiiiikes.

And finally...
(because you KNOWWWWW you want to see them again):

My shoesies, and favourite purchase of the day my life.

Just a quick thank you to my amazing mum, for making our days out the most fun days ever.
(Even if you specialise in taking pictures of the floor)

I'm off now. 
To dream of chocolate and contemplate finding the receipt for a pretty nice and Summery skirt I bought on this day - blatantly going to snow or some ish before I even get to wear it.

Come on Mother Nature, sowt it aaaaahhhhhhhhht.


  1. If you ignore the rain and cold that you mentioned, the outfit looks lovely :)
    Not that what I say now is going to have any effect on how wet or cold you were in Leeds.

    And a shout out to your mother, who managed to do a way better job being photographer than my mother ever could (I have't even asked her, I'm not that desperate...yet)


    1. Haha aww thank you - and yes, mums need a bit of practise me thinks :p

  2. You look gorgeous lovely!!! Your hair looks phenomenal! Its sooo long I'm jealous hehe! That shopping centre looks fab! Haha I love the horse!! Dont get me started on the weather, I don't think it knows its nearly summer.... lol

    Jen xxx

    1. Haha wish I could say it was all my own...
      And no, defo not, although today is looking pretty nice :)

  3. I love the dungarees and those Zara shoes... are the BOMB! xx

  4. Food loooks delicious hahaha xx


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