Sunday, 30 September 2012


This is a little late... I actually wore this LAST Saturday (22nd) as it was much, much warmer that day and I could get away with wearing my beloved denim jacket which I would have no doubt froze to death in this week.
I was just going to a friend's house so opted for something comfy, but still 'me'. 

What I have on:
H&M black vest top (underneath)
H&M green sleeveless shirt - a lot more green in person and so pretty! (but needs ironing loooads)
New Look black tube skirt
Primark black tights
F&F at Tesco denim jacket from Summer 2011, I'm not ashamed :) I normally tie this jacket up at the front but wanted a more slouchy look on this occasion, plus it looked better with the shirt.

I just wore this with some Primark leopard print dolly shoes, because for me to wear a whole out-fit and not get some leopard print in there is physically impossible. 

Topshop two strand coin necklace
Regular gold bangles from various places
Republic gold disc earrings
Gold ring from the boyf :)

That's all folks :)

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