Sunday, 2 September 2012

Welcome to Holly Mixtures!

This is mental for me. I'm writing a blog. I'm writing something which may actually be seen by the public...although lets face it, it is much more likely that the only views this will ever get is from me checking whether or not I've had any views. Oh dear...

So, the basics; My name is Holly. I turned 22 two days ago, and I am a girl. that's obvious, what I mean is that I love all things girly, like truly and stereotypically girly! If there was a book written about a random girl, I would be her, (apart from my love, love, LOVE of football which for the sake of this post I will forget right after this close bracket -->>). 

Just a few photo's of me...putting a face to a name and all that :)

I've decided to write a blog because I spend a great deal of time reading blogs, drooling over peoples amazingly styled and beautifully artistic blogs and watching YouTube video's, which HELL TO THE NO I just can't do, way too scary, and possibly nobody would understand my Yorkshire accent. 

So, I'm rambling. I do that a lot...but to cut things short I'll just say that I'm going to blog about fashion, makeup, food, TV, life, art of the non-snobby variety and probably any old thing that comes into my head to be honest. I also have no idea how to write a blog and do all those fancy beautiful things that others do to make them pretty. Bear with me, I'm new :). 

*Random fact: While writing this, spell check taught me that 'truly' doesn't have an 'e' in.

Twitter: @hollyamberrio
Instagram: @hollyamberrio


  1. you're a year younger than i am (: hooray for same-age-ness. (kindof.)

  2. Hey you started this blog on my birthday, looking forward to reading it all and checking you out.


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