Monday, 24 September 2012

Adding pretty Autumn things to my wardrobe.

Recently I decided I was a bit nippy and as it had been a while, it was time for some new clothes :) 
I made a deal with myself that I would go in only 2 shops - Primark, and H&M, purely because they're cheap, and I want to get as much as I can for as little as possible. I rarely, (and I mean soooooo rarely) ever spend more than £20 on an item of clothing. Because fashion changes fast, I mostly want versatile things I can wear for home as well as work. In fact, if I'm honest, when I go clothes shopping, I look at whether it would be suitable for work first, then home. If I'm even more honest, when I'm at home I am more likely to be found in a pair of my other half's trackies and my dressing gown haha...

 Just to note, I set out to buy lots of warm clothes, ermmm...I'll let you judge how badly I failed. Appeared that I was a bit eager and beat the shops to it. Going in to town just 1 week later and I would have actually succeeded in my mission. My bad :'( 


H&M skinny trousers - £14.99 

H&M top...mildly Winter-suitable YES!! £9.99

H&M top £7.99 ...another Winter fail but I like it.

I love the zip detail on the back.

H&M shirt - camera doesn't do the colour justice!! £7.99

H&M cuff - the only item of jewellery I bought! £2.99
The one H&M I don't have a picture of is the black vest top shown in the collective picture, for some reason it escaped my camera, and is now in the wash...hmm a camera shy t-shirt?


Primark shirt £10.00 - love the gold detail on the buttons.

The back of the shirt

Primark £2.90 - Coathangers haha!! Gone are the days of hanging 5 items per hanger :)

Primarni staple, socks, think these were £2, says 'improved quality' on them - I hope so, last years had holes in after 2 wears!

Apologies for terrible picture here!! Primark slippers - £5 and SOOO WARMMMM!!


I lied. I also went to Barratts, which I don't think I've been to for about 3 years lol. But how pretty are these? I decided the platform will be good for in the rain as I never learn and seem to think that dolly shoes are invincible. 2 minutes and 1 puddle later I realise I was wrong... 
I also can't bear to give in to wearing boots quite yet, it's just too painful and like admitting to myself that Winter is here. I'd also probably not take them off until next May when I deem the sun to be strong enough, so YEY for Autumnal alternatives ey?!

Barratts £20 (20% discount) Flatforms! I adore the colour of these...
...However they have given me blisters :(
Soooo...that is all. I left town feeling pretty proud of myself, but also sad at the lack of Winter woolies in the shops at that point. Ah well...just means another shopping trip in the future I guess ;)

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