Saturday, 22 September 2012

Confessions of a window-shopaholic.

So I have a big wishlist, and limited funds. This makes online shopping or even looking difficult, and I rarely ever do it, due to the disaster that it will no doubt spell for my bank account. Anyhoooo, for the purposes of my fashion cravings, and my shiny new blog which is just waiting to be posted on...I gave in and did some snooping...

As it happens, I had my first shopping spree in over 6 months last weekend... *coming soon* and so felt that it was (ahem) 'safe' to look online without wanting to cry. 

Lets just say that these are a few that I would love to fill my wardrobe with: 

(Note: I purposely didn't look at the prices, so I can't post them, it is a wishlist and purely that, no need for reality haha.)

Topshop playsuit - What's not to like? Black, gold, chain print, goes with anything and everything :)

River Island shirt - Red is one of my favourite colours, and I love how casual and versatile this is, it would probably keep you warm as well with a few layers under.

New Look jumper - I love cream, black and big cats.

New Look shirt - How cute and dainty is this? I'm not usually a 'cute and dainty' type of dresser but I would just adore this, especially teamed with some black skinnies or leggings and a tube skirt and my hair in a bun.

River Island lace blazer - just beautiful. A simple but still statement piece.

River Island lace peplum top - I love lace in the Winter and have never worn anything peplum, hence this top.

River Island maxi skirt - This is so elegant but sexy at the same time, what's not to like?

New Look velvet shorts - With a blazer and tights with red lips in Winter, day or night I'd wear them yes pleeeeease! OOH or with the white blouse from above hmm... *getting ideas, must stop)

H&M straight leg trousers - I love straight leg trousers, and I love pretty prints and generally pretty things. These are eye-catching and would look great with any plain top to make them stand out.

ASOS beanie - A year ago I hated hats and wanted to burn them, (lol) this year I am like craving one!

Now for jewellery...I warn you, the amount of gold I am about to post could blind even Mr. T.

Okay doesn't look to be as much gold as I thought...maybe you won't have needed the sunglasses :)

Now for shoesies!!

New Look bootsForever 21 gold flatss. New Look heels too gorgeous for words, but that are not even my style and would probably not survive an hour wearing.

So, now I've drooled all over my screen and a few websites...I think it's time for bed. Feeling proud of myself for looking on all these websites and not once pressing 'Add to Basket'. 

Just going to leave you with one final item, the item which will probably break my will power at some point in the future.
H&M Coat... Soon to be worn by me ;)

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