Sunday, 7 October 2012

I have a problem...


Yes...I have a problem, a big one. Almost every day I dress in the same thing, and I like it. I am a magnet in shops for anything which has even the teeeeeeniest amount of leopard print on, and am in danger of looking like Bet Lynch in 30 years time if I don't find a cure soon. 

However leopard print remains in fashion, it's everywhere, and I suit it. My obsession tells me that my yellowy skin tone, dark hair and brown eyes all manage to fit leopard print perfectly, and I make no effort to go against it. 

Here is a sneak peak into my wardrobe. 
*Warning: If you are allergic to cats of any kind, or have a fear of cats of the large variety, click the X now.*

Just looking at these makes me giddy and want to buy more, oh dear.

Seeing as I have so many, I decided to just pick a few of my favourites:

This top is from Tesco HA! I love it though, it's so flattering and delicate and unlike anything else I own. Plus it was £7 :)
My H&M playsuit, also £7. With some tights and a blazer I looooove this.
Trusty cardigans! Both H&M. I mainly wear these just for work to keep my warm but I love them. The one on the right is from last year and is beginning to show its age *sobs*.
Not strictly leopard print but has the same effect haha...lovely bodycon dress from Boohoo for my very, very rare nights when I'm not on the sofa in my dressing gown (which is also animal print).
Beginning to think I also have a H&M obsession?
My favourite maxi dress.
River Island had this in the beachwear section? Seriously?
Anyhoo I got this for a wedding last year in Albania, I've put a photo in so you can see how it looks on, its quite hard to tell on the hanger...I love it so much, just need another occasion big enough to wear it again haha!
More H&M, more leopard print, gorgeous skirt.
Topshop and Boohoo leggings, not worn this year but possibly will at some point.
Yes, even UGG boots!
My trusty Primark dolly shoes.
You might be surprised to hear I have very little leopard print jewellery, but I figured that if I'm wearing leopard print clothes then I can't wear jewellery too...

Have to end on this little guy ^^^ a present from my boyfriend awww :D 

If anyone has any advice for leopard print addicts, please send it my way. If there are more or you, perhaps we can set up a support group and overcome our obsessions together...that is, if we really want to ;)


  1. You look gorgeous in the maxi! I wish I had the figure to wear one like that! xx

    1. Aww thankyou so much :D you are gorgeous yourself though!! xxx


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