Monday, 17 March 2014

Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick - Gold Bronze: Review

I'm in a huff.
A proper full on mood.
That toddler you saw in ASDA having screaming ab-dabs t'other day has got nowt on me right now.
The 'Terrible Twenty-Three's' are an actual thing.
Or today they are at least...

See it's almost time for a certain monthly occurrence, and Blogger just 'decides' it was cool to like, DELETE, (or rather, refuse to save in drafts like normal for me to come back to) my half-done post.

*deep breaths*

WHYYY, would Blogger be so inconsiderate? 
When my time is limited as it is, and my fingers are itching to blog about bronzer, WHYYY, on the eve of such a specific event in the female calendar, would Blogger be so cruel?

That post was all good as well - positive, happy and that.
As sunny as the day I took these snaps, when the blogging gods were smiling down on me and granting me some amazing natural light.
Too good to be true it seemed.

Instead, you're now getting a hormone and technological incompetency induced rant which is only remaining tear and tissue free because my anger is currently being channelled into typing.

If my laptop keyboard wasn't broken before, it sure will be by the time I'm done with it.
(Aside from the letter 'c', left click, and occasionally space bar, which long since gave up on life.)

Now where are my Doritos?
Doritos make everything better.
They're almost as good as houmous...

And bronzer.
Yes, bronzer makes EVERYTHING better.

It's been a while since I welcomed the 'Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick' into my life now. It was during a time of great despair when my old and oh so faithful bronzer looked like this:

Say no more.

So anyhoo when my little 'Sgrmfn' aka Amy from 'Srslylou' reviewed this little sparkly gem of a bronzer, my drooling became too much and I had to give in...
Onto my face it went; and umm...yeah four months later I am finally here to tell y'all about it.

First of all, it has to be said - as beautiful as it looked both on Amy's blog, and in it's immensely classy packaging, (for the small price of £4.99) as it sat on the shelf in Boots, I was nervous.
I am afraid of shimmer!
Aside from the copious amounts of highlighter I like to blind you with in my OOTD images, my face is for the most part, matte, and only ever matte.
It's a miracle MAC's 'All That Glitters' has even made it past the 'swatching' stage, nevermind into my collection.
As far as bronzing goes, I really only ever use it to contour, so looking less dead is purely a bonus - and like, I seriously have no clue how, or even if you can contour with shimmer.

I'm thinking not, but I kind of still have, 'cos damn it my brush just goes to the hollows of my cheeks and doesn't know what else to do!

I needn't be so scared.
This bronzer is shimmery, but quite beautiful, and still oddly looks okay when used wrongly to contour - when the light isn't on it, it appears dark enough to give me my desired effect, and it looks good!
Word of warning:
Use a light hand; I kid you not on it's d├ębut on my face I was left frantically blending for what seemed like hours to try and remove the excess.
I eventually gave up and accepted that my left hand side would have to be equally 'tanned' that day.

If applied properly, however, it looks really lovely, and adds a gorgeous healthy glow to your face.
I've even managed to work out how to look subtle using this, despite it's heavy pigmentation - shocking I know, but I did it. 
High Fiveee.

The four shades used range from a pale, pinky bronze, (which is BEAUTIFUL to highlight, and got plenty of use on its own before I bought my long coveted MAC's 'Soft and Gentle') through gold, to a deep rusty bronze, all four of which can be used to create a few pretty amazing eye-shadow combo's. The shades are perfect in tone when blended together, neither too orange nor too muddy, and a great medium tone meaning it could be used effectively on a variety of skin tones.
Just please god if you're my skin tone or paler, use a light hand!

Wear-ability wise, I'm not blown away. While it has lasted a full day on me it hasn't been without it's flaws; a simple scratch of the cheek and you're guaranteed to have a white patch, and that ain't cool...
I imagine that this is because of its supposed 'wash off' feature, which I kind of haven't tested - I ain't a soap and water girl and reeeeally don't feel like changing, but if it helps the excessive amount which I swatched up there on my hand came off with relative ease haha...

This product also comes in a pinky toned variety, for girls who, unlike me. prefer a bit of blush - it too looks immensely gorgeous, but blush scares me even more than shimmer, so I haven't done too badly.
Baby steps, people.

Overall, for £5 I'm extremely happy - it's great looking product both in the pan and on the cheeks, and once Summer comes I'm sure I'll be giving it yet more attention.
:) soon as I've learned how to correctly apply shimmery stuff, that is.
Bleedin' useless I am!

Right, I'm going to end this quite quickly -
With a simple statement reflecting the inconsiderateness of my laptop, it's left click button, and Blogger.

Also because I now have my Doritos but no dips, and in my current state of being this is tragic beyond comprehension.

Blogger - you are, simply, a MAN.
A man.
That is all.


*To any of the sneaky gents who may or may not read this, (yes, I see you) I don't mean to offend - it wasn't you, just the other non-reading males ;)
Please don't leave me.


  1. Eeee Holls I've been giggling my through this post all the while thinking that bronzer looks like princess dust. I bet wor Jasmine wore this to entice Aladdin, it's obvious now! Anyway it looks gorgeous as do you. Total babe :)

    Love Kate xxx

    1. Haha she sooooo did ;) thank you lovelyyy <3 xx

  2. This has got to be the most entertaining blog post I have ever read - I love your writing style so so much!! This bronzer looks really good too, I've been looking for a bronzer and I will definitely take a look next time I'm in Boots!! :)xx

    1. Aww Joanna seriously, that's made my day thank you so much :D

  3. Doom for the deletion. that would really annoy me. The bronzer looks lovely, very intense and shimmery. Yay!

    Corinne x

  4. Holly you are bloody hilarious, and I know I harp on all the time but a fantastic writer. This looks like such an amazing bronzer - what gorgeous swatches?! I'd totes use them as eyeshadows never mind bronzer! You need a fan brush babe, it's the ultimate tool at applying shimmery highlights and the like - I swear by them <3 xxxxxx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Aww thank you so much Gemma, honestly I appreciate it massively...oh and my fan brush <3 xx


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