Sunday, 9 March 2014

Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal: Nude - Review

I've got my blogger head on today.
I know, I know...
It's been a while!

Slap my wrist ladies, (and gents) but sometimes you get a little caught up, and for one reason or another blogging becomes a challenge.

You know those times though, when you face such challenges, and deep and meaningful song lyrics attract your attention, being representative of your situation and therefore inspiring you.
Well, this may explain my new-found love of a certain Bedingfield.
And no, I'm not about to run through the streets proclaiming to every man that I'd have their babies,
I am of course talking about Daniel of the Bedingfield variety, who, back in '99 wisely spoke, (sang?) about having some pretty tough stuff to overcome.

Like D.Bedderz himself,
'I gotta get through this'

He wasn't wrong.
I gotta make it you guys, I gotta make it,
Gotta make it through.

Such strong and umm, complicated lyrics have struck a chord with me deeply in recent times.
The powerful verses, in which I can only half work out what he's saying, are more than a bit brilliant to have a good rave to, and it's not too tuneful that singing along (wailing?) leaves me feeling low about my lack of talent...
All of this, of course, happens to the sweet sounds of garage music, (RIP) and therefore is doubly awesome, as well as representative of my current blogging situation.

Talking of...
Forget a money tree man I just need more hours in't day!
(Although preferably not Mondays)
I mean, like whereeee do they go?

I'm almost certain someone is robbing me of time itself, and I'm also almost certain it's the evil sister of D.Bedderz, racked with jealousy and stabbing me like a voodoo doll simply because her bro makes better, and slightly less bunny boiler style music.

Should have used a garage beat then shouldn't she, innit?

So today is the day I fight back!
Fight back against life, and against bunny boiling sisters who try and take your blogging time, and against the lack of self control that meant I used this eyeliner *shudders* ...WITHOUT taking pictures of it first.
Sack me now, bbloggers.
Sack me now...

Right then let's get stuck in - imagine me, looking like some creature from the dead, having had my six hours sleep seemingly slashed to about six minutes by said evil-garage-hating sister of D.Bedderz, and very much needing a pick-up.
Just a little something to brighten up zee eyes and make me look alive, the way my 'usual' look somehow doesn't right now.
(Possibly owed to that fact that last years tan has finally faded, and my concealer has suddenly become to dark...but it's almost new and I'm saving for car insurance so screw it, I'm'a sit out in this new found fourteen degree heaven and soaaaak up dem sun rays.)

To solve my issue, I have put my hope and faith into the fair hands of Rimmel's 'Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal' Eyeliner in 'Nude', hoping that if my waterline is bright, then maybe will notice the fact my concealer no longer matches my face...

Okay so first impressions?
There is a reason why this line of pencils is so well loved, along with this particular shade being one of the only reasonably priced, (actually, quite ridiculously cheap at £3.99 a pop) nude pencils out there, you really are getting something of decent quality!
Boy does this go on like a dream? There's no scratching and no pulling, snagging - anything to fault the application of my new eye brightening buddy, it goes on beautifully, and it's deep pigmentation means you only need a single swipe across your waterline to cancel out the pink tones that scream 'just get me a bed, right here, now'. It makes you appear fresher and wide-eyed. 

The colour is pretty much the perfect pale nude; it's so natural looking, it definitely gives you the 'I ain't wearing nuttin' - I just look like this POW' impression, it's not too pale that you get the stark, almost white effect, and not too dark that it looks orangey - meaning it will suit most fair skin tones just fine.

The pencil is waterproof too, and you know what that means you guys?!
(Translation: No more 'Watery-Outer-Corner-of-Eye-Syndrome woes!)
Uh-huh I challenge my eyes to try and water this stuff off, 'cos I'll tell you now it ain't happening!
It's waterproof qualities are a little less obvious given that it's a nude pencil, but it definitely sticks around just fine, and on the days I've worn it I've not noticed a single speck of pinky tiredness creeping through onto my waterlines.
Eyeballs are a different story, but like I can't colour those in now can I?

Overall I blumin' love this pencil - I'm even tempted to step away from my usual L'Oreal offering when I next need a brown/black and try this one in the hope that it's waterproof-ness will combat any WOCOES on my none nude wearing days!

That is, if N.Bedderz isn't rushing round Boots in some kind of crazed rampage and stealing them all, vowing to enforce eye-watering sickness for the rest of my days, and stealing yet more of my blogging time while she's at it.

You know what I say?
SCREW HER SISTAZ (and brothers)!!

Let's dance.


  1. I am really intrigued and I want to try this!
    I never tried nude pencil liners! haha

  2. WHY ARE YOU SO FUNNY!! omg, i can't breathe. lol. what mascara are you using? (:

    1. Haha awwww thanks gorg, it's the Maybelline Volum' Plush :) xx

  3. Oh man I love your writing style, you've got bags of personality and you make me trollolol! I am always disappearing from the blogosphere between work and illness and what have you and then BAM some inspiration (or more likely shopping) and I'm back! Must. stick. to. blogging. I shit you not though I've never tried a nude on my waterline yet it makes SO MUCH SENSE. I'm going to use it on my lips too because I'm a rebel.

    1. Aww Ruby you're so lovely, thank you so much :D and I'm glad it's not only me, I've been feeling it a lot lately xx


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