Sunday, 23 March 2014

OOTN: The Outfit-Repeater.

Yet again I'm about to express to you, a HEEEOOOOUUUGE blogging failure.
I'm serious.
Sack me and kick me outta the club, I am undeserving of my blogging page.
Today's post was meant to be about Tanya Burr and her new nail polishes...
However clearly, this has not happened.
I'm missing the bandwagon in quite spectacular fashion.

Today's excuse is merely that painting my nails takes time, and time is, well, hard to come by when you have delicious soup to make and nachos to devour.

Lawd knows you can't try and eat greasy, salsa-cheese laden nachos with wet nails, I wanna lick my fingers mayn!!

Anyhoo, while I've worn my pastel pink polish and taken *sort of* adequate photo's to demonstrate it's insane prettiness, I have now worn the second shade three, yes THREE times, in a row, in order to take photos, and each time have failed to do so before chipping appeared.

Clearly, despite the arrival of the Spring solstice, there still ain't enough daylight hours to satisfy me.
That, or you will have to make do with a background not containing blurred out flowers, or my mums now semi-famous chopping board.

I'm now MORE than prepared to review said polish, given that it's not been off my nails for more than a couple of hours in the last three weeks, and well, to be honest - one more application after this and I'll be holding a celebratory nail polish burning session* to relieve my boredom.

Alas, once again however, my base coat is on, and my nails are about to become the colour of a penguin baba...
For now the fourth time in a row.

Y'all know it will be a thorough review!
With its publishing being celebrated with the purchase of a shiny, new, and none-penguin like polish replacement...

*I do not advocate this. It's flammable y'all, and if like me you wear hairspray, just don't.

Either my mum (and most avid reader's) finger wants to get in this pic, or my house is haunted.

What I wore:

Dogtooth Midi Skirt: Missguided £9.99
White Crop Top: Missguided £3.99 (also worn in burgundy the next day ha!)
Heeled Chelsea Boots: New Look £14.99 (oh em gee!)
Totally Overdone-But-Still-Gorgeous-Bloggeresque Lion Necklace: eBay £1.98

So all nail post issues aside, I do at least have a little something to offer you today, in the form of a double OOTN.
I say double, because, shamefully, I wore this outfit two nights in a row.
Albeit with a different coloured crop top and shoes.
So basically just the skirt then...

Dirty girl I am.

First off I'll give you one guess where this is from?


Guessed yet?

Yeah okay it's from Missguided; I am weak and cannot keep away.
In fact just seeing the link I've posted right there ^^ is making me want to scroll through the 'New In' section and drool in an unhealthy, animalistic manner at all things made of fabric.
And Scherzinger.
Scherzinger, her sexual hair, and her new clothing collection.
It's only a matter of time...

Anyhoo, back to the task at hand here, and the extremely gorgeous dogtooth midi skirt which my prying eyes couldn't resist just last week...

See, that weekend I had two social occasions to dress up for, (I knoww, check me out ey?!) and I figured that when on a budget, a skirt covered in an extremely on-trend print and costing under a tenner is the way to go, especially when it can be matched with so many different things.
(Enter Missguided's 'Sweet Deal' section, and my crop top obsession)

This particular outfit, was said skirt's outing numero uno, when I decided to pair it with a plain white crop top and a shed-load of big gold spangly stuff...which of course I NEVERRR usually do ;)
The skirt is actually amaaazing for the price, and my god it fits so well considering I had to do my usual online size gamble, (four for you Missguided, you go Missguided...they like candy canes, right?)
This crop top is actually a replacement for an identical one I bought last Summer, which I put a hole in given that it's so thin.
My advice - remember you get what you pay for with a £3.99 top; put it on gently, and for the love of god wear a white bra!

On my face...well, the less said the better.
These were taken before I realised my lips were sadly lacking in 'Lady Danger', (don't worry, this situation was rectified) and that my mums theory of adding extra highlighter to the forming boulder on my left cheek would make the camera flash disguise it, was failing miserably.

I then simply had an extra shiny boulder and uneven cheeks.

On that note it's time for me to go - now realising I only have base coat on my nails and once again it's too late for me to apply even a single coat of nail polish without risking 'bed-sheet-print-nails'.
I swear, if I wanted textured polish I'd have bought those Barry M ones long ago!

Tanya though darling, if ever you release a textured line - I swear I'll review it quicker, it'll be a doddle for me...

And on that note Bazza M - if ever you release a bed-sheet-print textured line, be sure to send 80% of the profits my way, so I can afford to get my nails done properly, or summat.
Thanks, bye.


  1. Haha.... oh Holly! You look gorgeous, and I'm so jealous of your uhmazing figure! I love that your Mum does your OOTD/N post pics for you - what a ledge! I can't believeeeeeeee you're not wearing your Lady Danger :O

    Can't wait to see your TB polish review now haha... you're a breath of fresh hair holly <3 xxxxxx

    1. I know man that lippy is never off me Gemma! It's a problem...
      And thank you Gemma you gorgeous thing!

  2. I'm terrible at painting my nail, ha.

    Holly - I'm going to have to agree with Gemma. Your figure is beautiful. You are DAY-UM HAWT.

    Corinne x

    1. Ahhh Corinne lovelyyyy thank you haha, and I'm glad it's not just me!

  3. Love the outfit, you look gorgeous!
    I know all about bed sheet print nails - Bain of my life!!


    1. Haha Sarah I'm glad it's not just me! xx


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