Saturday, 25 January 2014

On a Cold and Frosty Morning: OOTD

I'm so lying to you right now.
It's not a cold and frosty morning.
It's not even morning, in fact yet again this post comes courtesy of some late night inspiration, stemming most likely from my first night sat doing naff all in weeks.

I mean seriously, the amount of free time I've had this evening borders on the cray-cray; I've painted my toenails after even having time to contemplate the various combinations of colours and designs I could use.

Then gave up and settled on my regulation Winter dark red.

I even decided what I'm going to wear tomorrow for work,
(I'm writing this on Thursday fyi...editing on Friday and very much looking forward to the weekend, therefore a day where I don't have to pre-select clothes!)
and I may even have time to change my mind...

I don't know what to do with myself...I am literally sat here BLOGGING.
Blogging for oh, the second time in a week!
I know.

The only thing missing tonight is my onesie, which I can't wear simply because it has feet in...gahh!
Usually, this would be the best bit, and my tootsies would be all toasty and warm, snuggled in their leopard print goodness, however no.
Toenail painting sessions have their hazards...
My toes are tacky and therefore now susceptible to frostbite.


In fact no, cold.
Just cold...

On the other hand, the day I wore this outfit, I felt not a single speck of icy air, not on me or my toes for that matter.

What I wore:

Cardigan: H&M £5
Cut out boots: River Island £38
Faux fur hairband: eBay £4.99
Necklace: River Island (Christmas Present)

So this outfit is undoubtedly one of my current faves!
Mostly because it's SOOOO SNUGGLY and waaaaaaaaaarrrrrm.
The dress is a piece of actual perfection from the perfectly priced 'Sweet Deal' section of Missguided, (which I believe come Summer I will own in its entirety...I'm an unstoppable Missguided machine!) and despite being only £7.49, is proper good stuff!
I swear they could stick a Topshop label on it, triple the price, and still call it a good value for money piece - Missy-G you little genius', you!!

As for the cardigan...well, that's a whole other story.

See, I choose to believe that this cardi is something of a soul mate of mine.
Too regularly, my friend and Lady Danger twin Lucy had been flaunting this awesome zebra-ness in front of my face in the form of wearing her own, and it was torture.
Like a bull to a red flag, I simply cannot control myself around animal print of any kind, and on a regular basis my subconscious would hatch evil clothes stealing plans in order to claim her cardigan as my own.

In all honesty though, I wouldn't have put it past myself to go all 'bull' on her and charge, knocking her to the ground and ragging it from her.
Poor girl.

My sneaky subconscious was even working on how to stretch it big enough to fit...and failing miserably.

I'd almost given up hope, until a random 'oh I'll just pop into H&M for a minute' decision was made...
Then it happened.
Oh my dayzzz - it's like mother nature herself directed me in there!!
There it was.
The last one.
All enticingly warm and zebra-like...
The last one.

In my size.

For a fiver.


Safe to say me and Lucy are now cardigan twins, and yes, the scenario where we did not pre-discuss outfits has happened, and we have spent an entire day in matching clothes.
It was a good day :)

On my face I was oh so adventurous and wore 'the usual'.
Boundaries were broken that day peeps, daring little so-and-so I am ey...

Oh but with added 'Lady Danger' lovelieness on my lips, because, well quite frankly I love and adore it, and feel it's a bit of a crime that my lips aren't naturally this colour.
Nuff said.

A moment for my new boots before I leave you...
How unbelievably flippin' sexy are these babies?!

Mmmm, my very own cut out boots!

Only two years too late on that one.

River Island served me's been a long time since I have dared to cross their threshold, because, well...whenever I do, bad things happen, but on this occasion I needed new boots and I allowed myself a small moment of spending madness!
Not that £38 is unreasonable, but seriously, I've been confined to Shoe Zone for the last two years, so let's be real here, they're practically Louboutins.

Anyhoo you guys, I'm off, because despite my toenails now being all dark red and diva-ish, my fingernails are looking more than a little worse for wear, and it's not too long until I intend on trying to sleep.

We all know this isn't going to work, right?
But a girls gotta try...

Smudged, cotton-print-bed-sheet nails are totes my thing, and I intend to work it.
Yerr baby.


  1. I love the dress, it's such a flattering fit - and an absolute bargain!!

    Jess xo

    1. Thank you and yessss, everyone should have one, they're a steal!

  2. i love bargains that have the quality of much expensive things. the cardigan looks very cute on you.

  3. Your posts are hands down the best! I love love love them! If only more people had your writing abilities - the world would be such a happier place!!!!!

    Firstly I must say WOW at your highlight on dem cheekbones - you look GORGE as ever! Plus I am LOVING your Russian Chic with your mighty fine headband - and for £5? EPIC! LASTLY I love love love love love love love love love your boots - they're sooooo cute!!!!!!!! xxxxx

    1. GEMMAAAAAAAA <3 <3 <3 what more can I say, thank you, this made my day/week/everything xxx


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