Sunday, 2 February 2014

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish: Soft & Gentle. Review and err...Sing-a-Long.

*psssst, press play*

I've been blinking, I've been blinking...
I can't keep my eyes off it's sparkles baby,
I've been thinking, I've been thinking,
Why can't I keep my fingers swatching? 
MSF I want you, na na...
Why can't I keep my fingers swatching? 
MSF I want you, na na...

Shines like ice, shines like ice,
Feeling like an animal with this beauty on my screen,
Flashing lights, flashing lights, 
My iPhone camera, clicking, clicking, clicking,
MSF I want you, na na...
Can't keep my eyes off those reviews,
MSF, I want you, na na...

Drunk in loveeeeeeee.

I wound up on the MAC site saying,
"How the hell have I not bought this?"
Oh baby,
Drunk in looooooooooveeeee,
Clicked it online,
Last thing I remember is me clicking 'checkout' and getting that confirmation email,
Drunk in loooooooveeee...


It happened.
After several months years of lusting, umm-ing and ahh-ing, and just plain drooling after MAC's 'Soft and Gentle' Mineralize Skinfinish, my selfish needs have finally got the better of me.
I have caved, and am now the proud owner of, well...the most beautiful piece of champagne-pinky peach goodness ever to grace my letterbox, my iPhone lense, and now ladies, (and pesky gents) my face.

MAC's 'Soft and Gentle' is, well...every bit as beautiful, stunning and gorgeous as I ever imagined it could be.
The 378364885822 blog posts I've previously read on it didn't lie.
(and given that it costs £22 I'm glad they didn't!)

I really shouldn't worry about the price, you know.
I feel I may never, ever need to purchase another highlighting product again, for as long as I shall live!
A whopping 10g of product comes encased and swirled, all marble like and purrrty, in MAC's little circular pot, and when I say I can't imagine how long it would take to even dent, I'm not joking!
I'll probably cry when it does, however...

Colour-wise, it's just dreamy!
Highlighters I've used previously have been, well, a little pale, (ironically two of the three were bronzers) and left me in severe danger of looking as though I was trying to make tribal make-up a new 'thing', with white stripes on the tops of my cheeks, (stemming from my lack of ability to know when to stop) but 'Soft and Gentle' is just slightly darker and more peach toned, meaning it's less stark and more skin tone friendly - in fact I imagine and have seen how amazing this looks on any skin tone, it's literally a gem of peachy genius!

In another amazing cure for my lack or stopping power, (human glitter-ball's never look good you guys, don't make my mistake!) 'Soft and Gentle' isn't overly glittery, if in fact at all; it's so finely milled that each tiny, shimmering particle blends seamlessly into your skin, creating a natural glow and radiance that makes the luxury price tag even more worth it, and my sun-starved February skin appear surprisingly healthy.

I use this on the tops of my cheekbones, and as an inner corner highlight on my eyes, (my new 'thing' you guys, it's bad) but it can be dusted lightly all over for a dewy effect.
Lasting power-wise, so far, so good! I've retained my glowy cheeks for the full length of my make-up wear, including a Jillian Michaels session!
Naughty I know, I'm normally so good at the gym, but like...I was too excited and couldn't bear to remove it before I got going :(
Ah was a good test, right?
Worth a blemish or two...

Overall, I sense that despite only owning this a short period of time, I have now found 'the one' when it comes to highlighting products - I genuinely can't see myself venturing away from this any time soon, and equally can't wait for Summer when it can be seen in actual sunny daylight, in all its shimmering glory!

To conclude and add yet more cheese...I'm just a bit Drunk In Love.
*terrible, just terrible, I'll go hide my face in shame now, lol.*


Oh Bey, you actual dream girl, you.

I bet she like invented 'Soft and Gentle' or something...
She probably just like sang to a tub of baby powder and it all came together to listen, beginning to sparkle the moment her perfect breath graced its surface.

Yeah, MAC.
You wish you were that good.

I imagine that Beyonce herself could and possibly does wear 'Soft and Gentle' herself, I mean, it's fit for a Queen after all...
Some crazy part of my subconscious wishes to believe I could apply this and somehow just be her, in more ways than just singing ruining her songs when I'm alone, not caring for the safety of the windows, nor the floorboards (which are definitely old and should almost certainly not have fairy elephants prancing around on them, recreating a somewhat terrifying version of 'Survivor')...

Indeed, in my dreams I choose to believe that I may have a piece of cheekbone gracing gorgeousness in common with Beyonce, and therefore am like related to her or something.
Sadly, however I'm sure Bey's cheeks are scattered with naturally occurring, pure diamond fragments, grown from her own pores...

*dons Kat Slater style cockney accent*
The Cahhhw.


  1. I've been wondering about this for a while myself! I think I might just need it!

  2. Oh yes oh yes oh yes, it looks great on your face. Do you take you photos in your iPhone? They're great quality I never would have guessed!

    Corinne x

  3. I've been wanting to try this for ages! It really does look gorgeous! :)

    Telina | Love, Telina

    1. Thank you - it sooo is, I couldn't recommend it more :D xx

  4. Ahhhh it looks flipping gorgeous on you, you absolute beaut! It really is such a stunning shade isn't it?! You NEED to check out Lightscapade next, it's even more dreamy than Soft & Gentle - it's heaven in a pan!!! xxxxxxxxxx


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