Monday, 20 January 2014

KIKO Colour Sphere 105: Review

You know all those adverts on telly, asking you to adopt a Panda, or warning of the huge decline in their numbers?
Well, they're lying to you.

Pandas are no longer endangered you guys.
For there's one right here typing this to you.

Ladies, (and you sneaky gentlemen, you)
I am, indeed, a panda.

Yes, it's true.
The dark circles around my eyes have grown from smudged mascara to full on black hole sized in recent weeks, and yet I just cannot slow down.
My concealer usage has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous, and I've even contemplated actually spending money on decent skincare in a bid to fully remove it at the end of the day.
I did however give up, deciding that if there's any concealer left on there after double cleansing, it's probably a good thing.

I'll take clogged pores any day if it means looking slightly less like a Scream mask.

Of course though, this is me we're talking about, and naturally, in trying to look less like a left-over Halloween mask in Poundland's bargain bin on November 1st, I have of course got myself all excited and decided to smudge a shed-load of dark eyeshadow on.

It seems my subconscious is loving the Panda look.

(l) both colours applied wet, (r) both colours applied dry
Okay so what a lucky little so-and-so I am eyy?!
See my extremely talented and lovely friend Aїcha knows, (and shares) my magpie tendencies, and we've had several long discussions about sparkly stuff and all things make-up, and to my surprise she'd sent Santa my way with a little Christmas gift all the way from lands afar.

Lands which sell KIKO that is...

The first product in my little parcel of goodness was this rather gorgeous eyeshadow sphere in shade 105, containing a deep brown-black shot with microscopic silver glitter flecks, alongside a contrasting hot pink shot with golden glitter flecks.
Oh my lordy lord!

Okay so after lots of 'ooooh-ing' and 'ahhh-ing' I decided I just had to put my MAC palette down for a day, (or ten) and get this piece of goodness on my eyes.
Now I'm not gonna lie to you, I've been a little afraid of pink shadows in my time, but less so recently after the revelation that is MAC's 'Cranberry' and the rosy hues of the Naked 3 palette - I decided, well it can't be so bad, right?

Despite looking so fabulously Barbie-esque in it's nicely packaged pot, the pink transfers a good deal paler than it is in the pan, meaning it's easy to use for a more subtle look, and definitely does not leave you looking like you've just had a good old cry.
As for the darker shade, (totes brown but it took me a few different lighting variations to decide) again it's pigmented but not too overpowering to be worn during the day, (although like, what I wear in the day is probably more than most of you want or need even on a night...bad times) I love how this colour looks alone, when worn with a neutral matte shade on the lid, it's buildable and easy to blend with my old faithful cheapo brush, and/or my finger.
Together, the two colours beautifully complement each other; the pink shade warms up the brown-black shade beautifully when blended together through the edge of the lid and crease, and creates a look I've been really enjoying.
The glitter is equally subtle, meaning it's perfect for daily wear, and the fallout is minor. I really like how one shade has silver glitter and the other has gold. Now, normally my OCD would be screaming 'HELLLLLL TO ZE FRICKIN' NO', but on this occasion I quite like the contrast; it's not too obvious on the eyes and, well, it's just pure prettiness!
The packaging tells us that the shadow can also be used wet, and while this makes very little difference to the colour, the glitter seems to double in impact and sheen, and really dazzles!
Longevity-wise, this lasted all day including a gym session on my eyes, and while the pink faded slightly, the darker colour stayed put and perfect all day, 5km run in the rain included!

Overall, I'm so happy with my first KIKO product, and guess what you little lovelies?
Oooh, the suspense, I can hear your little hearts racing in anticipation...

I don't blame you, mine would be too.

Anyhoo, all racing hearts aside, it's now getting on for my bedtime.
Yet again I'm up all late and busy, making my black holes even larger and more pronounced.
I apologise in advance if the weather is especially naff tomorrow.
It's highly likely that my black holes, (of the none-pretty-eyeshadow variety) will have grown so large they will have become self-aware, Terminator style, therefore gaining the sense of hunger and swallowing up our sun, solar system, and almost certainly terminating what is left of the panda population.

I shall be a lone panda.
All alone.

Probably locked up in a zoo, being paraded to the world as a star attraction, given no more than one stick of bamboo a day, and most likely not being provided with any KIKO goodness to at least beautify my darkened eyes...
If I'm not swallowed up myself that is.

Leopards wouldn't have this problem now would they?


  1. These are really nice shades! I love that the pink goes on a lot more sheer than it appears in the pan, and it makes a gorgeous smokey eye!

    1. Yes I love that about it too :D it really does :) xx

  2. Really pretty shades, I mean I have a bit of a pink- aversion, but it is rather pretty. *Hoards all the neutral eyeshadows that Kiko makes instead* xx

    P.s. - I am also a scream mask.

    Amy / srslylou

    1. Haha Halloween will be awesome for us girly!! xx

  3. I have some kiki shadows and I really like them. The pinks shades look lovely on you!

    Corinne x


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