Saturday, 27 April 2013

Welcome To Shoesie Heaven...

Before you read this, please press play on the video below and leave it on while you read.
Just setting the scene for you, like ;)

Welcome, everyone,

Picture the scene;
You're up in the clouds, you're dressed all in white, (and extremely fashionable clothes) the other angels are playing the harp while drinking from a non-fattening, awesome tasting chocolate fountain, (because that IS the diet up there, of course) the sun is shining, and these are on your feet.

The shoes of angels.
Straight from heaven Zara.

Oh my god.

I'm losing my train of thought here but seriously, are these not the prettiest and most spectacular beings you have ever seen?
Yeah, I said 'beings' - they deserve to be treated as though they're alive, I've reserved a place on my shoe rack for them, with their new, and in some cases less fortunate, friends.
My darling babies.

There they were, looking all beautiful and inviting on the shelves of Zara, with their slightly bigger and smaller sisters, and blue and coral cousins, (most of which, had all already been adopted into their new families) just waiting for their new mummies to come along...

How could I resist?
Zara, I salute you!!
I've been lusting over them for so long, (I blame Beautycrush for this haha) I'm pretty sure I've gained a few greys and wrinkles. It's sad when you can't even justify spending £29.99 on shoes as stunning as these, but I am lucky enough to have a mortgage and therefore am somewhat asking for it!
Alas, pay day finally arrived, and for my epic patience, I rewarded myself.
The Primarni version are also pretty nice, and let's face it, much nicer on the old mortgage payments. I considered them for two seconds a while, but they're just not the sameeee...and sadly lacking a gorgeous metallic gold heel...
Also, given that 'nice' is the word I chose to describe them, and I was always told 'nice' doesn't cut the mustard as an adjective, they're blates just not NICE enough for me. 
Need more hyperbole mayyyn.

As it happens they were also all out of stock on this particular day, which OBVSSS means the Zara ones were meant to be.

Don't you just love attempting to take photo's of your own legs in poor light?
...but no, this could NOT wait, you understand.

I have to say also, I have fat little pancake feet, almost as wide as they are long.
And yes, despite having to go up a size purely to fit my little fatties in, they still manage to look more elegant than ever before!
It's an err...April miracle.

Having said that, I'm risking a lot with this little buy here.
My other half hates heels, he slyly suggested I'd be single again if I so much as stepped one foot into Zara and purchased them.
Naturally, I stepped into Zara with both feet and snapped them up.

But yeah, who cares about boys when you can wear these shoes of pure gold and walk among the angels?
Not forgetting that chocolate fountain...

Surely when my other half sees them on my feet, he will cave and beg for the creation of the male version, heels and all.
I mean who wouldn't be?

Go on, join me, you know you want to...

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine, We Meet Again: Review

Guess who's back?
Back again.
Holly's back. 
(with more new stuff woop woop)
Tell a friend.
(via GFC, Bloglovin', or maybe even a tweet, yeah?)

So it would have been fully rude to neglect Boots at a time when their make-up is on a glorious 3 for 2 offer right? Yes, right indeed, and sensing that I'd been biding my time just a few days and weeks too long into this offer, and that it's end may be near, I knew a teeny, tiny bit of spending may be required.
Now with Barry M, it's pretty much guaranteed to be teeny, tiny spending, so me and my poor, empty bank wouldn't feel all that guilty about it :)

We still do feel guilty, I'm still pre pay day, but now I have pretty nails and all is better again...

As you might know, I'm a huge Barry M fan, (despite this small disaster a few months back) and just think they're amaaaazing value for what you get. Don't get me wrong, I love the look of Essie polishes - hell I'd probably drink them if it was safe, but at pretty much £8 a piece, it's a case of taking a good long look at myself and remembering it's just not necessary.
Apart from you, Mint Candy Apple, you beautiful piece
You will be mine.

Anyhoo yes, so I ended up picking some of their newly released Spring/Summer range of Gelly Hi-Shine shades, namely Lychee, (which my mum-and-most-avid-reader thinks is poo, but I think is uber classy and versatile) Greenberry, (which is a crazy mix of strong mint and turquoise, and will look awesomeee with a tan!) and Papaya, (a peachy-coral) which my mum has proudly on her toesies!

l-r Lychee, Greenberry, Papaya
I opted for Lychee on zee fingers today, over a base coat of O.P.I Nail Envy, (review coming soon, oooh the suspense!) and umm, at first I wasn't too impressed. It's such a lovely nude colour, and dried with the expected 'gelly hi-shine' effect, but after one fairly streaky coat, I was a but miffed. 
Thankfully, coat number two solved my streaking issues, and it's dried perfectly evenly in the end. I needn't have worried.
The brush is a little on the skinny side for my liking - I kept missing bits at the edges, but again for under four quid I'm not going to complain - it's probably my lack of polish-application skills that caused that... 
I mean to say I kept missing out the edges, I did a pretty good job of coating my poor cuticles and, well, my fingers. 
And the nail polish bottle. 

So where was I? 
Oh yes, I finished off with a coat of my teeny, tiny, diddy ickle Seche Vite Top Coat (review also coming soon - see, spoiling you I am) - £2.40 on eBay, bargain!
Although it will probably only last me 2.4 nail polish sessions...

The finished result doesn't look too shoddy, if I do say so myself...just errmm...don't look too closely.
Hopefully my 'generic-holding-nail-polish-in-hand-with-painted-nails' pose will distract your eyes from my cuticles.

Okay that's enough close up's of my hand.
I was beginning to remind myself of a rather freaky nightmare involving demonic hands I had as a child.
No one likes demonic hands.

I merely couldn't decide whether the pictures looked better with the flash on, or I stuck them all on.

I was also going to treat you to some pictures of mine and my mums newly prettied up toes, mine wearing Greenberry, and my mum's wearing Papaya, but having freaky hands and *shock horror* FEET of all things in one post, might just make you all run and leave me blogging all to myself.
I mean my mum would still read it, but mannn, I'd miss you guys.

Also, the amount of hysterics we had taking those pictures, meant our feet looked all kinds of deformed shapes and me, not one of you would have been tempted to pop off and buy Barry M's latest offering after seeing those.
Poor Bazza.

On a serious note though, I do recommend them, for such a small price they're pretty amazing, and every single colour I have, or have seen, is stunning. Also on a serious note, a slight disappointment; I managed under 24 hours before getting my first chips, (yes, plural!) with both Lychee, and Greenberry on my toes. I don't remember this being the case with Blueberry and Blood Orange, (the other shades I own) so whether this is my poor application on the day or the actual polish is anyone's guess, but it's something to note...

I'm going to leave you, quite randomly with the song that my phone - also randomly - started playing by itself earlier...just because it is as Summery as these colours, and ermm, because I've been 'singing' it all the way through writing this post...

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Feeling Foxy: HD Brow Palette Review

Can I get a Hallelujah people?!
I can't hear you...
I said,


Ahhhhh, it's like heaven.
And no, I haven't gone all religious on you, and I'm not going to start preaching...
I just have new stuff.

Yes that's right, I have some actual NEW stuff for you YEYYY!!

Well, just one, but it's a good one...

Hallelujah indeed.

Yes, as the month that I would like to re-name 'Mount Everest Month', (due to the extremely high and, in all honesty just plain mean amount of financial nasties that have been flung my way in a short space of time) comes to a close, I have celebrated mine and the Mister's survival in the only non-chocolate related way I know.
I 'treated' myself.

Like the alien's from Toy Story when the claw comes near;
I had the opportunity to get my hands on a HD Brow palette :D

Let me tell you I am over the moon.
I am flying higher than a kite.
Higher than Everest in fact.
In yo' face, bills.

My mojo has returned in the form of amazing eyebrows.
My old and fading Rimmel eye-shadow palette, (don't get me started on that one again! But you can read my previous rants here and here) which I've mentioned and mourned the loss of several times, is really and truly on its last legs now.

My eyebrows aren't playing either - it's like they know the end is nigh.

But not for long...

Yes, the eyelash goddess and all round beauty expert that is Rachel Brooker, has saved me again.
This time, with a shiny HD Brow palette that needed a new home.

Who would I be to say no, right?

Top (l-r): Nude, Carbon.       Bottom (l-r):  Warm Brown, Dark Brown.

Top - Bottom: Nude (so nude you can't see it haha) Warm Brown, Dark Brown, Carbon.
I have to have a rave first of all, about the pigmentation - like a dreammmm!!
I mean I literally need to just dab my brush with the tiniest of strokes and I'll have enough to do half my eyebrow!
I can see me being old and grey and still not having hit pan on this product...
although by then it will possibly be due to having grey eyebrows too and blatantly not being able to use these colours.

Omg that's a point, do they make brow palettes for the elderly?
Screw it, I'm dying my hair until death.

I have only really used the colour 'Warm Brown' so far, but the 'Nude' makes for a pretty good matte brow-bone highlight, and I might consider using the 'Dark Brown' tomorrow alongside the lighter colour, to see what happens. I don't really like majorly dark brows though, despite my majorly dark hair, and always go lighter to avoid people just talking to my eyebrows.
(Come on, you know you've all done it when a girls brows are thicker and darker than a skunks tail.)
'Warm Brown' is definitely 'warm', (as I guess it should be given its name) but lacks that funny red tone that makes me dislike so many brow products, in fact, it's so versatile it could probably match anyone's hair, from blondes, to very dark brunette's like me :D

The application is ah-maaazing too, I used the little brush it comes with, and either it's very good, or I've just been using a terrible eyebrow brush all my life haha (yes, actually, so bad I have to wet it to get the bristles compact and sturdy enough). It is so precise, and creates a really sharp and defined edge, but that you can easily blend out if that's what you want :) 

Suppose I should show you a picture then...

I have to apologise for the caterpillar you are about to see below.
My eyebrows are far from bushy, but I'm preparing them for the 'real thing' when it comes to HD Brows, and am avoiding my tweezers like they'd induce another round up Mount Everest, and I'm not sure I could handle that...
Also, I'm only going to show you my right eyebrow.
It seems that sleeping on my right has somewhat suppressed my hair follicles, meaning the re-growth on the right is relatively minimal, while my left side seems to have grown a life of it's own.

I may wake up tomorrow and find my left eyebrow has done a runner. 


I can't tell whether it's the title of the palette, (Foxy) or the fact that my brows are resembling a fox's bushy tail, (without the orangeness) but I am feeling foxxxxyyyy.

Either way, I like it.

Now I'll just leave you with the awesome mental image of me hunting around my house tomorrow morning, with only one eyebrow, shouting 'here browy, browy, browyyy' in an effort to find the rogue creature that used to resemble my left. It would then of course leap out from behind the sofa, growl and swallow me, (and my poor defenceless right eyebrow) whole, turn around and smile an evil, satisfied grin to celebrate its success...

Err yeah.
There's a thought.
Sweet dreams everyone :)

Thursday, 11 April 2013

This, That or T'Other?

First off can I just say THANK GODDDDDD the lovely Libby from CherryTruth2 has tagged me to do this post, because I have been in some serious blogging hot water this last week.
Honestly, I've been sat at home on my todd, itching to blog and finding myself with absolutely naff all to write about.

I had an OOTE to write up, but looking at the pictures and remembering what outfit it actually was, I think the less said the better.
Those pictures will never make it off my phone.
Apart from via deletion.
That blog post will forever be an illusion.

...and I have been STUCK!

Now as you will know, I have an uncanny and sometimes rather annoying ability to ramble, and write long, loooong blog posts, so right now THIS SECOND, I am going to shut up, and get on with it...

Very old photo which I deemed random enough to include...because no-one likes a blog post with no piccies.

The Beauty 'This or That TAG':

Make Up:
Blush or Bronzer? 
Bronzer all day every day! 
I frequently get asked by my not very make-up aware other half , 'err what's that orange stuff on your cheeks?'.
I think he'd die if I had both orange and pink.

Lipgloss or Lipstick?
Lipstick! I have the odd lipgloss but it can definitely only be worn on hair-up days...sticky icky eugh.

Liner or Mascara? 
Mascaraaaaa!!!!!!!!! This is me we're talking about, the more lashes, the better.

Foundation or Concealer? 
Concealer. I err, don't actually own a foundation - yes, yes I know, like how?
My skin is far from perfect, but I just never really started wearing it, I just put extra concealer on my cheeks and the odd blemish to cover the redness, and then add a transparent powder to mattify me :)

Neutral Eyeshadow or Colour? 

Pressed or loose eyeshadow?
Oooh I'm not daredevil enough to get a loose one, I mean imagine the potential mess right there?! 

Nails and Body:
OPI or China Glaze? 
Ermmmm...Barry M?

Long or Short Nails?
Long, but not in the freakish/gross sense, just long enough for the 'Oh are you wearing acrylics?', 'No, they're all mine' conversation. 
I'm still waiting for this conversation to happen by the way.
One day...

Acrylic or Natural? 
Natural! I once had an encounter with gel nails, it ended badly.

Brights or Darks? 
It depends on the time of year, I love a good, glossy dark red or purple all through Autumn and Winter, but then I love brights and pastels in Spring and Summer.

Flower or No Flower?
*girl off McDonalds advert voice*
'What does that even mean?'
Haha yeah, you know the one ;)

Perfume or Body Splash? 
Perfumeeeeee. The stronger the better. 
I potentially smell like a baby prostitute on a daily basis, but seriously, if I buy perfume, I'm not buying it to use one tiny spray and make it last.
I want to smelllllll!!!!
haha, sounds weird...

Lotion or Body Butter? 
Ooooh can I have both?
Seriously, I love both. 
Although right now I'm using my amazing £1 M&S body lotion and there's probably no way I could get a body butter for that price.
Body lotion it is.

Body Wash or Soap?
Body wash :) don't think I've used soap to wash since I was a tiny tot.

Lush or other bath company? 
I've never been to Lush.

Jeans or Sweat Pants?
Depends if I'm leaving the house or not...there's no way I'll sit around the house in jeans.

Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve? 
I once left the house in September wearing short sleeves, thinking it was still warm and I was hardcore enough...
I was wrong.
Long sleeves win.

Dresses or skirts? 
Both, as long as they're not skater style. 

Stripes or Plaid? 
Stripes, but I dislike both if I'm honest. I only like a few striped things.

Flip Flops or Sandals? 
Okay they're very similar...I'll say sandals because they're like flip flops but usually prettier haha...

Scarves or Hats? 
Scarves, my head is too big for the 'cool' hats haha!

Studs or Dangly Earrings? 
DANGLYYYY!! I have had an earring obsession since I was about three, and would wear my mums dangly earrings at every opportunity.
In my younger and less OTT aware days, it wasn't unusual for me to wear three sets of various sized hoops at a time.
Thankfully, I've seen the light and am no longer a human jewellery stand.
But still, the bigger and longer the better.

Heels or Flats? 
Flats, I love heels don't get me wrong, but man they huuuuuuurt.

Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots? 
Neither lol. Regular boots.

Jacket or Hoodie? 
Jacket. I love a good hoodie, but only in the house.
When I say a good hoodie, I also only mean my boyfriend's hoodies, they're just better, non?

Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe?
Forever 21, because I've never heard of Charlotte Russe....

Abercrombie or Hollister? 
Hollister, because I've never been in Abercrombie, although if you can enter it without a torch I'm tempted to choose it anyway haha...
Seriously Hollister, why so dark? 
You're trying to sell me clothes but I can't see them!

Curly or Straight? 

Bun or Ponytail?
Bun, a ponytail only if it's massive and more voluminous than a lions mane.

Bobby Pins or Butterfly Clips? 
Bobby pins!! Ask me aged seven and I would have answered that differently...

Hair Spray or Gel? 
Do any of you ladies out there actually wear gel? 
Hair spray. Despite the damage it did to my poor hair...

Long or Short? 

Light or Dark? 
Darkkkk...since I saw the light and crossed to the dark side, I've never looked back.

Side Sweep or Full Bangs? 
Side fringe!! Tons of times I see people with full fringes and think 'wowwww', but on me I'd end up looking all nose and teeth. 
Naaaat good.

Up or Down? 
Down. Even though I've worn my hair up every day for the last year... 
Hmm, contradictory little so-and-so I am.

Rain or Shine? 
Haha just kidding...
Come on now, what kind of stupid question is that?

Summer or Winter? 
See above. ^^^

Fall or Spring? 
As mad as it sounds, I'm tempted to say Autumn, because a lot of the time, Autumn is still warm(ish), and it's the exciting run up to Christmas, whereas a good portion of Spring is just plain disappointing, (a la NOW!) and doesn't even TRY and tease you that Summer is on its way.
Nah, who am I kidding, I still say Spring.

Chocolate or Vanilla?
 Chocolate. Always chocolate.

East Coast or West Coast? 
Wellll...I'm in England, and there's not much between the two if I'm honest. 
Cold, damp, dingy, and full of penny arcades.
If I had to pick an American coast it would be the East, because they have both New York for shopping, and Florida for a bit of sunshine.
Seriously, why are the English coasts so poor in comparison?!
What did we do to deserve this?!

Another old photo I deemed random enough to include.
This time not as random, because I'm demonstrating my preference for long, dark and curly hair, bright nails, Summer, the dangliest earrings known to human kind, chocolate, (I was awaiting pudding mmm) neutral eyes, mascara, and copious amounts of bronzer.
Also, I can assure you I was wearing sandals of the gold and sparkly variety.

Going to end there, before the tan I have in that last photo reduces me to actual tears.

Before I go I would like to tag...

Georgia from
Terri Leanne from
Amy from
Sarah from
Rosalie Jayne from
Holly from
Hannah from
Claire from

I'm off to drown my sorrows in a bowl of melted chocolate houmous, (because I'm a healthy mo-fo) and think of Summer.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

When You Wish Upon A Star...

When I say I wish upon a star, I probably mean upon a banking error which would magically add a good couple of hundred, (or thousand?) into my bank.

You see, I went window shopping the other day, without the intention of buying anything - and I did extremely well if I do say so myself.
It wasn't without difficulty, however...
The sad fact is, that apart from these, I haven't bought a single item of clothing since before Christmas.
Yeah, you read that right.
B-e-f-o-r-e C-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s.
Almost four long months, clothes-less.
(Not in the naked sense of course, that would be weird.)

I'm beginning to wonder if I am even female. I mean no girl can go that long without the smell of fresh cotton/any-other-material, complete with tags and in a bag, entering their wardrobe and therefore making opening it each morning, a wholeee lot more exciting.
Can they?

No girl can do this.
Apart from me.
I am that girl.

Willpower of a man I tell ya.

As I said, I went window shopping, and managed to return home empty handed.
I was feeling some pretty intense emotions; part of me wanted to burst into song, (Britney Spears - Stronger seemed like a good choice) while the rest of me wanted to break down and cry.

I blame you for this, River Island.

Ahhh my old adversary.
Back in the day, River Island single handedly set out to rid me of every penny I earned.
River Island was like the witch from Hansel and Gretel, and her delicious cottage made of candy.
Me - I was Gretel, too greedy for my own good, and would give in to my (lack of) will with the first teeny taste...

These days, gazing into such a desirable place just depresses me.
It makes my purse squirm, and my card quiver.
River Island man, stop being so nice!! 
Safe to say it left me with a pretty big wishlist, the kind that would and could only come true in fairytale's, after wishing upon a star...

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10.

I kind of ended up making an outfit while I was walking around (I'm like my very own Gok Wan or something, but not as cool). I picked this monochrome crop top and paired it with these acid wash skinny jeans, because I only own one pair of proper blue-ish jeans, which are actually jeggings hmm. Anyhoo, I'd pair them with this pretty awesome, (and also expensive - but this is a wishlist so whatev's) leather jacket
My own leather jacket broke recently.
It's wearable...but only on warm days, (never) when I can pretend I don't need the zip up to keep out the drafts.
Massive fail...

I also went a bit girly ooooh - now as I said, I am in fact a girl, so picking this floral pinafore skirt should make sense right?
Yeah I think so too... I'm loving dungarees at the minute, and have some from a couple of years back, but this is on a whole new level! 
Now you might want to take in a deep breath for this bit - I've never, yes NEVER worn a skater dress/skirt.
Yep, never. So this is pushing the boundaries here, I can picture myself wearing it on holiday, ahhhh...and that's where the good times end.
Sadly I imagine it will probably make my hips look four times wider than they already are and confirm why I've never worn something in this style, but I love it the idea of it all the same.

That's about as daring as I get, so back into my comfort zone I went...
This pink bodycon dress would look awesome in my wardrobe full of black too, and with a much needed tan on a much needed holiday...
See the effect the snow has had on me?
Despite all the holiday talk...I still manage to prefer the slightly longer, and of course black, version of it.

My rut is massive and I am stuck.
It's another black dress wheyyyyyyyy!!!
However, this is more than just a black dress.
If this was an M&S advert I'd put on my best husky voice and describe it as a 'soft, long, and mysterious black maxi dress with a secret and oh-so-shexyy thigh high split', meowwwww ;)
Did I mention it's from Rihanna's collection?
It's from Rihanna's collection.
Rihanna may have helped design it, or at least, picked it from a list...but woah that makes it ten times cooler.

I will be as cool as Rihanna, damn it!

I'm noticing that this post is again becoming longer than my actual life, so I'm going to wrap it up with the shoes I cleverly picked for every occasion...
First up and straight for the Summer - sandals with pretty pink metal studs, I love studs, and they'd go with pretty much anything in Summer that took my fancy.
But being the awesome planner that I am, I resourced in my head for every occasion, including the inevitable sandal-ruining rain, and picked these black ankle boots.
They'd look awesome with the jeans and crop top right?
Last, I picked these Zara-esque snake print strappy sandals , because as far as non-wedge heels so, this is as low as they get, and maybe, just maybe, I'd be able to walk in them.

Oh, finally I picked definitely tortoise shell and NOT leopard print, cat-eye sunglasses, for no reason other than because I like them.

It's like rehab.

This calls for another sing song, to celebrate my new found strength...

P.S just checked, I am still female.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Rumour Has It...

Oh Em Gee.
Mega excitement here I tell ya...

Remember a couple of posts ago I had a good old rant about how Topshop had DARRRREEEDDD,  (how very dare they) to stop doing my favourite lipstick, whether for the season or permanently, right before pay-day (aka buy replacement lipstick day)?
Yeah you remember.

Welllllllllll...after a little hunt around the stock checker thingy, I sussed out that my dearest lippy had indeed gone.
It was a sad day...

I couldn't even dash to my town centre store to find out if the little stock checker had lied to me, and that my local Topshop was actually harbouring an army of make-up savers, ready to sell me the remaining stock if I so dared to come looking.
Alas no, the snow meant I was stuck inside my house.
In fact a good portion of it, is still lurking icily outside, making my pavements a dodgy dice with death every time I dare, (in Topshop daring style) to leave my door.

It's only been a week and a half.
No pressure snow, not like it's April or anything...

I defeated it however.
Both the snow, and Topshop.
That's right folks, you heard.

I got my cunning little (actually quite big - I almost always take a medium/large in rings) hands on what is potentially one of the last and therefore most coveted lipsticks around.

Topshop - Rumour Has It:

I went to Liverpool at the weekend, and, although I checked their main Topshop's stock online prior to my visit, just in case, to no avail I might add...they only went and had it in stock didn't they?!
The Liverpudlian legends that they are served me well.
The stock checker not so much. I was right, it lies.
Sawt It Aaaahhhht Topshop.

Me, casually only showing you half my face, because I may have had a nap on the other side ;) but there's my lipstick yeahh!!

Rumour has it, I wore my new lipstick on this very day today.
Rumour has it, that uhhh... no one actually even noticed, considering the colour is just so similar to my own lip colour.
Rumour has it - I don't care.
I know I'm wearing it, and I like it.
I went half way across the world North of England to get my medium/large hands on it!

Okay so I mentioned that people may or ermm, may not have noticed me wearing it. That's because however, it is a 'your-lips-but-better' type colour, although slightly more brown than pink, and probably not on everyone; my lips are naturally quite pigmented, meaning on myself the change is very subtle.
The main difference comes in the form of the pretty, golden sheen this lipstick gives you. It's not something that could be replicated with your own lips, it's just better
Also, for any nudeophobes* like myself, (yep I did just invent that bad boy phobia right there) it is the perfect colour, because we still do want to wear lipstick, aside from bright reds and pinks you know?

Aside from its bad boy anti-nudeophobic qualities, it has pretty good staying power, is non-drying, and is build-able, meaning a small swathe across the lips will add nothing more than a golden brown sheen, for those whose lips are maybe not as naturally dark as my own.
At £8 it is pricey, although not in the region of it's MAC counterparts, and I've massively learnt my lesson not to hang about and look for cheaper dupes for too long when you know pretty damn well that you will not find one that you like quite as much.

Another lesson learned: don't rely on stock checkers.
Check yourself.
Weather permitting of course ;)

Happy Easter peeps!

*nudeophobes - to be afraid of pale and/or nude lip colours that make your lips look non-existent, and your teeth look yellow.


I wanted to end this post with something a little different.
I would massively appreciate it if you read this...

This weekend I unintentionally came across the witty, hilarious, and absolutely heart-rending blog, and after what can only be described as a mammoth reading session, a blog post of my own began to write itself in my head.
I feel it only right to take the words out of my head and type them here.

Lisa Lynch was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer at just 28 years old. 
She spent the next four years documenting her every experience on her blog, from her treatment, to recovery, boobs, to bowel movements.
Heartbreakingly, part way through rebuilding her life, her cancer returned, only this time, when it left, it took her with it. 
So beautifully written, was and IS her blog, that I felt compelled to mention her, in memory if you like - because she is certainly imprinted on mine right now. Lisa was an incredibly brave woman - and though she hated that word, from my reckoning, it's a pretty good one to describe her with. Her writing was so poignant and moving that it has in a way altered my outlook on life.
In addition to that, given that we have blogging in common, it made me question my own writing a little, and it's relevance at all in the grand scheme of things. 

I very nearly didn't write my lipstick post today.
Hindsight is a good thing however, and I changed my mind...

Cancer and other such illnesses or tragedies, have robbed many people, like Lisa, of their lives - both while they were still living it, and now that they are gone.
We cannot give in to it. 
Beauty, fashion, and this here ickle blog is my hobby, and my way of sharing a small part of me with the world.
And therefore, despite the ultimately bigger things in life, which are absolutely more important than a lipstick, we can't let them rob and rule any more than they do. 
Aside from running Race For Life as I have before, I'm a few medical degrees short of making a real impact when it comes to cancer. 
However I've come to the conclusion that blogs such as mine, though plentiful and not nearly as impressionable, provide a small amount of balance and escapism, for those who seek it, and so in a small way, perhaps I can make a difference. 
I am lucky enough to be in good health, and for as long as I am, I will write about the things I enjoy, superficial and materialistic as they may be, just in case one day I can't - or even more, in case someone out there other than my mum, (and most avid reader) appreciates it.
This is me taking life by the horns.

This blog post is for Lisa, while she didn't know me, nor I her, her blog has moved me to tears, both of laughter and sadness.
I'd like to think that if the chance had arisen, she could have read my blog too, and despite its trivial content in comparison - it could have perhaps made her smile, and forget for even two teeny seconds, about 'The Bullshit' which was sadly taking her life.
Perhaps that is the relevance in blogs like mine.

I'd also like to hope that, *touch wood* if I was ever in her position, I'd be as strong and brave as she was.
Oops, used that 'b' word again...
Sorry Lisa.

RIP Lisa Lynch.